Welcome to the California Adventure!
Disney's California Adventure is a new park celebrating the spirit of the state of California. These pictures and descriptions are from preview days ( Feb. 2, 2001) We were the first to visit the new park and experience its attractions.
As you enter, you pass through the letters that spell the name of this great state.
Once inside the park, you will see the Golden Gate Bridge. This San Francisco landmark reminds you of the fun you are about to experience.
While you're waiting for "Soaring", you can take an authentic raft ride down the Kern River on the "Grizzly River Raft Ride". You will get very wet!
The Redwood Creek Challenge Trail gives you the impression you are in the Sequoia National Forest. With its ranger station, suspension bridge and tire swings, you will enjoy this interactive play area.
You'll enjoy a breathtaking view of the golden state on "Soaring Over California" This ride is a simulated hang gliding adventure. Be sure to get a fastpass for this ride, otherwise the wait will be about two hours.
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