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The American Alliance

Introductory FAQ

American WHAT?
"American Alliance". An alliance of organizations that may be the last hope for America.

Last hope against what?
Ok, let me explain a bit here. Our founding father's envisioned a country where the judical, legislative and executive branch were separate and "checked" each other.

As of now it seems that we have a consolidation of power. And this consolidation is going to put decades of progress under attack. But there's still a "Fourth Branch" of government that can check all three. The voter.

So what's with all the organizations?
They're organizations that represent those groups that I see as under the most ferocious attack. There are also "Independent" media sources and media watchdog groups.

Also, it's always interesting to find sites you've never found before--well until now.

I'll also confess that "The Next War", "Advise and Dissent" and "Poverty Freedom Day" are other sites of my own creation.

"Sites of your own creation"?
Yeah; I have a rather odd background. I'm a kind of "radical geek". I Have a degree in computer science, and somehow have acquired a progressive streak.

There will be other sites joining this one. "Road To Gilead" will look at the assault on reproductive rights, "Alliance News Service" will be a kind of "News Desk", and I also hope to retool "Poverty Freedom Day" into an "Economic Justice" page.

Economic Justice?
Yes; While a lot of time an energy has been placed on the threats that Religious fundamentalists pose to our country, very little has been given to the rise of corporate power.

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