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SONCCO WASI INTERNATIONAL meaning "The House of the Heart" in Quechua, is a non-profit civil society institution founded by Dr. Jorge González Ramírez Ph.D.  September 1, 1981. Its purpose is to disseminate the positive values of Amazonian Shamanic Medicine whose spiritual tradition has been transmitted from one generation to the next through a deep knowledge of the medicinal plants found in our vast Amazon region.

One of the sacred plants of the Amazon is the AYAHUASCA (Banisteriopsis Caapi). For thousands of years Amazonian Shamans have performed healing rituals which deeply cure the body, the mind and the spirit and conquer the obstacles of the subconscious. To the surprise of modern science, these rituals represent a superior self-psychoanalytical tool recognized by scientists today, but which –with due respect to Dr. Sigmund Freud- was only embedded in psychoanalysis at the beginning of the XXth century (1904 - 1907).

There exist so many social experiences inherent to the culture of the amazonian man and transformed by him into medicine, that when referring to Shamanism we should not only encompass the realm of medicinal plants but also the surrounding natural vital elements so artfully used for over 10,000 years by the shaman masters of this breathing region of our planet. Within a mythical or magical framework these factual and positive experiences encompass all areas of medicine, psychiatry, sociology, anthropology and philosophy without diverting from their artistic and loving nature.

Those who are interested in the health of the planet and the well-being of humanity must get involved, and that is the purpose of the Seminars and Shamanic Practices we organize at our compound in Tarapoto - Peru. If need be, we can also travel abroad. Amazonian Shamanism transforms us into citizens of the world, so that our work and our faith are not confined to our country of origin. For the Shaman, borders do not exist. By loving and serving without distinction of race or creed and without gegraphical boundaries, we strengthen our beliefs and convictions.

One of the basic principles of Shamanism is to identify with mother earth who represents the entire universe. But Shamans do not believe that PARADISE was given to humankind in order to use it and just be happy; we see ourselves as the guardian warriors who take care of this PARADISE because the life of all human beings depends on it. In other words, we are the environmentalists, the earnest caretakers of our habitat which is being destroyed by senseless traders unaware that they are anihilating humanity.

Faced with this urgent situation all citizens of the world should be aware that nuclear war is but a kid’s toy when compared to pollution, the hole in the ozone layer or the depredation of nature.

"Let´s defend nature now, tomorrow will be too late" 

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