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Compression resources, conferences, and some research groups and companies, are listed towards the end of this page. Use this handy form to add a URL, or to simply say you liked this page. 

Stuart Inglis -- State of the art lossless image compression. Beats DjVU!

Internz ltd. -- When your problems are hard, contact this company.
Leadtools -- Compression toolkits
Tham, Jo Yew -- He's moved/updated
Berndtgen, Manfred -- Wavestat
Ratushnyak, Alexander Alan
Elec. Eng. at Univ. of Washington -- VQ and more!
Russian compression sites
Ekstrand, Nicklas -- Lossless image compression
LZW-FP and FPA -- Workshop on Algorithm Engineering (WAE'98)
ARI, Eri32 and Bmp2Eri
BMF, ERI, PNG and other lossless compressors tested
Nelson, Mark -- Mark as moved
Wavelets at National University of Singapore
Fast multisymbol entropy coder similar to arithmetic coding (GPL)available.
Practical Huffman encoding
Compression Consulting Schindler -- Consulting services
Balkenhol, Bernhard
LZO library -- New location
Sub-linear Decoding of Huffman Codes Almost In-Place (postscript)
Po, Lai Man -- VQ, Motion, Wavelets
Compression Reference Center

ELS arithmetic coder -- Dr. Dobbs Journal FMAH site, Yale
JPEG recompressor -- Netscape Plug-in
Innovative Routines International -- x-Press cross-platform compression software
Michael Schindler -- SZIP, application specific compression
Decision-Science Applications, Inc. -- (NIMA) lossy greyscale compression & more! -- subsidiary of Stac. Compression and Encryption.
Dr Ross's Compression Crypt -- "A Must See" for you all
Xuaugn Yang -- PhD Student
Ligos Technology -- Multimedia innovations/LSX-MPEG
Advanced Hardware Architectures -- Lossless compression products



Adler, Mark -- Info-ZIP; Zip, UnZip, gzip and zlib co-author; PNG group 


Baker, Matthew -- Region based video compression 
Balkenhol, Bernhard
Bamberger, Roberto H. 
Bell, Daniel -- Region based image compression 
Bell, Tim -- compression, computer science for children, and computers and music. 
Bellard, Fabrice -- Author of LZEXE 
Berghorn, Willy  
Bhaskaran, Vasudev -- Image and Video compression 
Bloom, Charles -- text compression, LZ methods, PPM methods... 
Brislawn, Christopher -- Wavelets, Image Coding, FBI Compression Standard  
Brito, Roger -- Arithmetic Coding, LZW, Text Compression 
Budge, Scott E. -- medical/lossy image compression 
Burnett, Ian -- Speech coding, prototype waveform techniques 


Chan, Christopher -- universal lossy source coding, adaptive VQ 
Chao, Hong-yang -- Lightning strike image compressor  
Chao, Stewart 
Cherriman, Peter 
Cheung, S.C. -- Scalable video compression algorithms 
Christopoulos, Charilaos -- Image and Video compression  
Chrysafis, Christos 
Chung, Wilson C. -- R-D image and video coding, subband/wavelet, filter banks 
Clark, Alan -- primary contact for V.42bis. Developed BTLZ variant of LZW 
Cleary, John -- PPM, PPM*, K* 
Cohn, Martin 
Cormack, Gordon V. -- DMC 
Cramer, Chris -- neural network image compression 


Danskin, John -- Protocol compression, document compression 
Darlington, Stephen -- Windows addZIP Compression libraries  
Davis, Geoff -- wavelets, image compression, medical 
Davoine, Franck -- Fractal image coding/Low BR  
Delgrange, Olivier -- Compression used to analyse genetic sequences 
Dilger, Andreas -- fractal block coding of video sequences 


Ekstrand, Nicklas -- Lossless image compression
Estes, Robert -- I.C., Analysis based coding, image quality (PQS) 


Feldmann, Harald -- HAP 
Fisher, Yuval -- Fractal Image Compression 
Ford, Adrian -- Subjective and Objective Compression quality 


Gailly, Jean-loup --Mr. gzip, PNG, CCR 
Gersho, Allen -- Vector Quantisation, Image Compression 
Gilchrist, Jeff -- Data Compression and Security, A.C.T. page  
Goertzel, Ben 
Gooch, Mark -- High Performance Hardware Compression 
Goyal, Vivek -- overcomplete representations, adaptive transform coding, VQ 
Gray, Robert M. -- Signal compression, VQ, image quality evaluation 


Hafner, Ullrich -- WFA image compression 
Hirschberg, Dan -- algorithm theory, compression 
Holland, Scott 
Horspool, R. Nigel -- text compression, ECG compression 


Inglis, Stuart -- image compression, OCR, lossy/lossless document compression 


Jones, Douglas -- splay-tree based compression and encryption 
Jones, Simon -- Lossless compression, High Performance Hardware  
Jordan, Frederic -- Parallel Image Compression  
Jung, Robert K. -- ARJ  


Kominek, John -- Fractal and spline based compression 
Kjelso, Morten -- Main memory compression, High performance hardware 
Kohmanyuk, Dmitry -- Text Compression/JAM Software  
Kuhn, Markus -- JBIG implementation 
Kuo, C.-C. Jay 
Kuru, Esa 
Kyfonidis, Theodoros 


Lamparter, Bernd 
Langdon, Glen 
Larsson, Jesper -- algorithms and data structures, text compression 
Lonardi, Stefano 


Manber, Udi 
Mangen, Jean-Michel -- image compression, wavelets, satellite 
Moffat, Alistair -- text and index compression, coding methods, information retrieval, document databases 
Montgomery, Christopher -- OggSquish, audio compression 
Mueller, Urban Dominik -- XPK system 


Neal, Radford 
Mark Nelson -- The Data Compression Book 
Nevill-Manning, Craig 
Nicholls, Jeremy 
Noah, Matt -- speech, ATC, ACELP and IMBE 
Nuri, Veyis -- wavelets, data compression, DSP (speech & image) 


Oberhumer, Markus  
Oleg -- Lots of code 
Ortega, Antonio -- Video compression, Packet video, Adaptive quantization 
Osberger, Wilfried -- Objective Image and Video Quality  
Owen, Charles 


Po, Lai Man -- VQ, Motion, Wavelets
Provine, Joseph -- Model based coding 


Ratushnyak, Alexander Alan
Rivals, Eric -- Compression and Genetic Sequences Analysis 
Robinson, John -- Binary Tree Predictive Coding 
Roelofs, Greg -- Info-ZIP; primary UnZip author; PNG group 
Rose, Kenneth 
Russo, Roberto Maria -- Multiplatform Data Compression 


Schmidt, Bill 
Seward, Julian -- Compilers, Architecture and Text Compression, BZIP 
Shaw, Sandy C. 
Sharifi, Kamran -- Video over ATM networks 
Shende, Sunil M. 
Silverstein, D. Amnon 
Smoot, Steve -- MPEG 
Storer, James A. 
Streit, Jurgen -- Low bitrate coding 
Strutz, Tilo -- Wavelet image compressor, demonstration execs 


Tate, Steve 
Teahan, Bill -- PPM, PPM*, master of the Calgary Corpus 
Tham, Jo Yew -- Wavelet Researcher  
Thomson, Duncan -- ECG compression with ANNs 
Tilton, James C. 
Tomczyk, Marek 
Turpin, Andrew -- Prefix Codes 


Vaisey, Jacques -- image and video compression 
Valenta, Vladimir 
Vetterli, Martin -- wavelets, subband coding, video compression, computational complexity 
Vitter, Jeff 
Voukelatos, Stathis 
de Vries, Nico -- AIP-NL, UltraCompressor II development 


Wareham, Paul -- Region-oriented video coding 
Wegener, Al -- DSP, lossless audio compression and AC-2 
Wei, Dong -- Wavelet compression 
Williams, Ross  
Witten, Ian -- PPM, mg, arithmetic coding 
Wolff, Gerry 
Woo, Woon-Tack -- stereo image and video compression 
Wu, Xiaolin -- CALIC 


Yang, Xuaugn
Yoo, Youngjun -- Image/Video Compression, Adaptive Quantization  


Zobel, Justin -- index compression, database compression 


Data Compression Conference (DCC), Snowbird, Utah, USA. 


Where to get answers... 
International Telecommunication Union (ITU) -- standards documents (CCITT) 
comp.compression -- Frequently Asked Questions -- Come here 1st! 
JPEG - Frequently Asked Questions 
Standards -- Frequenty Asked Questions 
usenet newsgroup: comp.compression.research 
Archive Compression Test -- Summary of all archivers 
Fractal compression bibliography -- bibtex file  
LZ/Complexity Seminars -- (in German) 
Comparitive Compression Ratios -- Sofar...B&W, Gray Scale, Text Compression 
VCN (Video, Compression, Networking) Glossary 
Digital Library -- search for compression 
Order Data Compression Books from  
Reports/Ph.D. Theses 
ELS arithmetic coder -- Dr. Dobbs, April '97)
Yuval Fisher: papers on fractal compression
Paul Howard's Ph.D. thesis 
   The Design and Analysis of Efficient Lossless Data Compression Systems 
Craig Nevill Manning's PhD Thesis 
ZLIB -- Free, Spiffy and Unobtrusive Compression Library 
BZIP -- Is this the new GZIP? 
LZO Compression Library  
Arithmetic coding routines 
        (from Moffat, Neal and Witten, Proc. DCC, April 1995) 
Managing Gigabytes Information Retrieval System 
        (by Witten, Moffat and Bell) 
CACM Arithmetic coding package 
        (Witten, Neal and Cleary, CACM 30:520-541, June 1987) 
JBIG Source code Includes a Q-coder 
Markus Kuhn's JBIG implementation 
k-arithmetic coder 
Lossless Data Compression toolkit 1.1 
Splay Trees Code -- by Douglas W. Jones 
Block compression code -- Excellent text compressor 
Test Files 
Waterloo Brag Zone -- Lossy compression results
Test Images -- CCITT images (pbm), Lena etc. (Sun raster) 
The Canterbury Corpus -- Out with the Calgary corpus!
Calgary Text Compression Corpus (Text Compression, Bell, Cleary and Witten, 1990)

Research Projects, Standards & Companies

Research/Free software Groups 
Leadtools -- Compression tools
RAO Inc., algorithms and programming
USES compression, as used by NASA
Iterated Systems
Signal Processing and Coding Laboratory at University of Arizona  
Compression and Classification Group -- ISL,EE,Stanford 
Voice email -- Lossless audio compression 
Electro-Optical Technologies, Inc. -- Consultant -- Quicktime site 
NCAR CCM Compression and Visualisation 
SPIHT -- Wavelet Natural Image Compressor 
Real-Time Lossless Compression Systems -- Loughborough University  
Web site for Multirate Signal Processing -- University of Wisconsin, Madison 
Info-ZIP -- free, portable Zip and UnZip utilities 
CEDIS -- NASA, Maryland, Image/data compression 
CIC-3 Image Compression -- FBI Fingerprints 
Signal Compression Lab at UCSB 
University of Washington compression lab -- VQ, Wavelets, Shlomo 
Language as compression
Signal Processing and the International Information Infrastructure -- Web sites 
Increasing Web bandwith -- comparing GIF, JPEG, Fractal compression 
Fractal Links on Yahoo 
Digital Speech Compression GSM 06.10 RPE-LTP -- DDJ 
CREW -- Continuous tone loss(y/less) wavelet compression 
CALIC -- Context-based adaptive lossless image compressor 
Berkeley MPEG -- MPEG tools 
MPEG Pointers and Resources 
Pegasus Imaging's medical imaging using wavelet compression
EPIC (Efficient Pyramid Image Coder) -- by Eero Simoncelli 
Tucker, Michael -- FASTWAVE, audio/image compression 
HARC -- Lossy Wavelet Compression technology 
UC Berkeley Wavelet Group 
Khoros Wavetlet and Compression Toolbox 
The Wavelet Digest 
Rice DSP Publications Archive -- Wavelets, Time Frequency/Scale 
Fractal Image Compression -- Software, Pointers, Conferences 
Fractal Design Corporation 
New Fractal Image Compression program 
Compression Consulting Schindler -- Consulting services
Luratech -- wavelet-based image compression software/plugins 
CIPIC -- Analysis based image coding, chain coding, Image quality  
IBM Hardware -- Compression chips 
Summus Wavelet Technology -- Wavelet image and video compressors 
Fractal Image Compression -- Mitsubishi 
Terran Interactive -- Video compression for the Mac 
DV Mpeg -- Windows drivers 
Crawford Compression Services -- MPEG post-production 
Intelligent Compression Technologies -- Customized Compression 
Pegasus Imaging -- Compression software/dev. kits 
Aladdin Systems -- StuffIt compression products 
Stac Electronics 
DCP Research -- Hardware solutions 
Aware Inc. -- Specialised compression company 
IVS - INRIA Videoconferencing System 
Telvox Teleinformatica -- Multiplatform Data Compressor 
Compression Technologies, Inc -- Canada 
Optivision -- MPEG 
PKWARE -- Makers of PKZIP 
Multimedia Imaging Services 
Pegasus Imaging Corporation presents IMPACStar(IM*) --  
Optimum Data -- Hardware compression products  
Algorithmic Research BV -- Compression Development Environment and more  
MOS Magazine -- MPEG Solutions, Compression/decompression chips, Multimedia 
IMAGE etc. -- Commercial image compression software (Fractals/Wavelets) 
Audio compression 
Soundspace Audio -- lossless and fixed-rate audio compression
Fraunhofer Institut f|r Integrierte Schaltungen 
digital speech compression 
Audio compression references 
SpeakFreely - compression 
SpeakFreely - Contents 

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