INSTITUTE CERVANTES - present and future center of the Hispanic culture

TRANQUILITY IMAGES. Interesting site. Fine art black and white photography by Craig Wells

POEMS PORTAL ..great site. A poetry board and community poem

LITERARY DIRECTORY peculiar place of poetry literary directory, art and music

PHOTOGRAHY WORLD Universality site directory of photography

FIND POETRY ... a interesting site ..from shakespeare to peoples poems

THE POETRY WEBRING..another great site Agrouping of over 1600 poetry related sites

PATRICK MARTIN"s POETRY RESOURCE..supercreative site.A large general ditectory of printpublisched poets .with comments by Patrick

ART KARA, CONTEMPORARY ART .. interesting site dedicated to the visual arts.Comprehensive directory .

ARTANDCULTURE a great site. A place encounter of art in general

ARTESUR - blunt community and of very interesting the Latin art and completes

ITZALIST POETRY DIRECTORY ...a great site .poetry and information ,different styles analysis,

SHARED IN COMMON CHANEL - a fascinating sea where all the rivers arrive from solidarity