Oh kringle tree  Ver ahora Spin fun knowin ya.  Ver ahora
Class act.

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Get whale soon.

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Tongue twister.  Ver ahora
Spare me.

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Hide and seek.

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Water you wading for.

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House warming. Ver
Helping helps.  Ver
Crazy antics.  Ver Havin a ball.  Ver Nuttin wrong with candy.  Ver
Pitchin imposible.  Ver Wheelin and dealin.  Ver Stayin alive.  Ver
Off the hook.  Ver
Mime and mime again.  Ver
This is your knife.  Ver
Treasure these idol moments.  Ver
Snow what. Giggles  Ver
Chip off the ol block.  Ver
Nuttin but the tooth. Ver
Meat me for lunch.  Ver
Boo do you think you are.  Ver
Sweet ride.  Ver
It's a snap. Ver Happy trails.  Ver Happy trails 2 parte.  Ver
Eye candy.  Ver
Rink hijinks. Ver Flipin burgers.  Ver Milkin it.  Ver
Out of sight, out of mime.  Ver Ver ahora
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