what sticks out in my first show was how perfect the sound was. i was in disbelief that a human being could play a music instrument so precisely- literraly flawless. the songs were short, but had guitar solos throughout. the changing of guitars on every song educated me on how to pay respect to the blues and play it right. all in all this is my favorite EC concert.

what guitar heroics i did not get in the first show, i got in this one big time! i saw a very aggressive clapton and  a very arrogant style of playing that i absolutely loved. i wanted more, and more. the two songs that absolutely moved me were, "shes gone" and "old love." old Love is a clapton classic and i wanted to hear that played desperately. i got treated to some of the greatest solos i had ever heard anywhere, and i loved it.


again, another change of pace at this show. i saw a very relaxed and a very happy clapton; almost not taking things too seriously. it's hard to know why, maybe personal reasons or maybe the show was just that fun for him- who knows. the solos kind of stopped short of being magical, but i thought the band was better and overall it sounded nice. this show had no orchestra , (unlike the previous show) and i think that made it a little bit more intimate. have you ever loved a woman and sunshine of your love,  stood out as the highlight of the show.


what a more seasoned clapton. better in his overall approach with an image of respect that is undeniable. more of a jazz, or early american tone to it  really gave clapton yet another page of history. i was in awe of "reptile" - it was performed so well. i definately got an image of a pro at work who has to answer to nobody. his vocals were outstanding especially on "somewhere over the rainbow" - this was unbelieveable! the sound volume was noticeably lower than all previous concerts - i know there was a reason for this, but i was begging for a little more volume! with an unususal guitar/amp setup clapton was playing what i thought to be his best sounding show i had ever heard. to my surprise clapton "cut loose" a few times on "shes gone"  and "layla" , producing a rare time when clapton gets arrogant and shows what's really in his bag of tricks - i thouroughly enjoyed it. i watched a master at work.


i wish i had a better seat for this one, as i had become accustomed to sitting extremely close to the action. yet again another surprise in this show as i was absolutely amazed at the sound eric's guitar produced. this show certainly featured more "guitar slinger" playing than probably any other show. perhaps it was because i was so far away, but it could have used even more volume. beyond that, quite a surprise to see EC pull off yet another miracle. the much overplayed "cocaine" was one of the best of the show - even i doubted that this could be played so well. the amazing "got to get better" is exactly what i want to hear in every ec show, it was awesome. seems the new band members added a bit of life to this show. all in all this could have been his best tour since 1995, and that's saying a lot. the real highlight of the evening had to have come when robert randolph played "voodoo child." seattle is the hometown of jimi hendrix and that song got a real warm ovation and even seemed quite emotional. it sounded like robert randolph gave a little extra during this song - perhaps as an homage to the great one, jimi hendrix.

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