"Stop Smoking Pot...Or I'm Leaving You!"
This episode from season one featured women who wanted their men to stop smoking marijuana.  Kristie said her boyfriend, Brian, refused to quit smoking and even blew smoke into the face of a baby!...Charles admitted he was high on the show and spoke very slowly to prove it.  He said his girlfriend, Patrice, was jealous because he spent his money instead of her...The show also featured rock singer Sebastian Boch and his wife Maria, who said she did not mind that Sebastian smoked weed.  The rock star said the other guests were wrong because they were excessive, but said there's nothing wrong with smoking in moderation.  He claimed that weed never killed anyone.
1998   "I'm Ready For The Worst...Tell Me Your Secret!" 
Shirley was hooked up with a much older Cowboy on The Keenan Ivory Wayans Show.  She knew that he liked younger women with big boobs, so she stuffed her bra with toilet papper to win him over. Shirley came on the show to tell him the truth.  She pulled all of the toilet paper out of her bra and gave it to Cowboy.  He said he didn't mind, just as long as he could still stick both of her boobs in his mouth.  He said, "I'm a breast-fed baby, what can I say?  It's the watermelons that count."  As Ricki went to break, Cowboy performed a hilarious dance for the audience.  
Angie Inspires Ricki
Ricki granted the wish of a girl named Angie who had the virus that causes AIDS.  She got to swim with dolphins on this emotional show, that made Ricki cry.
Brett and Trish  
Brett told his girlfriend to get out of his life and denied her proposal, causing the audience and Ricki to feel bad for her. However, on an update show, Bret and Trish were married!
Busted!  Don't  Be Fake on Ricki Lake 
Three guests who came on the show with a made-up story came on the show and were busted by Ricki and her staff!  Ricki made them look like total jerks in front of the world and her security escorted them off the stage.  It personally offended Ricki because she takes her show seriously and there is nomroom for guests who are trying to lie.
1998   "Today I'll Drop The Bomb...This Secret's Gotta Come Out!' 
Jose. who has fangs and eyes like a vampire, appeared on a previous show because everyone thought he was gay, but came back on this episode to prove he wasn't.  His former roommate, Desiree, made him confess to his girlfriend, Grisel, that he cheated on her with "Tweety."  "Tweety" was with Jose for six months and was shocked that he was unfaithful.  Jose told "Tweety" and Grisel that he was going to his grandmother's, when he was really cheating...Derrick learned that his girlfriend, Clarissa, cheated with his friend, Michael, on a past show.  Derrick brought them all back for revenge because he cheated on Clarissa with Michael's girlfriend, Declasia!  Michael got angry when he found up and threw some punches at Derrick, so security had to separate them!  However, the guys decided to stay friends and leave the women alone.
1998    "Guess What?  Our Feud Isn't Over...Today We're Back For More!"  
Eli, who wore dark glasses, and his wife, Kathy,  came back for an update after Eli had called his daughter, Mandy, a tramp on a past show.  Mandy said Kathy had to chose between them because she could not take Eli anymore.  A woman from the audience asked Eli a question and he told her that if he was pimping hoes she could make money for him!  Ricki said his behavior was disgusting and security escorted him off the set.  LATER, Rick found out that Octavia was still going out with Roderick, even though they were dating on a past show.  This time, he brought her back for a polygraph test.  Michael Martin's test revealed that Octavia was a call girl on the side!  Roderick ran off the stage and Octavia followed, with security behind them both.
SEASON EIGHT  2000-2001
"Summer Secrets!" 
BUSTED!  Three women came on the show to say they were having a threesome, but one of them was busted running her mouth backstage before the show.  One of the other guests told Ricki's producer's that one of the three women said that their story was fake and they wanted to come on the show for a free trip to New York!  It was obvious that the 3 women were lying when their story aired because they kept getting their stories wrong.  Ricki busted all three women and had security take them off the show!  Ricki warned people not to try to fake her show because there are severe consequences
I Was Groped and Molested 
Women who were sexually abused at New York's Puerto Rican Day Parade spoke about their terrible experiences.  Also, a guy who said that the women who were abused were asking for it because they wore revealing clothing.  He admitted to groping women and was proud of it.  He was kicked of the stage because he made the women uncomfortable.
"Surprise! I Stuff!"
John's girlfriend of four years came on the show to let him in on her secret:  she had been stuffing her bra.  John said he never even touched her boobs because he was a gentleman.  When he came on to th show, Ricki gave him some clues, Kleenex and bras, so he could try to guess what her secret was.  After the clues were revealed, John said, "Don't even tell me you're a man!'" After everyone laughed, his girlfriend revealed her secret, which didn't bother John at all.
"Body Fetishes:  An Underground Look" 
This has got to be one of the most outrageous shows that Ricki has ever done.  It featured people who had tatooes and body piercings all over their bodies.  Eak was in a circus sideshow and got a new tatoo, while he layed on a bed of nails as he appeared on the show.  Another man saw his tattoed and pierced brother for the first time in years.  Some guests had genital piercings/tatooes and some even had Teflon implants surgically implanted under their skin!
"Ricki's 1500th Anniversary All-Out Bash!"
Ricki celebrated 8 seasons worth of shows with this special edition where she brought back memorable guests and showed highlights from the past 1,500 shows.  Angie, the girl who was stricken with cancer and then contracted HIV through a blood transfusion, came back to surprise Ricki.  Since the last show, she had lost her arm, but was excelling in  high school.  This special episode also featured Maury Povich, Jenny Jones and Destiny's Child in taped videos where they congratulated Ricki on her accomplishment.  The shows producers brought out a cake at the end of the broadcast.
SEASON NINE  2001-2002
9-13-2001 "Backyard Bloodbath!" 
Carolyn does not like what her 17-year-old son, John, does after school.  John is involved in backyard wrestling where he brawls other guys for fun.  One time he cut an artery and bled all over everyone.  Ricki showed footage of John being hit with chairs and a bat covered in barbed wire...Allen is only 10, but loves hurting his friends.  Allen's mom said she could not control him and was worried that he will get hurt.
10-9-2001   Hatred After the WTC Attacks 
"Tonya" was afraid of Arabs after one threatened to blow up her building.  Angela was so upset  that she said Arabs should be put on an island and blown up.  The women were sent to a mosque for a day and changed their views...Ricki also spoke with Brent who refused to shake hands with Mike, a gay man, when he came out.  Brent said that gays should be "destroyed," but agreed to spend a day with Mike.  The men went out to a gay neighborhood, but Brent did not change his feelings.
10-16-2001 "I Won't Stop Drag Racing!" 
Wanda was worried because he son, Mike, was drag racing and had already gotten 7 tickets in 2001.  Wanda said she was especially sad because she had already lost one son.  Mike said he did not want to stop and likes it more than sex!  NEXT, Clay used to race, but does not anymore because he got in a bad accident.  He spoke with his friends Aaron and Adam and tried to convince them to stop...Also, a family who lost their daughter confronted the drivers and told them to worry about others.
10-30-2001 Men Who Drug Women With GHB 
Jeff uses GHB to drug women and says they enjoy it because it increases sensitivity.  Danielle, who was raped, yelled at him, asking him if he knew what it was like to be raped...Donavan was an extremely gay-looking guy who said that women who wear sexually provocative clothes are asking to be raped.  One female panelist said she was wearing jeans and a t-shirt when she was raped.  Donavan said that men should disrespect women to get the respect they deserve.
Ricki's comment to Jeff:  "Jeff, is that the only way that you can get some is by drugging some girl?"
10-31-2001 Halloween Show:  Real Vampires!
Syedah does not like the fact that her friend, Mary, practices being a vampire.  She sleeps in a coffin, hangs out at the grave yard and prefers drinking women's blood.  Mary said she cuts herself and other people for their blood and enjoys it.  NEXT, Diana's son, Eric, is a vampire and his girlfriend is a witch.  She brought him to a strip club to try to get him a job so he would be normal, but that didn't work.  He just strips as a "vampire stripper."  Eric's girl, Myra, said she was raised as a witch and said he has drank her blood.  Things got heated when Myra said Diana does not love her son.  Many of the guests wore fangs, dressed in black and had pale faces.
11-19-2001   Body Modificaion Fetishes 
Jason appeared on Ricki's body modification show last season and was back for an update.  Since the show, he got facial implants and more tatooes all over him.  Ricki also reunited Jason with his mom, Tina, for the first time in years.  Jason met other freaky guests, like "Katsen," who was covered with tatooes all over her body so she could look like a cat.  She even had permanent whiskers pierced into her face!  Her husband, "Enigma," came out to show off his puzzle tattooes all over his body.  "Enigma" also had horns implanted under the skin on his head!...Noman has horn implants on his head, as well as over 50 body piercings.  His face was totally covered in piercings and he came out wearing a black cape.  He also had a 5-year-old son!. The highlight of the show came when Shane and another guy put meat hooks through their back and did a tug-of-war, as the audience screamed.
1-30-2002 Race As An Excuse For Problems 
Michelle said she was tired of her black man's attitude.  Marcus said white people hold him back and even passed out flyers to the audience...Bertha said that blacks have to work harder in life and tha many of them are very lazy.  She also said that she has been called a "black cracker" and a race trader because she married a white man and works hard.
2-8-2002   People Confess That They Can't Read 
Jerome, who acted/looked feminine as hell, came on to tell his wife, Michelle, and his sister, Crystal, that he never learned to read.  He cried as he told both of them, but they said they would accept it.  Jemone told his sister that he knew he wasn't the most masculine man in the world, but he didn't want her to think he was dumb.  AND, Jerry looked like he could read because his sister, Erica, always saw him looking at newspapers and magazines.  However, he told her he was just looking at the pictures.  Erica was upset by the news because he was not honest with her.  Ricki arranged for all of the guests to learn to read.
5-7-2002 "The Naked Truth:  Exposed!" 
Ricki went behind the scenes to a nudist resort that was owned by Jay, who raised his kids to be nudists.  His grown kids, Amy and Joe, said there was nothing wrong with being nude and that it is not perverted.  Later, Ricki asked Jay what he would do if he got a hard on.  He said he would just cover it with a towel until it went away.  NEXT, Danny thought his wife's nudity was cool before they got married and had kids, but now hated it.  Phyllis was shown naked as she took care of the kids around the house.  Their 6-year-old daughter said she did not like her mom being naked.
SEASON TEN  2002-2003
9-16-2002    <SEASON PREMIERE>   "Ricki Returns To Her Roots" 
Ricki began season 10 with a new set, theme and graphics.  The show featured a walk down memory lane as Ricki looked back on the places and people that shaped her life.  She took a trip back to the neighborhood where she was raised, but couldn't get in to her old house.  She was able to reunite with some neighbors and checked out her favorite pizza shop.  Later, she reunited with cast members from her movie "Hairspray," including Jerry Stiller, who played her father in the film.  The show ended with a huge production by the cast of the Broadway musical, "Hairspray."
10-16-2002   A Family of Transsexuals! 
Alex was born female, but was living his life as a man, complete with a beard and mustache.  Remy was born male, but became female and fell in love with Alex.  Alex also had a daughter who he gave birth to, but now she wanted to be a guy!  Alex's daughter, Samantha, (soon to be James) told Ricki that her parents didn't really have any influence on her wanting to be a male.  The show also featured the story of a male to female transsexual whose family would not accept him.  His mom, Connie, said that his revelation was worse than her daughter's death.
10-31-2002   Strange Paranormal Obsessions 
Paul has been obsessed with Elvis since he was 13 and believes Elvis is still living.  He said Elvis faked his death because he didn't want the publicity and that Elvis is still alive, living as "Jesse" in Missouri.  NEXT, Jeanette says her mom, Judy, practices witchcraft and often casts spells at home!  Ricki's cameras went to Judy's house, where she cast a spell of lust using black candles, rose petals and a broom.
1-24-2003   Women Of The Adult Entertainment Industry  
Jill Kelly went from starring in pornography to starting her own XXX production company.  She was confronted by Venus who was molested as a child and said that porno is responsible for child molestation!  Venus also said that adult films stars do what they do because they use drugs, but when Jill asked her to name her porno star friends, Venus could not.  Ricki's cameras then  went to the Miss Nude World contest in Florida and spoke with its creater, Rio, via satellite.  Rio told Venus that she was wrong for blaming the adult industry on molestation.  Venus was also confronted by nude beauty pageant winners including, Miss Nude Universe and Miss Nude World, who were dressed in their pageant gowns and crowns.  Venus told them that they were degrading to women.
2-12-2003   Proud Prostitutes 
The women on this show enjoyed being hookers because of all the money they make.  Selene allowed cameras to follow her to her hotel room where she met several men for sexual favors.  She told Ricki that she has security in case any of the guys try to do anything funny...Brandon looked like a normal guy, but admitted he was addicted to hiring hookers.  He said they were great because he could always get sex from them and get them to do anything.  AND, A prostitution show would not be complete without perennial talk show guest (also appeared on: Howard Stern, Talk or Walk, Jenny Jones) "Airforce Amy," a self-made millionaire hooker who legally has sex for cash at Nevada's Moonlite Bunny Ranch...The show ended with "Tracci" and "Monica" who were transsexual prostitutes who could not give up the life.  "Tracci" said she had been raped over 100 times and prostitutes to survive.
SEASON ELEVEN  2003-2004
9-29-2003   EXPOSED!  Sex on the Down Low  
Ricki exposed an underground trend among African American men who are married to women, but secretly have sex with men.  This activity is known as sex on the down low and Ricki spoke with some men who claimed to be straight, even though they slept with men on the side.  "Slick Rick" has a girlfriend, but often has sex with men.  He brought cameras to the streets to meet men involved in the D.L. lifestyle.  The men were all tough, black guys who said that thuggish men could pleasure them better than women.  One of those men, "Jigga," told Ricki that he was not gay, yet attracted to masculine men.  "Dejay" appeared in silhouette because he did not want his girlfriend of five years to know he was secretly having sex with men.  His boyfriend Wayne was proud to be with him.  The show ended on a sober note with Vonzella who never new her husband had sex with men.  She got AIDS and her daughter died of AIDS.
11-26-2003   Heroes Come Home 
Ricki ended November sweeps 2003 with this special show dedicated to reuniting soldiers who fought in Iraq with their families.  Lexi was reunited with her new husband, Phillip, before the showed aired, but the Air Force soldier had not seen his parents in months.  Ricki surprised Phillip withj his parents, Dorothy and Les, and his sister Kristen.  All of them cried because they were so glad Phillip made it home safe. NEXT, April was so happy that her husband, Tomas, was home after 9 1/2 months, but wished he could be reunited with his mom.  Ricki made the reunion possible, which was extra special since he had not seen his mother, Maria, in 11 years.  Maria flew in from Puerto Rico and touched Tomas so much that he cried.  LATER, Gary and his wife always left their porch light on for their two sons who were fighting in Iraq.  Gary told Ricki how she feared for their lives when the light went out once.  After 1 1/2 years, Ricki reunited Gary and his family with one of their sons, Brent.
12-4-2003   Gay Teens Confronted 
Teresa's daughter, Britney, 13, told her she was a lesbian when she was only 12.  Teresa said she accepted her, but her husband did not.  Robert told Ricki that he God does not accept homosexuality and neither does he.  Teresa told Robert to accept Britney or she will leave him.  Britney said she wanted everyone to accept her.  NEXT, Nicky, who came out with a rainbow flag,  was suspended from school for wearing a shirt that said, "Barbie is a lesbian,"  Her mother, Kathleen, came out screaming at Robert because of his views.  Kathleen said she was going to sue the school over the suspension.  LATER, Shirley and her daughter Megan were extremist gay haters who run an anti-gay website.  They quoted the Bible and refered to gays as "fags," which angered the mostly gay audience.  They were confronted by Jonny, a gay guy, who sat far from them because he was so disgusted.
1-13-2004   Amateur Pornography Ruined My Life 
Amy set up her own hardcore pornography site to support her family.  She engaged in sex acts on the site but kept it hidden from her family.  Her son, Jake, 17, eventually found out about the site at school and logged on himself.  He was horrified to see his own mother engaging in sex acts.  Jake told Ricki he lost all respect for his mother and was constantly harassed at school.  LATER, Tommy is proud of his wife, Terry, who has sex on the web.  Sometimes, their four kids are in the next room over while she's on video.  Ricki told them that their kids will end up like Jake if she doesn't stop.
      Ricki Lake had a career in movies, like "Hairspray," before becoming a successful talk show host.  Her show was the first to have confrontations with family and friends.  Graphics that introduce the topic at the beginning of the show and after commercial breaks were originated on her show, as well.  During her career as a talk show host, Ricki has married her husband, Rob, and had her first child, Milo.  Before meeting her husband, Ricki actually went on some dates with a few of her guests!  The show was cancelled in 2003 after it did not get enough station renewals due to low ratings.
on the air from 1993-2004
             Ricki Lake returns to television this summer. According to TV Guide, she'll be hosting a seven-week marathon of classic game show remakes on CBS. Stars of today will compete on the game shows of yesterday.  Betty White and George Foreman will take part.  The primetime game shows being given a new spin are The Price is Right, Match Game, Family Feud and Let's Make A Deal.