Gelman Flies! Producer Michael Gelman was launched from a cannon after over a week's worth of hype.
Mrs. Greenthumbs She offered great advice for gardeners and was hilarious.  Once, she went to Gelman's house for a look at his garden.  Other times she tried to teach Regis and Kathie Lee how to plant in the studio.  Sadly,  Mrs. Greenthumbs (Cassandra Danz) passed away on Saturday, May 25, 2002 after a long battle with cancer.
Kathie Lee Respnds To Sweat Shop Charges Kathie Lee fought back on live television after it was announced that her clothing line was made by foreign kids who worked for next-to-nothing.  She looked right into the camera and called said that she had no idea about what was going on with her clothing line and that what was happening to kids was "sick."
Halloween Shows Regis and Kathie Lee dressed up as each other for Halloween twice and made the audience go crazy! Regis wore a dress and make-up,  while Kathie Lee wore a suit and mocked Regis' voice.   They super-imposed Art Moore's head over a picture of a muscleman wearing a red thong.
Kathie Lee Has No Support Kathie Lee announced that see often does not wear a bra on the live show one morning.  While she was hosting THE LATE SHOW, an audience member threw a bra at her.  She calmly picked it up and ignored his remarks.
Kathie Lee's Final Show Kathie Lee's last show was hyped for months and the last week before she departed was filled with practically nothing but Kathie Lee tributes. The final show she hosted was filled with the greatest moments of her career as a co-host to Reege.  She was presented with an award from DISNEY CEO Michael Eisner and a cake was cut at the end of the broadcast.  Her family was there, including her husband Frank,  and Regis sang a tearful song to her.
The show remained without a co-host for about half a season.
George W. Bush He appeared on the program wearing Regis' line of clothes from MILLIONAIRE.  The show got a lot of media attention because presidential candidates don't usually come on daytime talk shows.
'N Sync The boy band co-hosted with Regis before a packed audience of teen girls.  Joey cooked a special dish with his father and all of the boys got the chance to model some coats with some lucky girls from the audience.  One girl had arrived at the show around 6 the night before and was the first in line.  Regis felt bad for her and invited her in to meet her favorite group.
Tony Danza The former star of Who's The Boss stopped by when Regis took his show to Las Vegas, Nevada for a week in January.  He sang and tapped danced for everyone and was joined by Regis, who was surprisingly great.
SEASON PREMIERE 2001 The first episode of Regis & Kelly went smoothly.  Kelly Ripa's family appeared in the audience, while Regis presented Kelly with a letter of congratulations from New York's Mayor Guliani.  Regis presented her with a special gift:  a picture of himself in a talking picture frame.
2-14-2001 Valentine's Day Wedding 2001 Their set was transformed into the perfect place for wedding with a large fountain and plenty of flowers.  The wedding involved viewers Amy and Darrin, who had to postpone their wedding due to a tragic New Year's Eve apartment fire.
College Co-Host Week College students got to sit-in for Kelly during her first week of maternity leave.  All but one of the co-hosts was female.  The man, Kori Chambers, attended school at UMASS Amhearst and had tried his hand at radio and comedy.  Chambers helped Regis interview Luther Vandross and Ana Gasteyer.   EXTRA INFO: Many of the co-hosts got job offers after their appearances.
Kelly's Newborn Daughter Appears For The First Time After the first segment on July 17, 2001, Regis welcomed his co-host with her newborn baby, Lola Grace Consuelos.  She was wearing a shirt that said "I Love Regis," which was given to her by Jennifer Love Hewitt.  Kelly's husband, Mark, also appeared and the couple were presented with a play pen and a mobile for their child.
Carrot Top Gets A Date Comedian Carrot Top got lucky to wrap-up a week dedicated to getting people dates by playing a version of the dating game.  He picked between three women who were wierder than him.  He finally went with the most sane women, who was a horse trainer.  Of course, he did not come on the show without one of his signature props.  The funnyman brought a bagel with an antenna sticking out of it that could be used in New York if cell phones are banned.
9-4-2001   SEASON PREMIERE - Barbara Walters Regis came back from a vacation to start his 18th season with Live!, the show has aired for 14 years nationally.  Regis showed Kelly and the audience various pictures that he took during his Ireland vacation.  Barbara Walters appeared to talk about her exclusive interview with Anne Heche.  The show showed clips of Heche saying that she felt she was Jesus and was insane for 31 years.  Walters also spoke about her new show Iyanla, which she hoped would be successful.
9-18-2001 The Return After the Attack on America Regis and Kelly returned one week after terrorists attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.  Kelly said she was glad to be alive and see everyone in the studio.  Regis went to memorial sites along the streets of New York.  He also appeared on Letterman the night before for an emotional show.
11-19-2001 Billy Bob Shows Off Some Blood Billy Bob Thorton put some rumors to rest, while confirming others during this episode.  Regis asked him about his fear of antiques and he said that it was true!  Rumors had also beeen going around that he carried some of his wife, Angelia Jolie's, blood with him.  That was also true AND he showed Regis and Kelly the evidence.  He kept it in a small trinket that he carried around his neck.  He said they did it so they would also be together, even when they were apart.
12-4-2001 Walt Disney World Trip Regis and Kelly left chilly New York for warm Florida to broadcast a week of shows dedicated to Walt Disney's 100th birthday celebration.  The show featured a special set complete with a New York City backdrop and an Art Moore Pizza Shop where he hung out.  Howie Mandel ran around the streets of Disney everyday harassing people and brought his footage on the show...The first show featured a $2 million Mickey hat that will be on display during the celebration.  Kelly tried on the hat as security stood on the stage.
12-7-2001  Shakira Gets A Surprise  The show was ending its last day in at Disney World with as performance from Latin singing sensation, Shakira.  She shimmied and danced sensually all over the stage as she sag her hit, "Whenever, Wherever."  One guy in the front row was so intrigued that he jumped on the stage with her and began dancing with her-- all up in her stuff!  She just smiled it off and continued singing, but quickly moved toward the back of the stage.  After the break, Regis joked that the man was Gelman's cousin.
2-14-2002 Valentine's Day Wedding 2002 Regis & Kelly's set was transformed with a fountain, curtains and beautiful flowers for their annual Valentine's wedding show.  Zoraida and David had been dating for 7 years and David took care of her son like he was his own.  The couple were New York cops whose lives were transformed after the September 11th attack on New York.  Zoraida wrote the show asking for a wedding and her wish was granted.  After NYPD officers marched, the wedding began with the families walking down the aisle.  David was so nervous, he laughed during the ceremony when he was giving her the ring.  After the wedding, Regis & Kelly sent them on a lavish reception, a night in an expensive hotel and on a honeymoon to Tahiti!
5-29-2002 A Tribute to Mrs. Greenthumbs Cassandra Danz, aka Mrs. Greenthumbs, appeared on tons of shows as a funny gardening expert.  She often tried to teach Regis and Kathie Lee how to garden, with little success.  Unfortunately, she passed away of cancer on Saturday, May 25, 2002.  Regis and Kelly waited until the end of the first segment to tell the audience.  Regis said, "we lost a dear member of our Live family."  They showed a long video of her moments on the show, including when Rosie O'Donnell came on to get her to come on her show.   It also featured a look at her last appearance on the show (November 30, 2001) where she taught Regis and Kelly how to make Christmas arrangements.  Mrs. Greenthumbs was a field correspondent several times and even went to London once.  She will certainly be missed.
6-6-2003 The Attack of the Comedians:  Chris Rock & Joan Rivers Chris Rock discussed how his life was changing at the time.  He said his wife was expecting a new baby girl and he was trying to find a name for her that was not like a strippers name.  Regis and Kelly gave him a teddy bear for his new baby girl at the end of the segment.  NEXT, Joan Rivers came out and said she was disappointed because she lost at the Fifi Awards, which are presented to the person/company for the year's best fragrance.  She joked that her fragrance did not smell like her because then it would smell like embalming fluid.  Joan then spoke of how she went to a festival where people wore little clothes.  Kelly said she wanted to and Joan replied, "I bet you would, bitch," because Kelly is young and has a better body than her.  She said that no men looked at her in the eye and if you wanted a guy to look at you, you'd have to paint eyeballs on your breasts.
8-16-2002   Joanna Philbin Co-Hosts Regis' wife Joy is always co-hosting when Kelly is not there, so producer Michael Gelman thought it would be a great idea to have Regis' daughter, Joanna, help out.  It was a show full of reminiscing as Regis and Gelman recalled Joanna's younger years.  Regis told of how Gelman used to watch his daughters when they were kids.  Joanna said he was a good cook.  Regis said that he and Joy watched as Gelman brought his girls to the beach in Paris one year and took off his pants to reveal a thong!  Joanna said her dad was not over the throng after all these years.  The end of the show featured a Global Grill Friday segment, where Joanna and her dad got to sample some Caribbean food.
10-31-2002    Halloween Spook-tacular As Regis and Kathie Lee did, Kelly dressed as Regis and Regis dressed like Kelly, complete with dress and wig, for their annual Halloween show.  Kelly even talked like Regis and Regis spoke in a woman's voice, as they sat in each other's chairs.  Art Moore and Gelman also joined in on the fun as they dressed in drag!  Art dressed as Wonderwoman and Gelman dressed up like Britney Spears, complete with a python snake.  Kelly's husband, Mark Consuelos, came out and Regis in drag hugged him and Kelly in drag kissed him on the lips...The show also featured a Halloween fashion show where members of the staff dressed up with their kids.  Gelman's wife, Laurie, dressed as a cowgirl and their daughter, Jamie, dressed in a cow costume.
11-15-2002   Robin Williams & Rudy Giuliani Robin Williams began the interview talking about his trip to Afghanistan, where he provided comedy to the troops.  He showed Regis and Kelly pictures of his trip among the soldiers.  It didn't take long for Robin to start acting crazy, doing impressions like George W. Bush.   Everyone was laughing so hard and Kelly said she should have worn an undergarment for his appearance...Former mayor of New York, Ruy Giulianii, came out next and was greeted with a standing ovation.  Rudy and Regis spoke about how they were sad that the Yankees didn't make it to the World Series in 2002.  He also talked about how he cleaned up the streets of New York.
12-24-2002    Annual Christmas Show Regis, Kelly, Art Moore and Gelman wore their pajamas for their annual Christmas show.  The show featured Kelly's kids, Michael and Lola, and her husband, Mark Consuelos.  The kids and Regis helped Kelly make snowmen out of popcorn, however Regis's sticky snowman did not stick together like they should have.  Later, Melissa Etheridge sang "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" in the performance area, which looked like a winter wonderland with lighted trees and snow.  Regis and Kelly then sat down for a look at some memorable holiday moments that featured Regis and his family.  As always, the Christmas show ended with a nice duet by the hosts.  This year, they sang "The Christmas Song" around the piano.
2-14-2003   Valentine's Day Wedding 2003 Regis and Kelly celebrated Valentine's Day with their traditional wedding show.  Once again, the set was transformed into a perfect wedding setting, complete with flowers, candles and a chandelier.  Regis wore a tuxedo and Kelly wore a black maternity dress as they welcomed Jennifer and Mark for their wedding.  The couple had a rough ride from the beginning because Jennifer got in a horrible car accident in the beginning of their relationship and also was diagnosed with cancer. ? After a day preparing in New York, Jennifer and Mark were married in front of their friends in family, with the help of Regis and Kelly.
5-9-2003   Mother's Day Special 2003
Every Friday before Mother's Day, Live honors special mothers with life-changing surprises.  This year, Regis and Kelly surprised the worthy mothers at their homes...Elsie travels back-and-forth to New York several times a week with her daughter, Lisa, because Lisa has Leukemia.  Her daughter wrote a letter to the show and Regis surprised her at her house.  Elsie cried when she saw Reege and invited him into her house.  Regis brought her to a spa and surprised her with a 7-day trip to Utah.  He also said that the show would pay all her bills...Theresa wrote the show about her neighbor, Kim, 23, who had custody of her siblings after their parents died of natural causes.  Kelly surprised Kim at her home and said handymen and maids would help her and her siblings for a year.  Kelly and Kim then traveled to New York by Limo and Kim went on a shopping spree at Bloomingdale's. 
9-2-2003  SEASON PREMIERE -  Regis Begins Season 20 with the Show! 
Actually Regis has been with the show for 20 years, but the show has been in syndication for 16 years.  Nevertheless, Regis & Kelly returned from their annual summer break and were greated with a huge standing ovation from the audience.  Regis went on vacation in Malibu and showed photos of himself and Don Rickles, while Kelly worked on her sitcom, Hope & Faith.  Regis also showed a picture of his old cat, Ashley.  After a break, they premiered they brand new game, "Drive You Wild Travel Trivia," where viewers could win a car and a trip!  They even brought out the car viewers could win, a 2003 Ford Focus.  Incredibly, the caller landed on the WILD space on the wheel and got to play for the car on this very first show, but got her question wrong.
9-12-2003   The First Annual RELLY AWARDS 
To celebrate the start of their new season, Regis & Kelly awarded guests for memorable moments from last season.  The Relly Awards began with Joan River's welcoming celebrity guests like Donald Trump on the red carpet.  After a dance number on the set with huge monitors and life-size Relly Awards, the show opened with Donald Trump who presented a "Golden Stool" award to Joy Philbin who won for favorite guest co-host.  Later, Michael Bolton presented the award for best music performance, which went to Jewel.  The final award went to Regis & Kelly for best host chat.  Kelly thanked all the talk show hosts before he and was given the hook.
10-31-2003   Halloween Nightmare Special 
With the help of a transformation machine, Regis and Kelly morphed into different couples throughout the show.  They began dressed as Kid Rock and Pam Anderson.  Regis wore a hat, glasses and wig, while Kelly a huge hat and fake boobs.  Gelman came out covered in tatooes to play Tommy Lee, while Art Moore dressed in drag as Anna Nicole Smith.  As always, the set was decorated with carved pumpkins, bales of hay and corn stalks, while audience members sported their own Halloween costumes.  After a break, the hosts dressed as the year's most outrageous couple:  Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore.  Their first guest was actress Courtney Thorne Smith who wore a Snow White outfit.  After a break, Regis and Kelly transformed into Mark Anthony and Cleopatra and welcomed Everybody Loves Raymond's Doris Roberts.  Doris wore a Moulin Rogue-inspired outfit complete with a feathered hat.  During the break, Regis and Kelly tranformed themselves into Batman and Batwoman.  Gelman dressed as Robin and Art dressed as Penguin.  The Wiggles then took to the stage and danced around for the kids who jumped around in their costumes.  The show wrapped with a costume contest.  (4.6 rating)
12-24-2003   Annual Christmas Pajama Party 
Regis & Kelly wore red pajamas to celebrate Christmas during their annual show.  Troops stationed in Iraq sent taped holiday messages to their families throughout the show.  Regis showed off some Christmas toys, including a Dean Martin doll that sings.  Musical guests included Michelle Williams and The Beach Boys.  As always, Kelly brought along her kids who helped her and Reege make some snowball cookies.  Regis and Kelly also gathered around the piano for their annual Christmas Eve duet.  This time they sang, "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" and were backed up with a professional choir.  The show ended with a visit from Santa Claus who passed out presents to the hosts and Kelly's kids.  Staff members sang "Jingle Bells" as the credits rolled.
SEASON 21: 2008-2009
Regis and Kelly each changed into seven different costumes during this year's Halloween special. They began the show dressed at Vice Presidential candidates, Joe Biden and Sarah Plain.  The next segment had an Olympic theme as Regis dressed up like gymnastics coach Bella Karoli, Kelly dressed up like Shawn Johnson and guest Mario Lopez came out as Michael Phelps. Then, it was tween time. Regis dressed like Bill Ray Cyrus and Kelly dreses as Miley Cyrus. They premiered Miley's new video with the Jonas Brother. Regis, Gelman and Art Moore played the Jonas Brothers and danced around "Miley." NEXT, it was time for a cooking segment. Kelly came out as Paula Deen and Reege was dressed as Gordon Ramsey. "Paula" and "Gordon" brought out their guest, Food Network chef, Guy Fietti. Guy showed his fellow chefs how to cook a steak. THEN, Regis & Kelly dressed up as Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum to judge the show's annual Halloween costume contest.
SEASON 20: 2007-2008

For the first time ever, Regis and Kelly got their audience involved for their annual Halloween show. In the weeks before the show, viewers could pick up free 3D glasses at Walgreens stores. Parts of the show were shot in 3D, making it extra scary for Halloween. Regis and Kelly tossed balls and shot silly string at the cameras throughout the show so viewers with glasses could enjoy a 3D experience. As always, the hosts dressed up for Halloween. They began the show dressed as two kids from "High School Musical" and later dressed up as David Letterman & Judge Judy, David Beckham & Posh Spice and two kids from Harry Potter. Gelman dressed as Borat and Art Moore got decked out as Britney Spears. Dr. Phil and the Backstreet Boys were the guests, although they didn't dress up.


Live with Regis & Kel
ly began their 20th season on September 4, 2007. To celebrate, they gave away cars to trivia contest winners for a few weeks.  Kathie Lee Gifford also returned to the show for the first time since she left seven years ago. After a montage of Regis and Kathie Lee's best moments, Kathie Lee walked out to a roaring ovation. In true Kathie Lee fashion, she talked about and showed pictures of her kids who are now teenagers. The show also featured segments that showed how Regis, Kelly, and Gelman's families grew up on the show over the years. Regis' wife, Joy, and his children also came on to talk about all of their favorites moments. The walk down memory lane ended with a toast between Regis, Kelly, Kathie Lee and Joy.

SEASON 19:  2006-2007

4-26-2007  Regis Returns After Surgery

This was by far the biggest show of the 2006-07 season: Regis returned after heart bypass surgery. Regis was out for six weeks, so his return was greeted with a big celebration. The audience gave Reege a big standing ovation and Regis thanked everyone for their cards and gifts during his recovery. Later, David Letterman made a rare guest appearance and spoke about his own ordeal with bypass surgery years ago. Letterman and Regis also showed off their battle wounds: scars on their legs where veins were taken out for the delicate operation. Regis and Kelly also spoke with Regis' team of doctors, who happened to be the same doctors who operated on Letterman when he had the operation.

10-31-2006 Annual Halloween Show

Every year, Regis and Kelly celebrate Halloween by transforming their set and themselves. This year they each changed costumes four times! First, they came out dressed as each other yet again. Later, Regis became Howie Mandel and Kelly became one of the "Deal or No Deal" girls. Regis also dressed as Simon Cowell and Justin Timberlake, while Kelly dressed as Paula Abdul and Christina Aguilera.

9-5-2006  SEASON PREMIERE 2006

The new season of Regis & Kelly began with some new elements added to the set. The right side of the set was redone with new plasma TV's and there was a new desk. The season began on a sad note, kicking off the day after Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin died. Kelly, who was friends with Irwin, said she could not believe he was dead and said her son cried when she told him about it. Kelly showed some pictures of her family with Irwin, then they played a montage of some of his appearances on the show. LATER, they welcomed Brad Garrett who talked about his new sitcom and musician KT Tunstall closed the show with a song
         Regis Philbin studied sociology in college got his first big break as a sidekick on THE JOEY BISHOP SHOW.  Regis and Kathie Lee were on the air together for almost 15 years and made the best daytime television duo ever.  Their chemistry was incredible and will be difficult to ever recreate.  However, after so many years on the show and a family to deal with, Kathie Lee Gifford left the show, leaving Regis Philbin all alone.  Regis started the 2000 season of fresh with a new set and graphics.  The show was called LIVE! WITH REGIS and it featured a different co-host for Regis everyday.  Dolly Parton, the stars of SURVIVOR, Joy Philbin and other celebrities took Kathie Lee's seat in the hopes that they would become the new host.  They finally decided on Kelly Ripa who used to star in ALL MY CHILDREN.  In 2003, Ripa got her own ABC sitcom, HOPE & FAITH. That show lasted through 2006. Regis taken part in several side projects including WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE, AMERICA'S GOT TALENT and MILLION DOLLAR PASSWORD. In November 2008, it was reported that Regis Philbin had signed on to do LIVE WITH REGIS & KELLY through 2011.