ABOUT THE SHOW sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally
Sally entertained us with her talk show for almost 20 years, which made her show the longest-running daytime television talk show for several years.  In fact, she did over 4,000 shows over the years.  Before becoming famous, Sally was very poor, lived in a car and had a huge family to look after.  One of her first moves to stardom was as the host of a Spanish cooking show.  In 1983, after Phil Donahue's producer heard her on the radio, Sally landed her syndicated talk show, In Touch with Sally.  The name was quickly changed to Sally Jessy Raphael because there was a gay man's magazine named In Touch. 
            During her almost 20 years as a talk show host, Sally  interviewed everyone from Klan members and cheating spouses to troubled teens and celebrites.  She was responsible for the first boot camp, makeover and angry family members shows.  She even won an Emmy for the show in 1990.  Her aftercare program, which provided guests with psychiatric help after the show,  always got a great amount of attention. The show featured many tough-talking therapists, including Gilda Carle and Pat Ferrari, who helped refer guests to therapists in their hometowns and was often very tough on the guests.  
            Trouble started after her long time producer, Amy, left the show to produce Maury in 1998.  The show quickly  lost its spark and started getting lost in the ratings.  The show premiered with a brand new set and graphics on September 10, 2002 in an attempt to get viewers back.  The show was renewed in winter 2002, but was soon cancelled after ratings never climbed above a 2.0.  Sally told the ladies of The View that she was upset because the cancellation left her staff members scrambling for jobs.  After about a month's worth of "Sally's Farewell" shows, her last original show aired on Wednesday, May 22, 2002.  The final show featured her husband, Karl, and some of her closest friends.  For more on her final shows and the best of Sally, see below and to the right.
FAMOUS GUESTS sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally
Bob Hope, Ozzie Smith, Tony Bennett, Jimmy Carter, Jerry Lewis, Julio Iglesias, Tom Arnold, Richard Simmons, Sammy Davis, Jr., Barry Manilow, Joan Rivers, Cast of
The Brady Bunch, Roseanne, LaToya Jackson, Donny Osmond, The Judds, Suzanne Somers, Chili (from TLC), Sonny Bono, The Moffats, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Gloria Allred, Vicki Lawrence, Chuck Woolery, Kathie Lee Gifford, Susan Lucci, Deborah Norville, Phil Donahue, Sally Struthers, Alan Thicke, "The Amazing Kreskin," Chubby Checker, Dick Cavett...
9-11-1986 The Woman Hater
Bob said he hated all woman because they could not have a sincere relationship with anyone but themselves.   He said he even hated his mother and was afraid of women.  He said that women should be put into breeding stalls and the ugly women should have to raise kids.  Bob was married and said that he even convinced his wife to hate women!
2-5-1988  Nudism
Kurt, Jan, Sharon, Trisha and Bo were fully clothed when Sally introduced them, but they got naked shortly after and stayed nude during the whole show!  Sally asked them where she should look as she interviewed them.  All of the guests said they had no problem with being naked in front of the audience.  Bo said that being naked gave him "complete freedom."  Kurt & Jan were married and Jan said that Kurt got her involved in nudism and said she liked it.
EXTRA INFO: Sally said that 25% of her audience did not want to be there for this topic before the show began, so more people had to be found to fill the missing spots.
9-12-1988   The Face of Hate
J.B. Sterling came on wearing a huge bowtie and red blazer, but his clown-like appearance did not disguise his hate for everyone who was not white.  He even said that Jews were trying to destroy the white race and conquer the world.  J.B. praised God for AIDS because he said it would help rid the world of homosexuals.  At the end of the show, Sally took off his microphone and walked him through the audience until she got to the backstage door and kicked him off the show.  The audience went wild and gave Sally a standing ovation.
10-27-1988   Proud To be Fat
Carrie and Vicky were overweight , but said there was nothing wrong with being fat.  Vicky was a nurse and said that there were positive factors of being overweight, she even said that overweight people live longer!  She was confronted by two skinny women who asked her if she was at all concerned about her health and she said she was.  One of them told the fat ladies that it wasn't okay to be obese.
2-6-1989 People Who Look Different
Sally talked with burn victims and people whose bodies looked different than normal.  Porter was born with a disease that made small tumors spread all over her body.  She was literally covered with bumps.  Porter said that she had hundreds of the tumors removed because they were too painful.  She would often bleed just washing her face, but wanted everyone to know that she was just like everyone else.  Later, a woman from the audience who had been burned all over her body, talked with Sally and told her that people should look at her from the inside out.
2-13-1989 Tom Green and His 4 Wives
This was Tom's first of many talk show appearances over the years.  At the time, he was married to 4 women- 2 pairs of mothers & daughters! (Yes, both mother and daughter were married to the same guy.)  Tom said that he wanted to have at least 50 children in the future!  Linda,17, met Tom when she was 13 and married him legally when she was 14.  Linda's mom, Beth, said that they fell in love with Tom together and was excited about it...An angry women from the audience said that Tom was brainwashing the women.
EXTRA INFO: Since the show, Tom got a 5th wife, while some of the other women left him.  Also, Tom was put in prison for his past sexual relations with a 14-year-old.
3-15-1989 My Husband Was A Woman!
Kitty was married to Billy for 20 years, but never knew his shocking secret.  After he died, she found out that he was born a woman! She explained that Billy dressed as a guy to get where he wanted in life.  When they met, he told Kitty that he could have sex because he was in an accident.  Kitty couldn't have sex either because she had been through many surgeries that would make sex painful.  Over the years, they hugs, kissed and held hands, but never had relations so Kitty had no way of knowing.  Looking back, she said he was a wonderful man and didn't regret their relationship.
5-10-1989   Conjoined Twins
Lori and Dori were born conjoined at the head and Dori was paralized from the waist down.  They said that their condition did not stop them from living life.  Lori concentrated on school and hoped to have kids one day, while Dori worked on writing a book...Yvonne & Yvette were born conjoined at the top of their heads.  They were raised in the sideshow, but at the time the show aired, they were looking for husbands.  Sally pointed out how the ladies finished each other's sentences.
EXTRA INFO: For more on Lori & Dori, see the 2-4-2002 episode of Sally.  Also, see EnterTalkMent's Jerry Springer page...Unfortunately, since the show, Yvonne & Yvette passed away.
11-3-1989 Bringing A Son To A Hooker
Sally was on the road in Nevada, the only state where prostitution is legal, to tape this show.  Dennis wanted his teen son, Teague, to have sex with a prostitute as a way of introducing him to sex.  Teague refused, so Dennis left porno tapes all around the house, which he watched.  He said that his wife even took their daughter to a male strip club when she turned 18.  Dennis said there was nothing wrong with what he wanted because all other women were "fake whores."

1989 Stella The Transsexual
Stella knew that she wanted to become a woman, but was living as half man when this show aired.  She said that she was never turned down by a straight man after he found out that she was a guy, whcih shocked Sally.  Stella returned to the show in 2002 to update Sally on her life.  She said that she was a private eye and had surgery to become a woman.  She also stated that she was happy, even without a love in life.
1-15-1990   Brittle Bone Disease
Deborah was so small that her feet did not touch the ground as she sat in Sally's chair.  She was born with Brittle Bone Disease and said that she had broken over 3,000 bones in her life.  It was very common for her to break several bones a day, but she said that it taught her what her limitations were.
5-23-1990 Allergic to the Light
Sally interviewed Kim & Jim and their kids in a dimmed studio because their daughters were allergic to the sun.  If any strong light touched their skin, it would blister and look like they were burned. The girls wore sunglasses, white clothes and baseball caps during the interview.

1991 Jan and the Klan
Jan was on the show when it made a stop in San Fransisco, CA.  She said that she hated everyone who was not white and encouraged her son to be racist.   The audience yelled at her as she tried to defend her point of view.  After she appeared on the show, Jan came back to report some news when Sally was in Atlanta.  She said that she was sickened when she saw herself on TV and decided to quit the klan!  The audience gave her a standing ovation.

1992 Sally's Son Walks After A Near-Death Accident
This was one of the most memorable shows ever.  J.J., Sally's adopted son, walked out on to the set after he had almost been killed in a terrible car crash.  Sally embraced J.J. upon his entry as the audience cried and clapped for him.

1992 Darlene:  The Story Of An Overweight Woman
A woman who weighed over 500 pounds came on the show with her concerned daughter.  She had not been out of the house for a long time, but was happy to do Sally's show.  She landed television roles and a starring part in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" due to her appearance on the show.

1993   Kids Abused By A Ghost
A women came on to discuss the outrageous happenings in her home.  She claimed that a demon was sexually abusing her four daughters.  She said she would lay on top of them so the invisible predator could not hurt them.  She said the beast would follow the girls wherever they went.
6-22-1994   The Horse Wedding
Susan came to the show dressed as a jockey and said she loved her horses.  She even got a judge to marry two of her horses, who Susan dressed up as a bride and groom.  They even sent out invitations inviting guests to the "marriage."  The judge was seated in the audience with a dog who sang at the wedding.  She sang and the dog howled along.

11-4-1994 "We Want To Know Why"
The members of the Theodore family (12 kids) were abused throughout their childhood by their father, Stratton, while their mother, Florence, looked on.  Stratton appeared via satellite because he was too much of a wimp to be confronted by his kids.  Georgia, one of the daughters, screamed at him saying he abused all of them.  Sally asked why Florence didn't pick up a hammer and "give it to him."  She yelled, "Pick up a knife, pick up a hammer, pick up something and do it to him!"  After years of abuse, the members of this family were able to live positive lives.

  Georgia and Bob Theodore came back for Sally's second to last show that aired on 5-21-2002.
Sonny Bono
Sonny was a friend of the show before his untimely death.  Sally had many interviews with him and rebroadcast one after he died.

Outrageous Sex Fetishes
People who like to get extra kinky in the bedroom, including people who burn hot wax on their bodies as a turn-on.

This was a female gang banger who was one of the toughest guests ever to appear on the show.  She became pregnant and said she was going to change her ways, but wound up following the same path. 

Holly  of The Price Is Right
A former model on THE PRICE IS RIGHT told of how Bob Barker has mistreated her.  She claimed that Barker forced her to have sex with him, but he said they both wanted to have sex with each other.

In 2001, more of Barker's former "beauties" filed suits against him.
Teen Talents
Sally's show always promoted young talent.  The biggest success story was The Moffatts, a pop group who has hit it big in Canada.  They are a group of  five brothers who used to perform country music.  They went on to be a boy band that was a hit in Canada.

I Was Born With Male And Female Sex Organs
Hermaphrodites discussed how it was to live with the sex organs of a man and a woman.  A hermaphrodite who became a doctor was featured on the show several times.

Sally Sends Abusive Husbands Off The Show!
About 5 years ago Sally did a show with abusive husbands and she got so upset with them that she kicked them all off the show!  They did not want to get up from their chair, but Sally was able to tell them off.

I Don't Need You To Get Ratings
This pig of a "man," Chris, appeared on the show years ago to tell of how he was verbally and physically abusive to his girlfriend.  During a commercial break, he got mad and said that the only reason Sally had him on the show was to increase her ratings.  Sally got mad and said that she didn't depend on jerks like him for ratings.  He also begged his girlfriend to hug him and pretend that things were okay.  Chris said if she didn't, he would walk off.

Sally did a show on AIDS every year on World AIDS Day.  It's sad to see that some of the people from the year before have died.

Troubled Teens Destroy The Green Room
Sally got pissed after a group of destructive teens stole from and ruined her green room.  Boot camp instuctors made them clean it.

Sally was the first show that brought us the "boot camp" show. 
Crazy Couples:  Arajean & George
This couple appeared on the show several times because Arajean thought George was cheating.  Sally gave him a lie detector test on the first show, which proved he was unfaithful.  Arajean smacked him in the head when she found out!  Other shows proved that he was still cheated.  After years of nervousness, Arajean finally separated from George and found a new man.
3-12-1996  "I'm Not Who You Think I Am"
Christine said that she always knew her son Leon, 13, was different.  She had all boys for sons, but she said that she never encouraged Leon to dress as a girl.  Christine loved the way Leon (LeAndre) dressed and even took sexy glamout shots of "her."  Leon said that people would harass him at school and call him "faggot."...Shelly, 20, dressed as a boy since she was 13 and fooled several girls.  Apparently, one guy wasn't fooled and raped her.  Shelly had a child, who thought mommy was daddy.  She said she wished she was a guy so people wouldn't make fun of her.  
EXTRA INFO: Since the show, LeAndre had sex change surgery to become a woman.
8-16-1996 "I'm Desperate To Find My Family"
A member of the r 'n b group TLC, Rozanda "Chili" Thomas,  who was reunited with her father thanks to the Sally show.  The audience went crazy when she came out because TLC was at the height of their popularity at the time.  Chili got very em,otional when she met him, crying and hugging him.  Since the show, she has still stayed in touch with her dad.
8-23-1996 "Exclusive:  I Killed & Hid My Husband"
Arlene said that her husband Bob beat her for 14 years, until she shot him in the head, killing him.  Arlene wrapped his body in plastic, hid it in the attic and surrounded it with air fresheners for 5 months.  Her oldest daugher, Belynda, turned her in to the police and she served 8 years.  She told Sally she hid it because her husband did not want people to know he was dead.  Arlene was confronted by her daughters her told her she should not have killed him.  The women said they did not believe her story because it was full of holes.
11-12-1996   "I've Got A Shocking Secret!"
Roxanne and Noble were only married for two months, but Roxanne was already cheating.  She said she found a fit man at the club because Noble would not lose weight.  Later, things got heated as a man in the audience told Noble not to lose weight for her because she wasn't worth it.  Sally let the man have the microphone and the man came onstage to tell Roxanne how he felt.  Roxanne got very upset with him and stood up and yelled at him, saying that being fat was unhealthy.  Noble got overwhelmed and walked off the show!

5-21-1997 "Tormented Teens Confront Their Bullies"
Adam, 12, wrote Sally because he was teasted about his weight at school.  He said he was the lonliest boy in school and wished he had friends.  Sally's audience felt bad when Adam started to cry.  He came back for an update show and was given a treadmill by Sally.
EXTRA INFO: On her second to last show, Sally said that Adam had moved back to his native Poland and had lost weight.
5-22-1997   "Shocking May/December Romances!"
Lola, 85, was married to Jessie, 21, but started going out with him when he was only 17!  Jessie said that they had a lot in common, including their hobby of knitting.  Jessie said his parents never did anything for his graduation, but Lola threw him a big party.  They also admitted to having a sexual relationship...Talk show favorites Bea, 75, and Rusty made their second appearance and Bea told Sally how she got implants.  Biker Rusty entered the set on a motorcycle and told Sally she got the implants for him.
EXTRA INFO: Unfortunately, Bea & Rusty broke up, but Bea was looking for another young guy.
7-9-1997   "Outrageous and Wacky Contest Winners"
Kim yawned one day and her eyes popped out of her head!  She was able to teach herself how to do it on command and started shocking people with her trick.  She popped her eyes out for Sally's audience and they went wild!  Everyone yelled and clapped, while some begged for her to do the trick again.
7-14-1997 "I Was A Geek...Now I Look Great!"
Dawn used to go out with Charlie in high school, but had not seen him since.  He shocked her with his appearance, when he came out dressed as Sally!  He had the red glasses and the microphone and asked Sally how long she had been impersonating him.  Charlie said that he was now the star of a successful comedy show where he dresses as Sally, Joan Rivers and Martha Stewart.
1-21-1998 "I Have A Happy Secret!"
Louie lost his leg after the forklift he was driving went out of control.  He told Sally that he felt like less than a man without his leg.  His wife, Nereida, said that Louie would wake up in cold sweats during the night and used to be afraid to face society.  Louie said he wanted an artificial leg so he could play with his son, but one was too expensive.  Louie got the surprise of his life when Michael Joyce came out and said he would pay for his prosthetic leg.  Louie and Nereida cried tears of joy.
8-13-1998 "Help Me Get Through This Tragedy"
Ed and Linda's daughter got AIDS through drug use and was pregnant.  In order to spare the baby from getting AIDS, doctor's injected AZT into her womb.  The child was born with AIDS antibodies, but after 18 months doctor's tested him negative for the AIDS virus.  Linda cried as she told Sally the story.  Ed said they had custody of their daughter's son, Devin, after she died.  Devin told Sally that he remembers his mom as a good cook.  
EXTRA INFO: Since this show, the family sent Sally a home video of themselves.  In 2002, Devin was in 4th grade and reported that he did well in the spelling bee at school.
11-6-1998 "I'm Afraid To Show My Face"
Jennifer was in a terrible relationship with a man who forced her to get tatooes all over her body.  He even made her get big tatooes of his name on her face.  Jennifer did not want to show her face and came on the show wearing sunglasses, a hat and a scarf over her face.  She said she could not get a job because of the tatooes.  At the end of the show, she took the disguise off so the audience could see her.  The show blurred out the tatooes so her ex's name was not visable.  A plastic surgeon agrred to get rid of the marks for he, unfortunately the show lost contact with her after it aired.

"Sally, I Have Something To Say"
Kim confronted Angela, an out-of-control teen, and her mom because she thought her mom was not being tough enough on Angela.  Kim told her to "whoop her ass" and brought her a bar of soap to wash her mouth out with!  This was also Sally's 3,500th show.
Multiple Personalities
During an inteview with a woman who suffered from multiple personalities, the woman took on the personality of a baby.  Also included was day-in-the-life footage of people who went from one personality to the next.
2-1-1999   "I Must Reveal My Shocking Secret!"
Lina wanted to be with Michael forever, but he had a secret.  Michael revealed that he was gay and cheating on her! Michael told her that he did not want to sleep with her anymore and wanted to be friends.  Lina jumped from her chair and moved it when she found out who Michael's lover was.  The man's name was Tee and he was friends with Lina.
2-18-1999 "I Will Stop Your Wedding!"
Joyce did not want her daughter, Lisa, to marry Shawn because he was a freeloader.  Joyce's 16-year-old daughter, Melissa,  said Shawn used to go out with her to get at her sister.  Lisa & Shawn confronted Joyce & Melissa, saying that they were getting married on the show!  Later in the show, the set was decorated for a wedding, but as the ceremony began, chaos ensued.  Joyce & Melissa ran onto the set and tried to drag Lisa off the show.  The preacher told Joyce to let her daughter marry, but Joyce took her backstage!
11-26-1999 "Tight Shot: Homeless Teens"
Sally follow a group of homeless teens around the streets of Houston.  "Playful" was only 23, but had HIV because of his constant sex with gay men.  He showed the cameras one of the abandoned buildings that he and others would often spend the night at.  During the brak, "Playful" told Sally that he wanted to get off the streets and Sally said she'd help him..."Mickey," 20, had kids, but her ex had custody of the.  She said she used to use drugs and was able to quit cold turkey.  Now she told Sally that she just wanted a normal life...Terry used to be a homeless teen, but now ran a Streetwise shelter to help homeless teens.
"Help My Prostitute Mom!"
Gary,19, and his sister, Mary,16, came on because they wanted to get their mom to stop selling her body and using drugs.  Their mother, Angela, had been doing drugs and selling her body ever since they could remember.  What's worse is that Angela also had HIV. The whole family sobbed as they told their story and Mary almost lost control she was crying so hard.
2-1-2000 "Tight Shot:  Kids Against The Odds"
Sandy Allen, the tallest woman in the world, was the inspiration for this show.  She said she used to try to ignore kids who would tease her as a child.  Sandy told Sally that she lectures to kids at school to teach them about differences...Jasmin had a disease called FOP that gradually turns her muscles to bone.  It started with a stiff neck, but soon progressed so that she could barely move her arms...Jackie, 17, was born with the age progression disease progeria.  She even worked at McDonald's and went bowling with her friends...Robert's wife took off after their son Blaze was born with a brain disorder that caused seizures.  Blaze was born with a huge head, had a feeding tube and breathed through a hole in his throat. He came on the show to ask for help because he knew little about him.
Since the show: Jackie went to college to study accounting.  Robert & Blaze appeared on one of the final Sally shows and Blaze had a new wheelchair (See 4/29/2002).
SEASON 18:  2000-2001
"I'm Here To Confront You!"
A woman confronts her man that she's separated from because he's living with another woman.  She accuses him of cheating and he gets pissed backstage.  Al, the head of security, had to hold him back because he was tossing chairs around...Later in the show, two kids confronted their mom, Janna, who wanted to join the KKK after some black guys did a driveby at their house.  They said they wanted her to stop her racist views, but she still wanted to join.

"This Will Blow Your Mind!"
Sally had guests who could do amazing things.  A stuntwoman set herself on fire in the streets of New York, while Shannon, a 16-year-old, pulled a 12,000 pound truck behind her!   There was also an incredible magic show where a woman changed her clothes within seconds.

"I Have 5 Wives!"
Tom was first on the show in 1989 when he had four wives.  He came back in 2000 with five wives and he currently had 29 children with another one on the way.  The audience scolded him and the wives and could bot believe what they were doing.  They said it was for religious purposes.  Sally also talked with a man who had two wives and a guy who was able to escape his parents polygamous cult.
EXTRA INFO:  Tom has appeared on several other shows, including Queen Latifah.  He was recently sent to jail for his polygamist ways.

"Update:  Help!  I Weigh 850 lbs."
This was a rebroadcast of an episode that aired in 1999, with an update at the end.  At the time of taping, Debbie weighed almost 900 lbs. and was living in a nursing home becuase she couldn't take care of herself anymore.  Since the show, Debbie had lost over 400 lbs. and was dating again! 
EXTRA INFO: Deborah appeared on the show for one of Sally's last shows (4/29/2002) that featured Richard Simmons.  She had lost weight and even had a new boyfriend named Tim.  She also said that Sally's show helped her dog out by paying for surgery when it got hurt.
"Plastic Surgery Saved My Life!"
This episode was about people who used plastic surgery because their bodies had been disfigured.  Marsha was in a terrible car accident when she was fourteen and half her face was burnt off.  After about 200 surgeries and the loss of her eye and ear, she appeared on SALLY to talk about the incident.  She was also reunited with her former boss, Diann, who hadn't seen her in over a decade.

EXTRA INFO:  Diane was thrilled to see Marsha, even though she looked differen
"Exclusive:  Eminem...Love Him or Hate Him"
Sally sat down with Debbie Mathers who is the mother of controversial rapper Eminem, in this exclusive interview.  Debbie said that she is extremely hurt by the lyrics her son writes about her, which is why she sued him.  She said that he does NOT hate gay people in real life, he had a decent childhood and that he turns into another person when he raps.  She said that he doesn't realize that his lyrics hurt people, but he is really a nice guy.  His step-brother, Nathan, also appeared on the show and said that his brother's music is very offensive.  A mother of young children named Deborah came on to yell about how his music offended her when her kids were playing it.  Things got  heated when she confronted Eminem's mom and although Ms. Mathers was hurt by what her son has done, she still defended him and said that she hopes she will reconcile with him someday.

"I Used To Have A Talk Show"
Sally said that since the 80s, there have been 50 daytime talk shows that have came and went.  This show featured some of the celebrity hosts of the past discussing their favorite moments.  Vicki Lawrence, Chuck Woolery and Caryl & Marilyn appeared.  Marilyn Kentz said her favorite guest was Rosa Parks.
EXTRA INFO: Chuck and Sally appeared in a commercial together with Little Richard.
"Kathie Lee: Unsensored!"
Sally scored an exclusive interview with the former Live! co-host.  Kathie Lee said that there was no bad blood between her and Regis and said she left the show because she was no longer having fun and because she wanted to spend more time with her kids.  She also sang some songs from her new children's c.d.

"Dying To Be Thin"
Sally and her guests took a look at "pro ana" websites that encouraged women to be as skinny as possible.  The sites featured pics of women who looked like skeletons and had advice on how to be deadly thin.  Shannon was a 21-year-old anorexic who had had a heart attack and even lost 2" in height due to her starving herself.  Toni appeared with her 13-year-old daughter who was worried that her  mother was going to die because she had been throwing up her means for almost 25 years.  Toni shook and cried as her daughter told her story.  Sally promissed to get the guests some help.

"I Must Confess...I've Been Lying!"
A man came on to tell his girlfriend two scandalous secrets.  The first was that he was still married and could not find his wife so they could be divorced.  The second was that he told his girlfriend h was a virgin, but he really was not.  His girlfriend cried when she got the news and said she could not ever trust him again.
ABOUT THE CANCELLATION sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally sally
Sally show would have seen 20 years on television, except her production company refused to give her a 20th season and cancelled her show due to declining ratings.  On Monday, March 11, 2002, Studios USA announced that they were pulling Sally's show after her 19th season.   Sally was renewed for her 20th season, but her production company broke their promise and cancelled the show.  Her show was sent to several new stations and given different timeslots during fall 2001, so viewers did not know where to find her.  Sally said she felt terrible for all of her staff who lost their jobs.
FINAL SEASON:  2001-2002
9-10-2001  <SEASON PREMIERE>  "Leave Us Alone!"
Sally began her 19th season with a brand new set, theme song and graphics.  The set was much larger than before and featured many monitors.  A huge screen sat behind the guests and posted the day's topic.  After the guests spoke on the set, there was a new "Reaction Room" segment where they got to speak about what just took place on the show...Her first show of the new year featured people who wanted their mother-in-laws to butt out.  Tony and Delanie were married about 15 years, but Tony's sister, Stacy, and mother, Barbara, wouldn't leave them alone.  Stacy and Delanie yelled at each other, but nothing was really solved...Ray and Shawna were tired of Ray's mom, Karen, getting involved with their kids.  Karen said that the kids we left hungry and unbathed.  Shawna said it wasn't true and told of how Karen tried to take their kids from them.
9-26-2001 "Amazing Survival Stories"
Sunny and Jody were supposed to see the Sally show the day N.Y. was attacked by terrorists.  They became stranded on the streets until they met Christina who allowed them to e-mail their families.  Christina felt bad for the women and allowed them to stay at her house for 4 days.  Sally reunited the women with their guardian angel.
10-4-2001   "If I Don't Lose Weight I'll Die"
Dennis weighs over 800 lbs. and joined Sally via satellite from Atlanta.  His wife, ILene, joined Sally in the stuido and said she was afraid he ill die from a heart attack.  She said that the doctors told them to put locks on the refrigerator, although he only eats once a day.  Dennis said he felt pitiful in front of his kids.  He also revealed that he will have stomach surgery and it will be broadcast on the Internet.
EXTRA INFO:  Dennis is so big that he only owns 2 pairs of pants that fit him.  He only weighed 210 when he married ILene.
10-26-2001   "I'm Standing By My Criminal Man!"
Kevin and Linda were upset because their 18-year-old daughter, Natashia, was dating a criminal, named Adrien.   Natashia screamed at her parents and said she wanted to stay with him.  Sally made Natashia leave the stage before she brought Adrien out because Natashia had a restraining order against Adrien.  The audience booed Adrien when he came out and called him a loser.  Natashia's parents yelled at him for beating their daughter and told of how he didn't have a job.  Thinigs got crazy when Adrien told Kevin that he had no balls.   Linda screamed at Adrien saying she'll kick his ass if he didn't get out of her husband's face.  The audience chanted "loser, loser" at Adrien after he got yelled at.   (Linda's Comment to Adrien:  "You need to get the hell out of my husband's face, before I kick your ass!!")
10-29-2001 "You're A Homewrecker!"
Heather let her friend Lori move in out of the kindness of her heart, but she slept with her man, Nathan.  Heather jumped up and screamed and sweared at Nathan on the show, but he proposed to Lori anyways!... Becky says her best friend, Shelly, is jealous of her relationship with her man, Randy.   Things got heated when Becky talked trash about Shelly.  Shelly's daughter jumped up from the audience and started yelling at Becky.  They started pushing and security had to break them up.  After the show, Shelly invited everyone over to her house for dinner so everyone could make amends.
11-13-2001 "My Husband Was Born Both Sexes!"
Tina married Joe believing that he was a man.  After a few years, he came to her and said he wanted to dress as a man because he was born with both sex organs.  Tina actually stayed with him and has even had sex with him dressed as a woman!...Cindy knew that Rachele was born with a penis and a vagina, but married her anyways.  Rachele told of how a police officer once asked her if her breasts were real.  The woman went offstage with Dr. Howard, to talk about about Rachele's gender...Sally also welcomed Jeannine, a former guest who looks like a man, but says she is a woman.  Jeannine was born intersexed and dressed as a man and with Sally's help, she is now more confindent about herself.  Jeannine also addressed the other intersexed guests on the show.
EXTRA INFO: Dr. Howard is an intersexed past guest.
11-23-2001  "You Won't Believe This!"
Sally introduced us to guests with bizarre medical conditions with the help of Ripley's Believe It or Not.  Paula and Porter had a disease that makes their bodies break out with bumps.  The growths covered them from head to toe, but Paula was able to get a husband and kids...Sophia,5, has a disease that slowly turns her body to bone.  Her arms were already affected.  Sally gave her some money, which she used to buy a poodle...The world's tallest woman, Sandy Allen, made another appearance on the show and said that she had been sad since her last visit.  Sally told her not to feel bad because she wants to see her be the oldest person with the disease.
12-20-2001   "Dreams Come True For Heroes"
This was the first episode of the holiday season and the crew spent a great amount of time decorating the set with poinsettias and a big tree for Christmas...The first guest was Theresa who lost her husband in the NYC attacks and had to take care of her 5 kids by herself.  Her husband called during the attack and they expressed their love for each other.  This call turned out to be the last time she would ever hear from him.  Sally gave her and her family gift certificates to BJ's and Toys R Us...Dorothy was still distraught over the loss of her husband in the attacks and was sad that she had to take care of her 3 kids by herself.  She didn't tell them that he died until a month after it happened because she was still holding on to hope.  Sally gave her an HSN shopping spree and presents from Nintendo. 
1-8-2002 "Familes Destroyed By Lies"
This was a talk show first.  "Peter" e-mailed the show because he wanted Sally to give him a lie detector test to prove that he did not molest his daughter.  He appeared wearing a disguise to protect everyone involved in the situation. "Peter" said that he faced 3 life sentences if he was convicted!  Polygraph expert Michael Martin did 4 seperate tests that all showed that he most likely committed the act!  "Peter" still said he was innocent, but Michael said he was hiding something...Louis was upset because his adoptive brother owed him $10,000, but wanted to make ammends.  As his brother waited backstage, he got angry and started arguing with the producers.  He ran off the show, so Sally and Louis had to chase after him backstage!  She agreed to turn the cameras off so they could talk.  Both men came out at the end of the show.
2-4-2002    Exclusive: Conjoined Twins Lori & Reba
Lori and Dori (aka Reba) have appeared on several talk shows, but Sally did the best job interviewing them on this episode.  She found out that they were institutionalized as kids and had a bad childhood.  Reba helped them get out of their so they could live a normal life.  Reba also had Premed training in college and even helped someone who had a seizure...Lori spoke out and said that God comes first because He had a purpose for making them conjoined.
2-12-2002 Bizarre Behaviors
"Sissy" is a man who has been married to a woman for over 30 years and even had kids.  "Sissy" likes to wear dresses and has since he was 4.  His kids and wife accepted it but said they were always teased.   Vickie, his wife, said that everyone calls him gay, but she knows that he is not....Kristie has an uncurable sleeping disorder that made her sleep away 4 1/2 years of her life.  She slept through her 17th and 18th birthday and lost  her friends.  Her mom, Anne, even had to go to her classes and take notes for her in school.
2-18-2002   The House of Prayer Church
< Talk Show First > Reverand Arthur Allen was indicted because he had a church where he encouraged parents to beat their children.  Sally yelled at the Rev. and said his church was a cult...Ernest was a former member of the church and said that Rev. Allen mentally and physically tortured children.  He said that he saw Rev. Allen and members of the church beat kids at church and that's why he left the church...Ivory said that Rev. Allen ordered her to be beaten by family members and strangers while she was in church!  She said that the Rev. Allen ordered men from the church to hit her with belts until she passed out on the floor of the church.  Ivory confronted Rev. Allen and told him how her beatings affected her...The show took its most outrageous turn after Rev. Allen would not let Ernest talk, so Sally made him get up and move to another part of the set.  Rev. Allen thought she was kicking him out, but Sally just wanted him to move.  Although Sally played the tape back a few times to prove him wrong, Rev. Allen took his evil followers from the audience and walked off the show.
EXTRA INFO: Ernest came back on 4-30-2002 and said that Arthur still had his church, but several members contacted him to say they felt the Rev. was abusive.
3-25-2002 "Polygamy and Double Lives"
Before they were married, Brian told Pam that he would always need more than one woman.  Brian married Pam and later married Kathy and had 7 children between both of them.  Sally spoke with their oldest kids, including Bryan, who said he wasn't sure if he would marry into a polygamist family in the future...Richard was married to his wife for years, but had to confess the truth:  he was bisexual AND had AIDS!  Richard also cheated on his wife with a few guys.  His wife, Jodi, said that she was shocked to find out the real truth, but still has protected sex with him!  She also said she gets tests for HIV every three months. 
TALK SHOW ADDICTS: Brian, Pam and Kathy appeared on John Walsh, Montel Williams and Rob Nelson in fall 2002!
4-18-2002 "Betrayal & Dwarf Tossing"
Dave, a little person, said he had the right to be involved with dwarf tossing, a sport where dwaves are thrown across the room.  Angela, a dwarf, and Nancy, who had 2 dwarf kids, said dwarf tossing should be outlawed because it is immoral and harmful for those involved.  Sally said that the event is abusive and uncivilized...Sean Michael and Sarah were ashamed because their dad, Sean, was gay.  The teens thought they were a lie and were upset because their dad said he had been gay all his life.  His ex-wife, Laura, came out and said he was a liar and even used to make fun of gay people.  Laura told him to leave their family alone.
4-22-2002   "Outrageous Lifestyles"
David and Virginia were married for 12 years and had two kids, but they were also swingers.  David said he had no idea about how many other women he had slept with.  David also said that Virginia was not his fantasy because there is always some one more attractive.  Virginia said that his ideas did not hurt her...Brandon always wanted a tatoo on the back of his head, but he decided that he wanted to advertise with it.  He told Sally that he wanted a company to pay him and give him benefits if he tatooed the company's name on his head.  Brandon came on the show with a "Sally" stick-on tatoo on his head.
4-26-2002 "Sally's Farewell:  Road Trips"
Jan appeared on the show when it came to San Francisco in 1991and used to be a member of the KKK.  On that show, she tried to teach her racist views to her son, but he would not listen.  Jan changed her ways after the show and said she was no longer racist.  Sally welcomed her back for this show and told her she'd see her down the road...She also took a look back at a family who taught their kids to preach to everyone.  The town was upset because the family judged everyone and often called women whores.  In a disturbing piece of tape, their boy, Matthew, showed Sally's audience how he preached.  Sally reported that Matthew was now a boxer and no longer preached.
4-29-2002 "Sally's Farewell:  Richard Simmons and The People We've Helped"
Sally took a look back at her most memorable shows that involved helping people.  Frequent guest Richard Simmons came out and lifted Sally up into the air, but got sad because it was his last appearance on the show.  Sally showed a clip of a woman named Rose Marie who he helped in losing over 700 lbs.  Sadly, he said that she had died of cancer...Robert asked Sally to find him a doctor for his 2-year-old son, Blaze, who had a disease that made his face swell into a huge size and made him have seizures.  They came back for this show and Robert said he had found a good doctor who made Blaze's seizures lessen.
4-30-2002   "Sally's Farewell:  Tribute To News Events"
Sally went behind the headlines of biggest news stories over the years.  This show took a look back and everything; from her interview with a boy injured in the Columbine attacks to an exclusive with Susan Smith's former best friend....Michael Reyes survived the Oklahoma City bombing, but lost his dad and 34 of his co-workers.  He came back on this episode to tell Sally how he was doing.  Michael told her that all his feelings of pain came back during Sept. 11th, but he was surviving...Jamie told Sally that she was happy when Jeffrey Dahmer was killed in jail because he had killed her brother.  She said that she would rather have killed him herself...Marlene said her implants gave her so much pain and the hospital wouldn't pay to have them removed, so she cut her left implant out herself!  She said she felt better after and would do it again.
5-2-2002   "Sally's Farewell:  Sally and Karl Through The Years"
Sally's husband, Karl Soderlund, came on to discuss his marriage and appearances with Sally on her show.  Sally joked that she had him on because she no longer cared about ratings since the show was cancelled...Highlights of his many appearances were shown, including one where he told the story of how they met at a radio station in Puerto Rico.  One of the nicer moments was when Karl asked Tony Bennett to sing a song, while he danced with Sally.
5-10-2002 "Sally's Farewell:  Sally & The Kids"
This show took alook back at Sally's most memorable kid guests...Vinny was an audience member who got very emotional at some dads who did not want kids.  Sally had Vinny and his wife, Debbie, back several times and thanks to the show, they were blessed with a kid named Zoe.  Zoe was no longer a baby on this episode and sat on Sally's lap, thanking her for allowing her to be adopted...Jeremy appeared on Sally when he was 16 and barked/yelled because he had Tourette's.  Jeremy came back for this episode and told Sally that his disease had improved AND he did not even shake or tick...Jessica appeared on the same show as Jeremy and said she used to be teased because she was short.  She was back and was of normal height and said she was looking forward to college.
5-13-2002 "Sally's Farewell:  Phil Donahue"
The talk show pioneer sat down for an intimate discussion of talk TV.  Sally showed clips of his first appearance on her show and they discussed how things have changed.  She showed a clip of a show he did with AIDS victim, Ryan White.  Sally said that AIDS shows barely get any ratings today.  A clip of a show called, "Adults Who Dress As Babies For Sexual Pleasure,"  about guys who get off dressing as babies, including a social worker and truck driver.  Also featured, a famous and controversial show where two men, Michael and Wayne, were married and kissed... After all, Phil told Sally that he did not regret any shows that he did.
5-17-2002 "Sally's Farewell:  Executive Producer's Favorite Moments"
Sally welcomed the producer's who helped her show along the way through all of its years.  Burt Dubrow was the first exec and spoke about Jery's Lewis' appearance on the show.  He said they could not believe they got him on and showed a clip of the comedy legend complaining about Sally's hard chairs...Former producer (and current
Maury producer) Amy Rosenblum showed a clip of Bryan, 17, and Patti, 41, who were in love with each other.  Patti was also his teacher, which made his mom, Anne, angry.  He proposed to Patti on the show, which made Ann even more upset.  The couple eventually got married...The producer's also spoke of how they would do important shows, like alcoholism, even if they did not get high ratings...Before the show ended Sally said, "Those were the days, my friend.  We thought they'd never end."   As the credits roled, Sally hugged all the producer's.  The camera panned to the audience and showed that loyal fans, "The Church Ladies" and Bill Liblick were watching from the front row.
5-21-2002   "Sally's Farewell:  Sally's Favorite Guests"
Sally said that her all-time favorite guest was Audrey Hepburn, who she had on her show before she died... Stephie came on the show in 1985 and told Sally how she was raped, making Sally cry.  She came back for this show and said that things were well.  Her 16-year-old son, Artie, came out to surprise Sally...Gossip columnist Jan Adams paid one last visit and recalled the shows sexiest guests, which included Tony Bennett.  Sally gave her a hug after the interview...Bob and Georgia Theodore visited the show to present Sally with a book that they wrote about how their father abused them as kids.  They said that their lives were better and wanted to keep in touch with Sally after the show.  Sally said she would always remember them...Illusionist "The Amazing Kreskin" first appeared in 1985 and came back to perform one last trick on this episode.  He did a trick where he put a ring on a padlock and Sally's had to think of a year, which turned out to be the combination.  He said that he thought Sally would still be successful and have another national show where she would help people...The most emotional part of the show came when Sally pointed out some of her biggest fans who often sat in the audience.  Hester and Josephine, "The Church Ladies," presented Sally with a special plaque that congratulated her for 20 years of the show.  Sally was touched and hugged them both. The final segment featured Sally, a fan, and the audience singing "Those Were The Days" as the credits rolled.  (Taped April 23, 2002)
5-22-2002 "Sally's Farewell"
After nearly 20 years, Sally wrapped up her talk show career on this day in front of a packed audience full of Sally show friends and family.  Celebs like Joan Rivers, Regis & Kelly, and Montel Williams did taped pieces that wished Sally luck.  Montel even said there was room on his show for a co-host.  Here's a detailed look at each segment of her last show:
Segment 1: Sally opened the show with a funny skit of herself throwing her glasses out the window and dropping a bowling ball on them.  She always hated the red glasses because the production company made her wear them...Next, she welcomed past singing sensations "The Four Tops," and they sang their hit, "Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch."  One of the guys danced with Sally as they performed and The Church Ladies danced and clapped from their seats
Segment 2: This segment began with a screen with a pic of Lisa Lopes, saying the segment was in memory of her.  The TLC member died in a car crash weeks before this show aired.  The voiceover guy surprised Sally with Chili from TLC and Sally ran to hug her.  Sally helped her find her birth father on the show in 1996.  She thanked for helping her AND admitted for the first time that she is going out with r 'n b sensation, Usher.
Segment 3: A taped piece featuring the ladies from The View began this segment.  They called Sally a broadcasting legend and said that they will miss her...Next, Chubby Checker came out to perform his hit "Twist," and the audience was on its feet again.  Sally, the Church Ladies and a camerman danced along with Chubby as he performed.  He said, "Sally's forever," and gave the audience some of his brand of beef jerky...The segment ended with a piece where Sally drove over her red glasses!
Segment 4: Diane Sawyer opened this part of the show by wishing Sally good luck...Sally welcomed former talk show host Dick Cavett and said, "Come here and sit your ass down," when he came out because she was so glad he was there.  Dick presented her with some funny clips of herself over the years and some entertaining staff clips....This segement ended with her tossing her glasses off a bridge.
Segment 5: Joan Rivers said she couldn't not think of a day without Sally on TV.  She wished Sally and her husband good luck...Back in the studio, it was time for Sally's family.  She welcomedout her husband (Karl), son (J.J.), daughter (Andrea), and brother (Steve).  J.J. said his most memorable moment from mom's show came when Sally surprised a young girl with cancer with her favorite country group.  Karl presented Sally with a tape of all her staff saying goodbye...Sally cooked her glasses in a George Foreman grill at the end of this piece.
Segment 6: Montel Williams said Sally set a standard in talk long before he started and told her that she always had a seat beside him.  Sally said he was one of the nicest guys in talk...Pop group All-4-One serenaded Sally with their hit song, "I Swear," without any music.  They also sang a more emotional song to her, which thrilled her.  She hugged them all after their song and they gave her their new c.d.
Segment 7: Carol Channing told Sally that she knew she would go on to better things...Now, it was time to say goodbye.  In this very emotional segment for any Sally fan, Sally gathered all her staff, family and guests onto the stage for one last goodbye.  She thanked everyone who had watched her show over the years and gave the show up to The 4 Tops, who sang another song.  Sally and Karl danced as balloons and streamers flew all over.  Sally's credits roled as everyone celebrated and they even included the names of EVERYONE who worked for the show over the years.  The camera then went to a taped piece of Sally whistling, while walking down the road. And just like that, an era in television had ended.
Some NEW episodes that were taped before her last show aired during the summer.  Here's a look at the best of them:
7-23-2002   "Paralyzed By Panic"
Sally had EMS workers waiting backstage for the guests on this show because the were all affected by panic attacks...Rebecca worked as a stripper because her finance's panic attacks were so severe.  Albert said he was nervous about the reception line at his wedding, so he called it off!  He said that when he has an attack, he feels as if everyone is focusing attention on him and he chokes up...Erika gets crippled with fear when she goes out in public, especially when she is in cars.  She said she has attacks everyday, where she feels that everyone is staring at her and her heart pounds.  Erika's therapist had to come to her house because she was so afraid to leave.  Her son, Brandon, 7, helped her out with her attacks, but worried about her health.
7-29-2002 "I'm A Stripper...Deal With It!"
"Phelanie" told her boyfriend's mother, Dian, that she was a cocktail waitress, but came on to tell her she was really a stripper who also did work in bondage.  Sally showed tape of "Phelanie" dancing on a pole backstage.  Dian said she did not mind, but wished she knew before...Cris wanted to confront his ex to tell her he did not like her stripping, but also hated her sexy website.  He said she had sex with mannequins and other people online!  "Ana" called her internet performances and online journals art, saying she gets 10,000 hits a day.  "Ana" told Sally that she was the "Oprah of the internet" and Sally said that Oprah never uses dildos...Tera appeared on a former show as a stripper, but returned during this episode to say she had quit.  She now worked in the packaging industry and made about half of what she used to make.  She said her new hours were better and was much happier.
8-5-2002 "I Cheated SO WHAT!"
Donna was proud that she cheated on her ex , Joe, several times.  She married Mike while she was still married to Joe and confronted her ex and her duaghter, Tiffany, on the show.  Things got very heated when Donna's new husband, Mike, came out.  Donna got in Joe's face and smacked him, causing security guard, Al, to seperate everyone.  Donna was so upset that she threatened to walk off the show several times...Jeffry balled his eyes out because his girlfirend, Teri, cheated on him several times.  He told Sally that he wasn't sure if he was the father of their child.  Teri yelled at the audience as they booed her when she came out and later told Sally that she didn't love Jeffry.  Jeffry said he was not in love with her either.  A paternity test proved that Jeffry was the father of Teri's baby.
8-8-2002 "The Naked Truth"
Robert was told he was HIV+ and his family started to treat him different.  His mom had a stroke when she found out and they made him eat with plastic utensils.  After using medicine for about a year, he found out that he was misdiagnosed!  Robert confronted his brother, Greg, on the show and still said he didn't want to take a chance with him even though he didn't have the disease!  Robert cried and told Greg that he was supposed to love him unconditionally...Michael, 13, could see dead people since he was a kid and started having conversations with them.  His mom, Denise, called in priests to give him exorcisms and even got the ghostbusters to try to rid the house of the spirits.  He told Sally that he saw dead people on her set!...Carlos and Evelyn were together for three years, but never had sex because they were very active in the church community.  They said it was very hard, but the right thing to do.  Carlos surprised Evelyn with a proposal right in front of the audience and she agreed to marry him on the show.  The set was decorated for a wedding and the couple married at the end of the show.
Even though her talk show is off the air, you can STILL catch Sally on The Surreal Life on VH1.  Every season, she hosts the Dirty Laundry segment of the show where guests come clean about their experiences in the Surreal Life House.