Photoetry in the city..., are congealed moments of life in the urban means that escape us to vision normal and they are perceivable just with adjustment of the monocular lens of photograph.







The whole city, the entire universe seem to stop when a couple of lovers merge their love, the universe does not exactly stop, ... simply, the love that moves it goes at the same speed and in the same direction, the same as two trains seem stopped when they are travelling in the same direction and at the same speed !







Few images has so beautiful:...... The woman like symbol supreme of life .. The flower like the fruit more beautiful the nature and .... The little-girl like the best image of the Creator.











Life is always a project to be finished that is all the more thrilling when it challenges fate, in this case, the law of gravity. Social rules trace the straight line, the oblique construction challenging gravity is the will and triumph of free and rebellious spirits .



si quieres " volar libre" con los sentidos ! ...follows..her and him