The Matt Damon Man & Ben Whofleck?

This is your home page and explanation of the funky site name.
The name for this site is a little odd. To fully understand it, you have to have seen Saturday Night Live when Ben Affleck was the host. To partially appreciate the name, you have to be familiar with the character "Mango" on SNL who is played by Chris Katan. Mango is this crossdresser that famous men seem to find themselves drawn to without any logical reason.But, if you still dont' know what I'm talking about, try and keep up. In one of the Ben's SNL sketches, he met "Mango," but Mango wasn't concerned with him. Instead, he wanted to meet "The Matt Damon Man." In a spoof of Matt's movie The Talented Mr. Ripley, Ben pretended to be Matt in order to hang out with "Mango." Unfortunately, he had to confess who he really was. He said his name was Ben Affleck. Mango was shocked and responded with "Ben Whofleck?" Thus, the name of the site. The reason behind the site is that the creator has a great respect for these two actors and likes to pay homage to them each and every time the opportunity is arises.

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