no Welcome

because this is my 'private' site, not yours!!

Wait.... you said "no welcome"???

Yeap!! Know why? It's simple! My hard drive crashed. So, after many undelete tries to get my files back, I managed to save my most valuable programms -which are totally useless for probably anyone since are at least 3-5 years old- to do my job! So I upload them here to have them just in case, if the new drive go nuts too! This is just my storage room and nothing else.

Some faqs you may ask:

1. Why are these programms so important to you since they are so old?

First of all because I use them so many years and I'm used to them. But the main reason is because I love them. I learned lot's of things and certainly I don't want to lose them for a stupid crash. "But the are SO old" you may say... Yeah that's true but I believe a pro (as I also believe I am!!) knows how to do THE SAME work as like with the new programm versions, something which am very good at.

2. So, where are the programms? Here is only the... list?

Of course here is only the list. I said here is only the storage room. These programms are copyrighted even if they are old.

3. Then why on earth you did all this trouble to create a nice design for nothing?

Because I'm a designer. Actually this is nothing. I just wasting my time. I can design much better..

4. What if these are my favorite progs but I lost them by accident?

You can ask the authors for an old version or you can visite google to search for old program archive sites

5. Where can i find the new versions of these programms?

Turn your eyes to the right part of the document. Did you find the links? Yeap! There, they are!!

Total programms: 3 (20 Feb 2008)


Paint Sho Pro (Psp) Version 6.02

Enter site


Now (3-4 years already) and became one


Lorenz Graf (lograf) Html tool Version 3.5e

Enter site


This prog was a very good programm for it's age, and even won an award, but at the end the owners closed the site. CoffeeCup -a very experienced site since 1996 and an award winning site too- is the new owner. The original site was, about.... 5?... 6?... years ago?


Ulead PhotoImpact (PI) Version 8.0

Enter site


No comments for Ulead! I can't remember exactly how old is, but must be near 10 years old like coffeecup...