Let's eat at The Shack!
The Shack at 185 Culver Blvd in Playa Del Rey, Ca. is my favorite restaraunt. It is a combination restaraunt and bar and it has the feel of the tv show  Cheers". Here you can enjoy the world's best hamburgers with your friends. There is also NTN interactive television  if you're into trivia.The Shack features an extensive menu, but its specialty is the "Shackburger" which co-owner describes as a "heart attack on a bun." It is a giant hamburger with a Luisiana sausage in the middle.
Gary and Ruby Claire are the owners of The Shack. They are wonderful people and have been the owners for 17 years.
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Mark Hoyt (right), and his wife Josie are co -owners of the Shack. Joey Ancril(center), is one of the managers.
Kevin O'Connor and his wife Lynn are the third co-owners of the Shack and they give it a special charm.
Once a year, the Shack hosts a chilli cookoff with the money going to the House Ear Institute to benefit deaf children. This year's cookoff was on  June 30,2001. In this picture, we see Krissy and her friend trying to win the prize with a big pot of chilli.
David Uribe and his wife enjoy an ice cold Budwiser beer at the cookoff. Besides chilli there were the regular Shack items to  purchase.
"Would you like to try some of my firey chilli?" says Richard J. Brandt.

Laila Rizk poses in front of the jumping house that was set up for the kids to enjoy. Inside the house is my son Matthew.
Here's the menu.------------------------>