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Welcome to the guestbook of Equimarc Morgan Horses. We hope you enjoyed your visit with us and learned a little about what we are doing. If we can answer any further questions for you or if you would like a stallion packet, please let us know by complet ng the appropriate information below. Hope you'll keep in touch!

ashton - 02/28/00 01:54:37
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love the site!!! miss ya'll lots, and coming to see ya'll

Riki Cullingford - 02/21/00 22:19:41
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I'm a 16 year old who's dreamt of breeding since I was 10. Recently I've decided that I want to breed Morgans, for several reasons. But I'm still very green in the area and I'm trying to get some information from people who are already in the business. Any information on what I'd be getting into, and what to look for, and even what I should be looking at in colleges would be highly desired. Plus you're close by, so I could always take a look. I'd be thankful for anything.

Mike - 02/11/00 17:27:00
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Cool horsey page. Visit my page if you like.

donna - 10/04/99 22:29:50
My Email:dr4459@aol.com


Ed Kramer - 08/26/99 11:41:03
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You have a nice site! I enjoyed the visit.

mary carleton - 07/27/99 20:31:27

This a great site. Michael gave me the address during the course of the DIB audit. Continued good luck with the farm and horses. - Mary

Ray Elliott - 07/07/99 02:45:18
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Met you as a Planet all contact and checked your site from the address you sent me. No push but if you ever have healing problem you want to avoid getting invasive with give me a call. Or look me up at Equine Affaire or many other shows, last Oxridge ch rity Classic. Best to you and your endeavors. Sincerely; Ray Elliott

ASHTON - 05/14/99 01:06:41
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jules - 04/20/99 04:35:01
Address: 6734howellsvilleRd
City: Front Royal
State: Virginia
Zip Code: 22630
Phone Number: 540 837 2601

I own one morgan and i really appreciate this web site, thanks alot

Caitlin Kitt - 03/17/99 23:23:13
My Email:mkitt@monumental.com
State: VA

I was looking around and found your page. I love it. I love horses too. I was looking for a hunter/jumper. If you find any good looking ones e-mail me.Thanx! :^)

Darlene - 03/03/99 17:52:51
My URL:http://members.tripod.com/~ccha/index.html
My Email:ccha65@hotmail.com

Hello neighbor! Just riding the trails visiting our ring neighbors. The C.C.H.A. is an all breed horse club with english & western riding disciplines. We sponsor shows, a stallion service auction, futurities, a sleigh rally. Our club includes adults, young adults, children, and promotes knowledge & fun with our Equine companions. Enjoyed my vist here at your home, please come visit ours when you have time.

Ava McAbee - 01/11/99 23:54:17
My Email:ronmcabee98@prodigy.net
Address: POB 724
City: Harriman
State: TN
Zip Code: 37748
Phone Number: 423-882-9591

I enjoyed your site and your beautiful Morgans! I am stallion shopping as we have a nice Appaloosa mare that I think would cross well with a good Morgan horse..... Do you have speical prices for non- Morgan mares? Thanx, Ava McAbee

Eileen Hunter - 12/03/98 13:06:53
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Lisa, Kool web page =) Nice Job. Happy Holidays.

Theresa Goodrich - 11/25/98 18:14:36
My Email:goodrich@ptdprolog.net
Address: RR2 Box 166B,Bailey Creek Road
City: Millerton
State: Pa
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Your home page is very classy. Did you design it yourself?

Jerry A. James - 11/11/98 18:09:04
My Email:jerry.a.james@boeing.com
Address: 5741 s.e. hwy 54
City: eldorado
State: ks
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Love your stallion and it's really good to see other people staying with the old government blood. My wife and i have jsk morgans and we have two young stallions, the first will begin breeding in 99 to our three mares. He is Ben Don and Warhawk on top and Brunk/Funquest on bottom. He is also a palomino and will begin training in reigning in the fall of 99. I loved your horses and might possibly be interested in the opie baby if it's a filly.

Leslie K. Aiken - 10/04/98 01:14:22
My Email:lkaiken@snet.net
City: Meriden
State: CT
Phone Number: 203-686-1960

Lisa: Hi! I like your updates/enhancements-within the narratives; and the background(ie: Cantering mare and foal; AND....the cool arrow > sending folks back to your home page. Nice touch!!! Regards- :-) Leslie :-) Leslie

Sue Colby - 10/02/98 13:12:58
My Email:Maccass@aol.com
City: Plaistow
State: NH

Hi, I just wanted to say I was thrilled to read your post about the Kane's horses on the morgan list the other day. I have a granddaughter of Kane's Show Boy (now 29 and still going strong) and I never knew he was roan. I came to your web site and really wa ted to see Herald Square ( I also have a Vigilmarch granddaughter) but the pics won't load on my pc. Is it just my pc?? I'll try again later. Thanks. Sincerely, Sue Colby

- 08/21/98 17:24:20


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