Tyra Banks has modeled around the world and has been on the cover of every big magazine.  She took that experience and created
America's Next Top Model to find the next generation of runway models.  The show is currently in its fifth season and brings in big ratings for UPN.  On September 12, 2005 Tyra branched out again, launching her brand new talk show.  The show focuses on issues that affect young people, particularly women.  The state-of-the-art set even features a runway where Tyra often has her guests strut their stuff.  The Tyra Banks Show is syndicated but can also be seen on the Oxygen cable channel and heard on XM satellite radio. Tyra began season two of her show on September 11, 2006. Tyra started season four of her show on September 8, 2008. In September 2009, The Tyra Show will move from syndication to The CW. Her show will air at 3pm and 4pm weekday afternoons.

SEASON FOUR: 2008-2009
3-16-2009  "FAT FAMILIES"
Donna weighs nearly 600 pounds and thinks she's too thin. Her goal is to weigh 1,000 pounds. Cameras followed Donna around at her house to show her bizarre daily routine. She eats 2,000 calories just for breakfast and puts on shows on the Internet for guys who like obese women. Despite her size, Donna managed to find herself a boyfriend. Phillip is turned on by fat women and supports Donna's goal of weighing 1,000 pounds. Since Donna can't find a scale that supports her, Tyra had her weigh herself on the show. When she found out she weighed 513 pounds, she said she was depressed. LATER ON, Donna suggested that she will probably die of cancer since her mother had it. Tyra got upset with her for having such a bad attitude and told her to stop talking.
This may be the most disgusting show Tyra has ever done. Kirsten is a teacher and has somehow started eating chalk dust. She doesn't do it when any of her students are around. She also says she has eaten Comet, the household cleaner. What's worse, Kirsten is six months pregnant and could kill her baby with what she's eating. UP NEXT, Darya is the definition of  "messed up." She claims she puts time aside each day to pick the scabs on her head and then eats them! She says they taste salty. Gross. Darya says she's never really told anyone about her problem until now. AND THEN, there's Lanieka. She eats toilet paper like it's candy and she does it while she's going to the bathroom! Lanieka says she eats about half a roll each day. That's up four rolls of TP every week. No surprise, she says she's starting to have stomach pain. THEN, there's Jean, who seems very normal compared to the others. She dumpster dives for all of her food. She patrols the trash in NYC for food. Jean's been eating from garbage for five years and swears she's never gotten sick. Tyra also spoke with Dave who's diet largely consists of bugs. He brought along some bug cookies for the audience to try.
Natalie is a 22-year-old virgin who wants to lose her virginity, so she's selling it to the highest bidder. She's teamed up with the Moonlight Bunny Ranch, a legal brother in Nevada, where she will lose her virginity. She says she's doing it to empower women. Natalie says she's received bids as high as $3.8 million dollars. Dennis Hof owns the Bunny Ranch. He says that Natalie is a "gold mine" for him and he will take HALF of the money she earns losing her virginity! Natalie says she's fine with that. Brook Taylor is a prostitute at the Bunny Ranch. She says she doesn't appreciate Natalie trying to capitalize on what she does everyday. Taylor told Natalie she can't please a man like she can. LATER, Lee is 59 years old and is one of Natalie's bidders. He joined her onstage and said he wants to be with her because he's never taken a woman's virginity before.
Tyra celebrated Halloween by talking to some real-life vampires. Don calls himself the "empirer of vampires." He dresses in all black, has sharp fangs and even drinks blood! Don told Tyra that drinking blood gives him a high. Don says he also abstains from sex and often sleeps in a coffin. Don says he was a heightened sense of smell and is stronger than the average person. He proved that my lifting more than 400 pounds with his legs and guessing foods while blindfolded. NEXT, Sarah is a psychic vampire who swears she can read people's minds. Like Don, Sarah obstains from sex. She says she thinks sex is something that should be cherished and too often, it's not. THEN, Vampyra likes to spend time in cemeteries and enjoys the taste of human flesh in her mouth. Vampyra took in a vampire son, Lucian, when his family disowned him. Lucian drinks blood and even allows Vampyra to light him on fire!
By day, she drives her kids around to soccer practice. At night, she becomes a hardcore sex worker. Tamara, 40, lost her job and needed a quick way to support her three children, so she became a dominatrix.  Tamara isn't ashamed of what she does and says she serves some pretty high-profile clients, including a senator! Tamara's 21-year-old daughter, Nichelle, came out to say that she doesn't support her mother's job. Tyra then played a tape of Tamara dominating a man. Nichelle cried after watching the video and said she didn't like seeing her mom that way.
A very sad show. Tyra spoke with a group of black women who bleach their skin so they can be lighter. Latosha bleaches her skin and also bleaches the skin of her three boys. The boys are all under 8 years old. They told Tyra that she tells them it makes them look better. Latosha says she doesn't think that bleaching their skin will harm them....Latisha is allergic to bleaching creams, but still uses them in the hopes of becoming lighter. She says she feels like God is cursing her because her skin color stays the same. Latisha said her mother doesn't know that she bleaches her skin and will be hurt when she finds out.
SEASON THREE: 2007-2008
4-22-2008  COURT SHOWS
Judges from daytime TV's hottest court show came on for this special show. Judge Joe Brown, Judge Lynn Toler of Divorce Court, Judge Alex, Judge Cristina Perez of Cristina's Court, Judge Hatchett and Judge David Young all spoke about their jobs as TV judges. They also brought clips of some of the most outrageous moments from their shows. Viewers also got to see what they look like in street clothes without their robes.
This was an instant classic. Tyra spoke with couples who are dramatically opposite. First up, was Eddie, a skinny guy who fell in love with a plus-sized woman, Gem, online. Eddie says he loves to wetch her eat and loves her huge belly. He also said he enjoys it when she "squashes" him in bed. Tyra played video of her bouncing up and down on him in bed. Very nasty. NEXT, Britney provides a girlfriend experience for lonely men. Guys pay her thousands of dollars to act like a girlfriend. One of those guys is "Joe," who appeared on the show in silhoutte. "Joe" said he considers Britney a friend, even though he pays her to hang out. THEN, Tyra spoke with Mikey, a gay guy who weighs 470 pounds. Mikey is part of a chubby chaser community of athlete men who are attracted to fat guys. Dan is one of the guys who's been with Mikey and told Tyra there's nothing better than a big guy.
Randy Wilson and his wife, Lisa, created the purity ball as a way of celebrating the father-daughter relationship. While Randy created them to help girls as they enter adulthood, others are holding purity balls for young girls to pledge their virginity to their dads. The fathers and daughters also sign a "purity covenant," which symbolizes their commitment to purity. Because of the sensitive subject matter, some find the balls to be just plain creepy. Tyra's cameras went to a purity ball to show the audience what they're like. LATER, Tyra spoke with Alice who regretted pledging her virginity to her father. She aid it was hell because she wanted to act on the feeling she had for boys, but felt ashamed because of her promise.
SEASON TWO: 2006-2007
Madlynn was born male and has been living as a woman for five years. She admits dating has been a struggle, but has been lucky enough to find the man of her dreams. Jason says he is a heterosexual male and proud to be with Madlynn. Despite the fact that Madlynn still has her male parts and is waiting for sexual reassignment surgery, the couple told Tyra that they are sexually intimate. LATER, Gia is a transsexual who is looking for the man of her dreams. She met up with a straight guy named David online and Tyra's cameras went along as they went out on their first date. The date went well and David said he was very attracted to her. AND, Josh was born female but has taken hormones to become a man. Now, Josh has facial hair and a much deeper voice and you'd never know he used to be a woman. He's now dating a former NBA cheerleader and has the full support of his family.
Chris is 13 years old and was born female. He lived as Julia for years, but always knew that he wanted to be a boy. His mom brought him to therapy and he's now using daily hormones to block anything female from happening to his body. Chris's father has not been in the picture for years, but flew in from Italy to talk with him on the show. Fernando says he can't understand why his daughter is now living as a boy. Chris told Fernando to accept him if he wants him to be happy.
Norma was told she was going to deliver conjoined twins before they were born and still went through with the pregnancy. She delivered two beautiful baby girls, who she named Carmen and Lupita. The girls are conjoined at the chest and have four arms and two legs. These adorable girls are now six years old and attend school just like any other girls their age. Camera told Tyra that the best thing about her sister is that they're "attached together." Noram says she has always wanted to meet another mother who was going through the same thing, so Tyra gave her that chance. Felicia recently delivered twin girls who are joined at the head. Both woman hugged as they met and said they wanted to keep in touch.
Tyra began this show by talking to women who looked more like models than witches. Fiona, Wrenna and Brandy all classified themselves as "good witches" and all admitted to casting spells on people. They all said that they would only cast spells that would positively affect people. To become a witch, you have to be inducted by a coven of women. Tyra's cameras went along as Fiona inducted a woman named Vicky who said she had been practicing witchcraft by herself since she was 12 years old. Tyra also spoke with those who represent the dark side of witchcraft and went along to one of their ceremonies. LATER, we meet Stanton and Szandora who are married satanists. Stanton says he does not worship the devil, but is anti-religion. Like the witches, both said that they have cast curses on people. Szandora says she only casts spells on those who have done harm to her.
10-12-2006  HATE CRIMES
Kevin Aviance is a noted fashion designer who was attacked on the streets of New York because he is gay. He told Tyra that four guys beat him down, fracturing his jaw. NEXT, Tyra confronted the height of ignorance and stupidity, Shirley, from the hate group "God Hates Fags." Shirley also brought her two hate-filled teen daughters on the show. This is the same group that protests outside of the funerals for soldiers who die in Iraq. Shirley told Tyra to thank God for Nine-Eleven and for Hurricane Katrina. Things got heated when Shirley kept cutting off Tyra. Tyra yelled, "I'm not going to sit with you and fight on my stage!" Shirley's kids said they had been hating since they were born. They also claimed that they had no friends outside their hateful church. Big shock there.
Everyone knows there's a lot of sickos on the Internet. This show proved it. With the help of an investigator, Tyra posed as 14-year-olf girl and went into a chat room. Within moments, a grown man send her graphic video of himself. LATER, Tyra confronted a convicted online sex predator, "Don," who appeared in shadow. "Don" said he wanted to hide his face because his 13-year-old and 17-year-old kids didn't know about his offenses, which included having graphic sex talk with teens. "Don" said he was arrested after going to meet one of the girls he met online. That girl turned out to be the police. "Don" said parents should monitor their children's online habits and not allow them to post personal profiles.
On the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Tyra spoke about how people of all races came together in the days after the attack. Five years later, it seems like racism is stronger than ever. In this episode, Tyra spoke with women of all different races to discuss the discrimination they face everyday. Those women were also the subject of a focus group where people made assumptions about them based on their races. During the show, the women confronted those in the focus group. Things got heated when a black woman associated a Middle Eastern guest with the Taliban. The Middle Eastern woman told the black woman to get a education, which set her off.

SEASON ONE 2005-2006
8-2-2006  "TRANSSEXUALS"
Alyssa was born male but new she wanted to be a girl since she was in preschool. She played with Barbies while the other boys played with trucks. Alyssa said school was hell for her. One time, someone even scratched "MAN" on her car. Alyssa says she's now living as a woman and she even has a boyfriend. Tyra also spoke with Alyssa's mother, MJ, who said she supports her daughter. NEXT... Leah was only 14 years old when her mother and father divorced because dad was a transsexual. Her father had a sex change and is now living as a woman named Renee. She told Tyra that it was very difficult to keep the secret because of what her family would think. Turns out, much of her family disowned her. Renee told Leah that she's proud of her and happy that she stuck by her. AND... Jessie is a lesbian who fell in love with another woman. But that other woman wanted to be a man named Corbin. Jessie and Corbin are still together. Jessie still considers herself a lesbian and looks as Corbin as the woman she fell in love with.
Shelly has been a prostitute at the legal Bunny Ranch brothel in Las Vegas for years even though she has two kids.  To get through it, she imagines herself as an actress in a movie. The six-figure annual salary also helps.  NEXT... Kandi and Bunny Love spoke about their experiences as prostitutes.  Kandi recently told her 11-year-old daughter that she's a hooker.  She said they are close, so her daughter accepted what she does.  Bunny Love said things are safe because they are checked for STDs once a week.  The ladies said every room has a panic button in case things go wrong.  AND... Brooke is one of the newest girls at the Bunny Ranch.  She said doing it for the first time was like losing her virginity.  Brooke is also dating Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof.  He said 500 girls work at the ranch and he makes "a lot" of money.  Dennis also said that many celebrities come to the Bunny Ranch.
This show was done in response to the movie Brokeback Mountain which is about two cowboys who fall in love.  Todd was raised to be a rugged cowboy and always dated women, but knew something was wrong.  He eventually realized he was gay, but he was engaged to a woman named Belinda.  Belinda told Tyra that there were signs that he was gay, but she never wanted to accept it.  When she realized it, she was devasted.  Despite it all, Todd and Belinda were still good friends.  Belinda remarried and Todd was the best man.   Get this: Belinda married a guy who used to be gay!  He told Tyra that he always thought he was supposed to be a family man.  He used to consider himself bi-sexual, but now says he's straight.
Lisa, 37, is eight months pregnant with her husband's baby.  Her husband is 15 years old!  He was friends with her son.  Lisa says she's very young at heart and he is more mature than most guys.  She told Tyra that her boy always listens to her, unlike other guys. The worst part:  Lisa said she felt taken advantage of because he lied to her about his age.  Apparently, 17 was okay to date, but 15 was not.  Lisa said she did not feel like she took advantage of him at all.  Lisa's teenage sons, who are the same age as her new husband, were also on the show.  Incredibly, Beau and Blake had no problem with her relationship.  Of course, not everyone is happy about their marriage.  The boy's grandmother is his legal guardian and is persuing rape charges against Lisa.  She faces up to 20 years if convicted.
Shelly is black, but says she hates black people.  She doesn't consider herself black and only dates white men.  Shelly told Tyra that black woman are "ghetto," "back-stabbers," and "vicious."  Shelly said she views black men as "lazy" because she had a brother who needed a kidney, but none of her seven other brothers stepped up to the plate so her brother died.  Shelly said she's working to get plastic surgery on her nose and butt to look less ethnic.  She also wants to changed her last name from "Williams" to "Onasis" so it sounds more white.  Tyra told Shelly she needs a wake up call.  NEXT... Jamilah, a black woman, says she married a Korean man just so her kids wouldn't have nappy hair.  She said kids used to make fun of her hair, so she decided to marry someone non-black so her kids wouldn't be made fun of.  LATER... Tyra spoke with some models whose fashion show was abruptly cancelled by a restaurant owner who called them "ghetto trash."  Two of the models said it was the first time they ever dealt with racism.  Tyra gave them the fashion show they always wanted on her stage.
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