About ..

Hola, I am Juan Francisco Jimenez and i am from Avila, Spain

I am an eternal amateur of photograph and poetry..

I have made some exhibition, and I have published any articulate in magazines , after to insist and insist so hard..

And like all son of neighbour, to give birth a book for several years , title .. "Fotoensayo y fotoesia de nuestro tiempo" subtitled "Fotoesia contemporanea espaņola" .( Spanish photoetry contemporany edit. 1997) with 320 photograph accompanied by texts like which you see here in this web.

MThe world of the image in general and photograph it fascinates to me in individual like vehicle of comunication, de reflection and of evasion .... . Simply I create allows to see life of a way but pretty.

Poetry on the other hand allows to remove the best thing from you and to see best thing of other.

I thing that we are lucky by being able to communicate to us in the Spanish language and I believe that will become , to average but that in the long term , vehicle but universal of communication, non single by the Hispanic influence in America., the European vicinity or by the kinship Arabian,.... but because is the.."trowel that contains but colours to paints feelings universal picture".

This freh tonality of "photoetry" wants to be one of so many but.

No matter when or that of circumstantial form I name it, the important thing is to use colour, that already was here, to enrich the picture of the life, that is the dream and the greater satisfaction of any painter, to separate the colour of its picture, like the one of the anonymous agriculturist that I make the graft of the bitter orange and the mandarine that the variety of the swet-mandarin (clementine) gave that today sweeten palate of average humanity .

EI hope that you like and the more important thing that you spread it and you make yours.

I'm charm if you sent your opinion to me and...your photoetry too... Adios