Original CD Bootlegs _________________________________________________________________________
Electric Factory (AUD4 - Deep Six)
    October 16, 1970 Philadelphia,PA
    Personal Rating:  A+
The following shows are Original CD's on Silver Discs. They have all Artwork and
are not CD-R. These are mainly for  collectors, and are available at a much
higher cost than a CD-R copy.
The Professor Blues Review (SB5+ - ITM)
    July 10, 1986 Montreaux, Switzerland
    Personal Rating: B+

USA '87 (SB6- / Arriba!)
    Various Shows 1986/1987
    Personal Rating: A
Live Vol. 1 (AUD6/4 - SW)
    February 1, 1992 Brighton, U.K.
    Personal Rating: A-

All Inspiration (AUD4 - American Fly)
    October 24, 1994 Milwaukee, WI
    Personal Rating: C+
Presence Of The Live (SB4 - Star Records)
    Tracks:1-7 June 29, 1996 Hyde Park, London
    Tracks:8-13 May 9, 1996 Roseland Ballroom, New York w/Dr. John
    Personal Rating: B+
Jimi Hendrix: Live at The L.A. Forum 1970 (AUD4 - Whoopy Cat)
April 25, 1970-LA Forum,Los Angeles,CA + Filler
Personal Rating: A+
Stevie Ray Vaughan: Peace In The Valley (SB6 - Unknown)
August 25, 1990-Alpine Valley, East Troy,WI
Personal Rating: A

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