Biographical notes


His Royal Highness Sixtus Henry of Bourbon and Bourbon-Busset, Duke of Aranjuez, Infante of Spain, Prince of Parma and Piacenza, Regent of the Traditionalist Communion, Standard-bearer of Tradition.

Born in exile in Pau, France, on 22 July 1940, second son to Francis Xavier of Bourbon and Bragança (then Prince Regent, later legitimate King of the Spains and Duke of Parma) and to Madeleine of Bourbon-Busset.

From an early age he honoured his condition of Christian prince, devoting himself to the Cause of Carlism and Counterrevolution.

He studied with the Christian Brothers, Benedictines and Marists, as well as with his preceptress, Professor María Teresa Angulo, from Madrid. He later took courses in law, classical and modern languages, and finance.

Under the nom de guerre Enrique Aranjuez he enlisted in the Spanish Foreign Legion in 1965. On 2 May that year he swore the Spanish flag with the oath then in use, which excluded political compromise (as opposed to the later one, which states fidelity to the Spanish Constitution of 1978).

Since his brother Charles Hugo abandoned his dynastic duties and incurred serious ideological deviation, Prince Sixtus Henry has been head of the Traditionalist Communion. He became Regent when his father King Xavier died in 1977, and took the title of Standard-bearer of Tradition.

HRH thoroughly knows the Hispanic world, both Spanish and Portuguese-speaking. In January 2001, while travelling through Argentina, he suffered a serious traffic accident, from which he is now recovering.


Manifesto of HRH Sixtus Henry of Bourbon

Secretaría Política de S.A.R. Don Sixto Enrique de Borbón

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