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Karate Lesson~<1992>
Bart esta tomando lecciones de Karate en la  Academia de artes marciales de Springfield,Luego de vencer a Milhouse el maestro japones de karate ve a Bart comiendo un Butterfinger el maestro le pide un duelo.Bart cae al piso y su Butterfinger se cae de su traje.  El maestro recoje el Butterfinger del piso Bart se da cuenta y le hace una llave con el pie el maestro se cae y el Butterfinger sale disparado,Bart hace vueltas a 180(vuelta carnero) y lo agarra al final y le dice al maestro japones votado en el piso "lesson #3 nobody would better lay a finger on my butterfinger!"

Plastic Underwear~<1997>
Sumario: Lisa esta comiendo un Butterfinger y el sonido crunch! que produce cuando lo muerde el Abuelo piensa que lo estan mordiendo y salta de susto.El Abuelo le dice a Lisa que deje de comer Butterfinger, Lisa dice !OK! y come otra vez el Abuelo despierta y le dice que porque se produce el sonido ella le explica que es del Butterfinger,y por ultimo suena otro !crunch! y al Abuelo se le caen los dientes.

Lisa dice: Bite My Butterfinger!

Smell your breath~
Sumario: Bart esta burlandose de Homero porque el tiene un Butterfinger(Bart esta en un Arbol) Homero ve como Bart se lo come y le tira el envase a su cara Homero queda con una cara de frustrado.

Bart dice: All gone, Homey.
Homero dice: Aww can I at least smell your breath?


Bart's Nightmare ~<2001>
Sumario: Apu le dice a Bart que ya no quedan  butterfingers. Bart esta en un sueo y esta Nelson que le dice "4 fingers" cuando le va a pegar un puo despierta asustado en la cama y sale al final comiendo un Butterfinger.

A Butterfinger Disease ~
Sumario: Homer and Bart are in Dr. Hibbert's. Hibbert tells Homer about Bart's having a weird disease: Butterfinger Diagnoses in Bart's brain. Then Homer asks Dr. Hibbert if there's any cure but Hibbert said, "'fraid not." Later, Homer said, " Aw.. Why do Bart always gets the good diseases...."

New slogan: "Nothin' Like a Butterfinger."


Butterfinger at Circus ~<2002>
Sumario: Homer and Bart are in the circus playing sideshow games. Homer accidently wins a prize but he wants to trade his prize for Bart's butterfinger. However, Bart refuses and makes a fool out of Homer. While Homer tries to kill his son, Bart tricks Homer into wearing ladies clothes in front of the crowd and makes a foul out of himself again. (Too bad this clip is black and white)


A Visit to Dr. Marvin Monroe ~<1990>
Sumario: Bart is disgusting his psycological butterfinger problem in Dr. Marvin Monroe's. Dr. Monroe tells Bart that the only way to overcome the upsets of Butterfinger is to share it. Then Monroe urges Bart to give his butterfinger to him. (We can see that Dr. Monroe has gone nuts...) Anyways, Bart leaves his clinic and says "But nobody would better lay a finger on my butterfinger."


Last Butterfinger in the House <1989>
Bart is holding the lasting butterfinger in the house and he tries to tease his sisters. Lisa tells Bart that he would be in big trouble if he makes them scream. Bart doesn't believe his sister that she would scream. All of the sudden, Lisa screams "DAD!" Then Homer enters the living room and asked, "Now what?" angrily. At the end, Lisa settles everything down after Bart gives half of his butterfinger to her.


Bully My Butterfinger ~ <1991>
Nelson, the school bully, forces to take Bart's lunch money and later he wants to take his butterfinger, too. When Nelson takes the butterfinger, Bart takes the butterfinger back by his skateboard and eat the butterfinger in the tree. At the end, Bart says to Nelson on the tree, "Nobody better lay a finger on my butterfinger!"


Steal My Butterfinger ~ <1991>
Homer tries to take a bite Bart's butterfinger while he is sleeping but he has not realize that Bart has already attached the high voltage batteries to the butterfinger.