The "RIGHT-HEMISPHERE dominant individual"

R-Hd individual

What is a R-Hd individual? This designation refers to someone who is born with his/her Right-Hemisphere of the brain the dominant hemisphere through which this person operates and through which this person views and relates to the world.

IS THIS UNUSUAL ? Yes, the vast majority of individuals are Left-Hemisphere dominant, and there is a considerable difference between the two... and this reality is only newly recognized with specificity that this site is providing to the public. Being quite new, very few individuals are aware of the facts discussed in this site, or what it means to be a R-Hd individual.

The Left-Hemisphere is the "thinking" hemisphere, and so people who are L-Hd are naturally inclined towards a natural and easily accessed L-H where thinking about life is normal... and where accessing ones MIND realm, or Spiritual realm is very difficult to do.

By way of contrast to this very familiar and majority based L-H polarity of the population, we have those who are R-Hd, and they have easy access to their MIND realms, their emotions, and they tend to be quite psychic. But they find it quite difficult to remember words, dates, or events... if these are not all part of an emotional experience the person has had... personally. The R-Hd individual is not at all good at the usual teaching of history, english, math, social studies, psychology, and many other courses where rote memory is the primary means of learning and testing.

What does this mean? What this often means is that these individuals are mistakenly labeled dumb, stupid, slow, retarded, and then after they are abused and brutalized by peers, parents, and teachers, they are humiliated by being permanently labeled in their records as everything but what they are: R-Hd individuals with a gift of Esoteric insight.

If you know someone who is having difficulty in school, please consider putting that person in touch with someone who can understand what is going on and perhaps we can be of some help... 1