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                               Life IN HELL

-Historietas de life in hell

Personajes de Life in Hell

Es la estrella de Life In Hell. He is a rabbit with "bulgy eyes and teeth". He has one strange son Bongo, a beautiful girl friend Sheba and one lousy job. Although he doesn't like Bongo at the beginning but he gives all his heart to love him and take care of him.
primera aparicin en 1981. Binky met her when he is eating his sandwich. Before Binky, Sheba has a boy friend called, Big Bob. She is a sweet and sensitive bunny and possibly Bongo's future mother. (Aren't she looks like Marge Simpson?) But now she is only Binky's girl friend.
Introducido en 1984 en Life In Hell. Bongo is the son of Binky and Hulga. His name is named after the Club Bongo where Binky and Hulga met. He looks exactly same with Binky except he only has one year. He is a complicated kid with lots of questions in mind. Guess what, Bongo Comics is named after him.
Bongo's birth mother. She is a very selfish person. She left Bongo and forced Binky to raise him all by himself because she wants to seek her career in New York City. (Hey wait a minute, she like a dog... a female dog ... a bitch, I don't know but hell, I am pretty sure that there's just no way Bongo is a rabbit since Bongo and Hulga are two different species!) Anyways, Hulga is one of the most important one-timers in "Life In Hell"
Akbar and Jeff
Akbar and Jeff:
Introducidos en 1984, they are twin gay brothers who madly in love with each other. It is very hard to tell Akbar and Jeff apart nor who's the older one. They wear the same clothes, same fezzes (some sort of hat) and they are resembling Charlie Brown since they wear the same T-shirt.
Will Groening:
Matt's first son. There is not much information about him but he always helps his father on his comic strips when he is up against the deadline.
Abe Groening:
Matt's second son. He doesn't talk much...like Maggie