" to get wet"..(.Involved)...... Thanks to come here , just like that you water this flower that is of all.. "the rose of the dignity "... If you want to put a seed do it with your slogan ..( only we requested a thing please , "not to piss outside the pot")

We hoped that you are not scared with which you see here, and that you are open to wach this with human feeling simply, is to use this language not to recreare but also to create conscience, perhaps the game of the life does not consist single on rising and ... that takes it to one, but is necessary to try to push a little that car justice and to put any brick in the universal building of the dignity.




Man has two great fights, the fight one against the law of the gravity and the other against the law of the forest ...the injustice.


* "0.7% " is a social movement that commenced in Spain in 1995 and vindicates assigning 0.7% of the national gross products to Third World countries, thousands of young people camped out in the middle of Madrid to vindicate it, their action represented a revolution of consciences.



Writes your slogan here

...............Pot and flower

! Nobody person is illegal.. ni not been born, taht rest within their mother! (Marta Abellan)

! "Without- papers" (inmigrants) they are person, incluiding the feeblest oness not been born (Javier Ruiz)

! The word "intimate" can lose its meaning in this generation !

! To the rich: tourism, to the poor man: racism .. and to not been born : "untrue-progressiveness" !

! Not to the death sentence, even of which do not speak but they live and they do not vote but they have laws!

! Nobody person is illegal, inside or ouside his country, ... inside or outside its mother!

! With euthanasia It's already making way for the legal extermination of olds, patiens and deficients , with the same disguise of liberties and untrue- progressiveness.


"Before this social disease " of the culture of the death" that wips call 1 world is a hope > young people y una certainty> massive inmigration in countries western by a more vital humanity but that comes from the 3rd world > This inmigraation will give here a new impulse that will become inmune to 2 virus that originates it : the egoism and the fear , perhaps they are one mutation of the other. "


____............ At gaas chamber in the concentration camps million of defenceless people were exterminated..today, in spite of to have defeated to nazism the methods have been become civilized .the innocent. is eliminated when this in the belly of their mother, of where it cannot either escape... Also now the names of the abortion change andand thousaand reasons look for , the egoism disguise of freedon and the fear of responsability .

In the name of the progressiveness, ( before in was nazism, any thing is worth provided it annuls the personal responsability ).. any "thinker" has decided that they are it with 6 months and second and they are not it if lacks that time .

It is said..has right and freedom to think an to act as one wants ,..each one does with its body which wants and nobody has because to put in it and it is like that in part :

It must right to choose a hair, dress, travel, profession, food, drink, etc.... to think red, green or yellow, to listen the music . but is accepted that not to high volume or high hours of the dawn .... A paper can be burned but not forest and if becomes the neighbour in the previous case or the society in this, it has the right and to have to then avoid its not in game inheritance which it also does but of that it suffers it too.

..If a child is mistreated and burned with cigarettes people can say the parents are in their right if a mother decides to exterminate the being who also takes in his entrails,.. but in deep of the conscience all we know that he is not like this , ..in that belongs to the parents to them and children, which is destroyed is the dignity.......that is an inheritance that belongs to all the humanity,. ..is the same ine in which it lives been born or not , and in that it even dies is in Stockholm, Madrid, Guatemala Rwanda or Sinagapore...

..This inheritance is but valuable that he has the human being has been transmit across the centuries and maintained with the suffering, death and life of million of men and for that reason this rest in each one.You are anywhere or you rest averywhere......

When people destroy what is patrimony of all the humanity does not burn the paper ,.. burns the forest, .. does not flood its house but all the building, is not contaminated its water glass but the sea.... for that reason must have legitimate duty to fight by her knowing that two very powerful enemies by be invisible " the indifference and the lack of understanding"

But are two free powerful arms even but that have young people and free spirits paying a price, ... always less that its value are these , "the generosity and courage", the 1 sts: to also understand who mistake and the 2nd to move and to remove consciences .. without forgetting the difference with the fanaticism :"the aim never justifies means".

! Carry a good flavour of mouth with a smile and hope! follows .."A laugh at and dreaming"

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