Hercolubus,earthquakes,red planet

hercolubus,tidal waves,red planet

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A warning for the whole of humanity

The Earth menaced by Hercolubus
red planet, extrasolar planets, hercolubus

Hercolubus, also known as the Red Planet, is a gigantic world which is rapidly drawing closer to the Earth. The approach of Hercolubus will be the beginning of the end for humanity.

The great gravitational attraction of this red planet will cause many volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tidal waves, etc. on our planet, and these will be more and more frequent and intense until the end of the world comes about. This is not fiction, but a true fact  which will become evident soon.

In this book, its author, V.M.Rabolu, warns all Humanity about the events which will happen in the near future and what can be done to avert them.

You can obtain this book from the following addresses:

In Honduras at:  P.O. Box 31, Puerto Cortes, Honduras, Central America.
By Internet:      Click here

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