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My favorite ride,Space Mountain is a thrilling roller coaster ride in total darkness. You feel like you are flying through outer space.
There are many characters you can interact with. Here are our relatives talking with the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland.
In Frontierland, you can ride the Mark Twain Steamboat on the Rivers of America or you can explore Tom Sawyer's Island.
The Jolly Trolly is the best way to tour Mickey's Toontown.
It's a Small World llets you sail with happy children from around the world. This ride will put you in a good mood.
During the holiday season, Small World is transformed into a winter wonderland complete with Christmas music.It's really beautiful at night.
Pirates of the Caribbean is a boatride through the Spanish main.Youl'' witness the complete takeover of the town by some wild pirates.
A magical home!
For those of you who like variety shows, The Golden Horsehoe Salon in Frontierland has two different shows running weekly. Monday through Wednesday has the "Golden Horseshoe Review" with Sam the bartender and Miss Lily. This vaudeville show is hilarious and is not  to be missed.
The rest of the week, Billy and the Hillbillies entertain you with their bluegrass music.This is a really fun country hoedown group that will have you clapping your hands and stomping your feet to the music!