Lauren Hewett Biography

produced by Lauren and Glenda Hewett, updated: January 18th 1997

Biography of:

Lauren Hewett

Name: Lauren Hewett
Date of birth: 8th January, 1981
Height: 150cm, or 5ft
Eyes: Blue
Hair colour: Brown
Country: Australia

Lauren Hewett has been working in the entertainment industry since she was six years of age. Lauren has studied in both dance and vocals, and has achieved success in both areas. Lauren's first job was a television commercial for QUIK, a milk drink. Since that time Lauren has worked on stage, film, and television. At eight years of age, Lauren sang and danced on stage as "Baby", in the musical "The Seven Little Australians", where her love for acting was realised.
Her greatest achievements to date for acting, are receiving two AFI Awards (Australian Film Industry Awards). In 1991, "Best Acting by a Juvenile" in a Feature Film, for her portrayal of a young girl who contracts leukaemia, and which results in her death, in the film "Act of Necessity". Then in 1993, "Most Outstanding Performance by a Young Actor on Television", for her role as "X", the organiser of her Zyrgonese family, in the television series, "Halfway Across the Galaxy and Turn Left". Playing various roles in a number of productions has enabled Lauren to work with some excellent actors and crew, and give her experience at playing a wide range of characters. Some of these are:
Kylie in  
Ebony in  
Kat in  
Mikki in  
Mera in  
Kathy in  
Guest roles on episodes of
"Strictly Ballroom",
"The Miraculous Mellops 2",
"Mission Top Secret 2",
"Home and Away",
"Ocean Girl 2,3,4",
"Spellbinder 2",
"G.P.",and "A Country Practice".
Filming has sometimes meant that Lauren has had to travel to other countries. This has given her the opportunity of seeing other cultures, and making many friends, as well as visiting some interesting places. Lauren has filmed in New Zealand, Poland, China, and England, as well as Australia. Lauren has also performed live in the USA, in Hawaii and Disneyland.

Through acting Lauren has been able to try many things,
such as, scuba diving, boogie boarding down rapids, parapenting, swimming with whales and dolphins, horse riding, and rafting.
Lauren appreciates letters from her fans, which come from many countries, from children to adults. Some people follow her from show to show and take note of the difference that clothes, hair, and make up can create.

When not filming Lauren attends school, and is in Senior High School. She hopes to achieve a good result which will enable her to further her education. At present acting is her first choice, however Lauren realises that this may change, and wants to be prepared if this should happen. Lauren's other interests are listening to music, seeing a movie, and catching up with friends.

Some stories:
Halfway across the galaxy Home and away Ocean girl 3
Something about Galaxy.
The series has 28 episodes and was brought out on video in England but not in Australia. It was made after a book by Robin Klein. Published as a TV tie in 1994 (3.50 English pounds)(144 pages). This first book ends at episode eleven.  
A second book was written after the series was finished. She didn't mentioned a title so I looked for it. It's still not available from English and American publishers.
The title is: Turn right for Zyrgon (also by Robin Klein, 1994 Penguin books)
It's a nonfilmed story. And continues the story after the family AND Jenny have been beamed back to Zyrgon. Things get really complicated at Zyrgon. So it's an exciting book to read if you liked the series.
Keep in mind that this book is very hard to get when living in Europe! (virtually impossible I might say!)  
Lauren plays Mikki Salter in the series Home and away. But she only played a guest spot in it for nine times. The episodes in which Lauren will play, were showed mid April this year.
Lauren wrote about it:
"I play Mikki in this and am a fairly angry person, not like me at all"
Lauren About Underwater Filming
From Noreo's bulletin board February 19, 1997

"When we do the underwater filming on Ocean Girl, we usually go out on a boat for two weeks. Every morning, after breakfast, we get ready to go in the water. The camera and crew go in first, and then the stunt people help the actors in the water.
There is a stunt or safety person for each actor to ensure our safety. We rehearse the underwater scenes wearing goggles, so that we can see more easily where we are to go. Then we remove the goggles when all is ready to film.
The material that our dresses are made of, is very heavy when wet, so it can be very tiring.
Living on the boat is quite an experience. There is always a few of us who get a bit sick going out and coming back. We watch videos, and go fishing, so we have a good time after filming is finished for the day. It is not easy in the water, it is very tiring, but when you see the finished product, it is worth it.
Once when we were filming, Minky whales came close to our boat, so I went swimming with them. I had two of the stunt guys(one each side) with me. The whales came closer to us than anyone else. The stunt people said that they thought this was because I was small, as the whales had babies with them,they felt less threatened by me. Another time a school of Dolphins came near the boat, and some of us went swimming with them. I will never forget either of these experiences, they were just wonderful. I hope this answers your question.

Lauren... "