EspAcE Observatory

MARS Opposition 2003

All images were taken with ToUCam Pro Imager through C8 on GPDX, 2x barlow, UV/IR Block filter. Each stack of 400-500 frames in Registax 1.1

South Polar Cap up. Notice the shrinking polar cap as the southern hemipshere was entering its summer.

2003-07-30 1:17 EST CM=10

Small dust storm seen in the northern hemisphere near Chryse.

2003-08-07 2:11 EST CM=260

My clearest image so far. Syrtis Major, Hellas, Mare Tyrrhenum, Mare Cimmerium, Nodus Alcyonius.

2003-08-13 2:03 EST CM=210


2003-08-19 1:48 EST CM=150

Olympus Mons

2003-08-21 0:58 EST CM=120

Solis Lacus - Eye of Mars.

2003-08-29 0:09 EST CM=30

Poor seeing.

2003-09-05 23:56 EST CM=3202003-09-06 0:27 EST CM=330

Second best seeing. Notice the splitting fragment of the polar cap.

2003-09-09 23:22 EST CM=270

Polar cap has shrinked substantially, compared with August 7th image.

2003-09-16 10:46 EST CM=210

Polar cap shrinked compared with August 13th image.



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