….Before anything,.. dyou must know that if delays to find here photos of Robert Cappa or poetry like those of Lorca or Neruda, are better than you visit another web , here you found photos of the daily life and poetry with little or without rhime, sometimes better poetry-prosa , like feel the shepherd or the woman of the lost town.


Sides trough the different pages in this web , photoetry tahat try to reflect the reality of people and the world of today , for it exposes aand analyse in its different means : urban, rural and natural.

Also is the treasure of infinite value that the has inheited with nature like of the responsability that contracts in its conservation .

There is a page ¨to get wet¨ in which I say what I think although fashionable one is not understood or not "this",.. I am of that I believe that we are not single here .... "for to eat , to sleep and to fuck" , but that all we bring an order and is necessary to fulfil it to continue constructing this ¨home¨ universal,.. to obtain that the things that they have to change they change and this will be possible if there is people who get wet, knowingly that are two very powerful enemies being invisible : " the indiference and the lack of understanding " .

The other pages are ¨a to laugh¨ and ¨dream¨ that his title already says everything.

I hope that you like and ..! that you take advantage of ! .