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Life in Hell
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               Historietas de life in hell 

       The Introduction of Life In Hell (1980)
         Binky's Jungle Passion Part 1
Binky's Jungle Passion Part 2
         Binky's Jungle Passion Part 3
         Love Love Love
         Introducing Sheba
         Hulga's return
         Hulga's return part 2
         Good Night, Bongo
         Arm is better
            Dinner time
         Children's science experiments
         Kid's Questions About Death
         Yet another conversation with Binky and Bongo
          Lies I told my younger sisters
          Fans Want To Know
          Childhood Tribulations
          Kids bull shiting
          Kids' Fun Corner
School in Hell Lesson 1:  Is School Hell?
School in Hell Lesson 5:  What is learned in School
          School in Hell Lesson 8:  Trouble: Getting In And Weaseling Your Way Out Of
          School in Hell Lesson 9:  How to Drive a Deserving Teacher Crazy
          School in Hell Lesson 12: High School - The Second Deepest pit in Hell
          School in Hell Lesson 13: The 9 Types of High School Teachers
          School in Hell Lesson 15: How To Get By When Yer Smarter than Yer Teachers
          School in Hell Lesson 16: How To Get into The College Of your Choice
          School in Hell Lesson 19: Grad School-some people never learn
          School in Hell Lesson 20: School Out
          Bongo's Scared Of Death
          Chilhood of Divorce