What Does EsoEducation Mean?

Well, for those well versed in the field of education, "EsoEducation" would probably indicate an oxymoron. Everyone knows that the "Esoteric" is inaccessible, right? That has been the assumption for a long time, but this long-held belief is no longer true. Not since Esochology [the specific field of study] and EsoEducation, the new field of education dedicated to the study of the Esoteric realms within the whole human being... via "Intuition".

This is all new, and if you are reading this, you are among the first to learn of this revolutionary approach to the discovery and enhanced capacity of the human being to directly access Knowledge stored within the Operational energy of the Soul [which we refer to by the symbol Apspsyche].

Intuition comes from the Apapsyche. Intuition is in the form of a concept because communication on all planes of existence, except that of the physical plane, is in concept form, or " Direct Esoteric Communication", or DEc. By including "Education" with the term "Esoteric", the implication is of "learning", or of acquiring Knowledge. In the case of DEc, Communication is with one's Apapsyche. A bit of Knowledge [as DEc] is conveyed to the Awar Aspect of Apapsyche from the Apapsyche per se, for the purpose of subtly directing the furtherance of one's Fate Karma [an explanation of this phenomenon is to be found under "Karma" here].

The term "Esoteric" refers to accessing one's MIND or Apapsyche via the Attn Aspect of one's Apspsyche, while the Awar Aspect of the Apapsyche is experiencing 1) repressed material in one's MIND realm, or 2) Knowledge from within one's Apapsyche per se.

To use the term "Education", as in "Esoteric Education", requires us to expand our understanding of Education in regards to what Education means. The specialized Non-cognitive acquisition of DEc via Esochology, will require us to create a completely new field of education.... which should probably be called EsoEducation. Esoteric + Education = EsoEducation.

Esochology is a process of experiencing that avoids the brain entirely. That is, a process wherein the communication that occurs takes place "within" the esoteric realms of the human being... and this is a function of one's Apapsyche.

Esochology is seen as a field of Education because one gains Knowledge as a consequence of experiencing the process of Esochology. That this new field of study takes place within realms that he brain cannot perceive requires a modification of the definition of Education to include the acquisition of "Direct Esoteric Communication", or DEc, as an aspect of a revised concept of Education. Or given the natural resistance many would have to such a great change, perhaps it makes more sense is to create an entirely new field called EsoEducation?

In actuality, those capable of pursuing EsoEducation will be quite different in personality and openness to the faculty of intuition. These individuals are somewhat rare, but they do exist. It just makes sense to encourage them to make use of their natural "gifts".

There are additional areas of DEc that takes place within human beings that are being investigated, or structured in a form that can be conveyed at a cognitive level. This is a new field of study, and new terms or symbols are being coined continually.