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Episode 1 (Don't forget to turn left): 
Jenny, who lives with her mother and three brothers after her parents got divorced, hopes that everything will be different this new schoolyear. Father changes the combination of the Klickscore lotery and wins for the 27th time in a row! Meanwhile X gets a medal for the best testscore in being an organisor.
The lawenforcer searches their house but can't find father. X decides to move the family from the planet, before they all will be dumped in the lava. They have to go through one space-time zone then Halfway across the galaxy and turn left and then into the second space-time zone. The lawenforcers search the block of X's family, but they can't find the family.
According to mother's cheap boardcomputer they will arrive in France around 1800, but X tells mother not to trust those calculations, but her's of arriving in the 20th century in Bellwood.

Episode 2 (Fugitives in Renmark street):

One night Jenny sees a bright light over the pathic.The next day she meets X and her family, after they've landed. They try to copy the style and clothing of the locals. After a while they come across the office of Mr Yushida, where they can rent a house. They say they just arrived from Peru and start calling themselves as Jackson.
After they have bought some furniture, while father has been send out to take care of food. Father returns with not just the food but also a brand new red car. His skills of changing codes gave hime plenty of money from the Automatic Teller Machine.
Meanwhile on Zyrgon the law enforcer changes into an old professor to hear Hecla (mother's sister) out.

Episode 3 (Searching for education):

The law enforcer changes back into himself and forces Hecla to tell where the family went. But she doesn't know herself so she made something up.
Mother must find a job and X (who calls herself Charlotte) decides that she and her older sister Dovis, on earth: Astrella and her little brother Qwrk (George, on earth) should go to school, so they would look perfectly ordinary.
Later Hecla forces Lox, the handsome shuttle pilot, to tell where the family went, because he helped them to escape. But not just Hecla want to know, the law enforcer's helper Jady changes into a beautiful girl, so she can hear Lox out without being suspicious.
To get the job mother must show some designs, therefore she asks Dovis to kinetize some stuff from Zyrgon back to earth. The beam is spotted by the law enforcer, but their tracking device breaks down, so they don't know.

Episode 4 (First day at school):

The three children go to school for the first time. Qwrk was admitted too on the girlsschool because he still was a little boy. But Qwrk, the young member of the knowledge bank, is bored to sing children's songs. X enters in a class were Michelle and Dallas are. They don't like her, only the untidy girl they allready met, Jenny, likes her. X and Jenny are becoming friends, so they can compete against the two bullies Michelle and Dallas.
Hecla departs from Zyrgon to go to the Blue planet, she takes Zeppy, one of her Hybrid Antelopes, with her.

Episode 5 (Homesick):

Hecla passes through the point of Halfway across the galaxy, when X, Qwrk and Dovis find an empty house after their first day of school. Fortunately nothing serious has happened.
Only father can't resist not to gamble, so X brings him back home. Together they make up a credible story, which they can tell when asked for. They try not to draw too much attention, but Qwrk has to show everyone how intelligent he is. Therefore the principal wants to talk to X's parents about George's education. And if that's not all, Michelle and Dallas force X to show them her house. Jenny wants to come too, so she can help defend X against those two.

Episode 6 (A day at the beach):

The four girls arrive at the house, but X gets a shock when they enter, because the house is full of furniture from Zyrgon. Michelle and Dallas find X a very weird kid.
Father really likes the cooking here and makes new recipes of his own. X gets enough of the two girls and leads them out, straight in the arms of aunt Hecla. Later father returns and he's very glad to see Hecla. They build a small party, in the evening Mr Yushida drops by to see if everything is right and it seems that he likes Hecla.
X can't stand the behaviour of Hecla and beams Lox, he tells X that he's become betrothed to Jady, the girl from the shuttle refreshment kiosk. X really breaks down and cries a million tears, because she always liked Lox more than anyone else.

Episode 7 (A visitor from another planet):

The lawenforcer prepares his ship and sets his way to find X to bring her back and punish her to set an example. Because he has lost his image.
X thinks of a way to balance Qwrk's inteligence with something in which he is a beginner, it has to be the violin. If everyone would see how hopeless he is in one thing, it would cancel out all the others. But as it turns out Qwrk with his kinetizing powers from Zyrgon has a gift for playing the violin and now the principle wants to adapt Qwrk's education, so he is able to practice the violin.
X has to participate in the Interhouse swimming team selection, surprisingly X wins and gets complimented, something she's not used to.
After school is finished X visits the house of Jenny, but has to return home because she catches a cold.
The chief is halfway across the galaxy and swears to find X.

Episode 8 (X has the flue):

Astrella frees the rabbits wich were meant for experiments, she has to write a poem of 200 lines about the preciousness of freedom as punishment.
The law enforcer chief lands on earth, he's looking for X.
Jenny visits X and brings her a present. X is very content with it. Jenny meets Zeppy and Zeppy likes her. But X hurts her feelings.
Later in the park Jenny meets the chief and recognises the shining broche, she reports X that she saw a man from Peru. X lets Jenny wear her logotype. The chief catches Jenny, but lets her go. Then he finds the way to the Jackson's residence. There Hecla, who is age-simulated into X, awaits him and voluntary follows him to his shuttle.
Meanwhile Qwrk still plays the violin, though X has forbid him to.

Episode 9 (Mutiny):

The chief arrives on Zyrgon with X (Hecla), Hecla is send to the detention- block.
Mother gets a chance of becoming a partner in the boutique, while Astrella meets David Carruthers in the park.
Lox announces his bethrothal and Jady tells Lox that X is imprisoned.
Zeppy runs away and Jenny finds him and takes him with her home. There Colin doesn't believe her story. He brings Zeppy back and when he's at X's house, Lox beams X and Colin notices it.
X decide that they have to go back to Zyrgon to help Hecla. The rest of the family finds it inconvenient to return now, they have their business on earth to do: father wants to run a restaurant, mother has her boutique, Qwrk wants to finish his violin course and Astrella wants to go to a cricketmatch with David.

Episode 10 (Turning point):

Lox gets caught when picking up X's scholarship money meant as a bribe. He is put in a cel with Hecla. Lox knows it's Hecla, because X thoughtbeamt him from earth to tell him they were coming back to Zyrgon.
Jenny wants to ask X to go iceskating to give her a second chance. Colin, Jenny's brother wants to come too. Jenny thinks he's keen on X. But X says she can't because they're planning to leave tonight. She says they can't keep contact and Jenny angrily walks away.
Dovis wants to take a picture from David Carruther's back, while Qwrk doesn't want to leave the violin behind. Finally X agrees to let them take it to the raft, but it must be disposed of before they land on Zyrgon.
X competes in the interhouse swimming competition and wins a medal.
On Zyrgon the chief finds out that it is Hecla not X who is imprisoned.
The family starts walking to father's restaurant to pick up father. In the meantime Jenny has figured out that they must be aliens, and that's why she couldn't make friends, finally she understands. She hurries to the Jacksons. X says goodbye to Jenny.

Episode 11 (There's no place like home):

Jady frees Lox and Hecla and tells them X and her family has landed on Zyrgon. But it's a trap and Lox and Hecla get dumped in the lava, if it wasn't for a friend of Lox, Yorp, who saves them from the lava.
In the restaurant father's really busy processing the food and he wants X not to interfere. But Lox contacts them and says that X cheated on her scholarship exams, but father confesses that it was he who changed her score into 5 straight A's, because everyone could see that X was only average in it.
The chief lands again on the earth at Jenny's place and takes Jenny as a hostage, he wants her to show him where X is.
Finally they made their way to the raft, but when they trying to get it out of the airpocket, the chief appears in front of them. He takes X and father, X promises to confess everything if only he would release Jenny. The chief agrees and then takes them into his shuttle, but mother doesn't want to be separated from father and takes the fishing boat from Jenny's father and flies in the air with it (She used to be a cosmic flyer). A really exciting chase follows, ending up with the chief crashing. X and father come out unharmed. Nothing is seen of the chief.

Episode 12 (X, the unknown):

X's family returns the boat to the house of Jenny. And Michelle comes to live next to the Jacksons.
Meanwhile the chief rises out of the water, he locks up Michelle and clones himself into her. Now he tries to get X. In the gym X gets a hard time, when the chief in disguise tries to transform X into his personal robot, but it ends up, that a mirror reflects the beam and the chief himself becomes a robot.
Jenny, Qwrk and Astrella soon drop by, because Jenny suspected something. At the same time Michelle has freed herself and returns to school.
The first thing the Jacksons do now that the chief is harmless is sent the raft in deep space. After that X enjoying herself together with Jenny and Colin with flying in the fishing boat.

Episode 13 (Fun knows no danger):

They put the boat down and X shows Jenny and Colin her kinetising powers. But later on the news of different channels it was reported that a flying boat was seen. Michelle spies on the Jacksons and sees X, Jenny and Colin playing with the robot, so X decides the robot must be put away.
The girlsschool of X and Jenny have a contest against the boysschool of Colin. X wins, but later X and Michelle have to go a sportsclinic to test their powers. X has to give a sample of her blood. Later Jenny realizes that it must be changed with other (Colin's) blood.
X asks her father to break in, so she can exchange the bloodsamples. Father agrees and everything turns out well.

Episode 14 (Rollerblading):

X is staying with Jenny for a few days. In the meantime Qwrk wants to skate too, but his musicteacher doesn't want him to. The boys who skate find him a cissy. Qwrk's parents forbid him to play with the boys, but he gets permission to help Bindy to join the group. Bindy has to pick up a scarve while jumping in the air with his skateboard. Qwrk works out all the mathematical details. He explains what Bindi must do. It all works out and the new group goes skating.
Qwrk stays behind and kinetises a board from his violin case and skates a few circles. It's just basic mathematics Qwrk concludes and goes home.

Episode 15 (Dancing class):

lox beams X, but it interferes the electricity of their neighbours, Michelle's family. Lox wants to come to earth too.
X want father to dump the robot in the water, but he disobbeys and keeps it secret.
Astrella auditioned for a private dansschool, she's real good, but the teacher sees that she hides something. She asks what it is, but Astrella doesn't want to tell the teacher. David Carruthers tells that people should be honest to eachother, therefore Astrella tells him that's she's from Zyrgon. But David doesn't mind it. He kisses Astrella, who doesn't like that at all.
Lox finally arrives on earth and meets Jenny. Lox finds earth very strange.

Episode 16 (The money tree):

Qwrk has got a letter from Zyrgon, it contains a money tree. He grows it and start buying expensive scientific goods. Michelle and Dallas become suspicious. Michelle sneaks in and discovers the secret of the money tree.
Colin helps Lox to find a suitable outfit, cowboy clothes.
Michelle's father thinks they keep somebody locked up in their house and calls an police inspector. The inspector inspects the house and only finds David in a closet who hid himself there because of Astrella. Mortimer is glad that the robot wasn't found.
Qwrk has to pay a new package and lots of icecream he ordered, but he finds a dying money tree. So he has to send back the goods except the icecream, therefore he gives everybody icecream.

Episode 17 (The kidnap):

After the money-tree adventure X asks if anyone has to confess something, but the family denies. Father looks for a bigger house, with a cellar, so he can hide the robot there.
Nick Michelle's cousin, just released from prison, visits Michelle's family, the Froggats. But Michelle's father sends him away. So Nick and his friend are staying in a notorious ghosthouse. Michelle and Dallas want to see that. When they visit the house X's father comes to take a look at the house.
Nick and friend want to make money very quick, so Michelle tells them from the money-tree. They find it a very good idea and they kidnap X and Qwrk and try to get the secret of the money-tree. But while Qwrk takes are of a destraction X beams Lox for help. Lox comes right away accompanied by Jenny and Colin. They free X and Qwrk.
When back home X decide that every piece of the money-tree must be destroyed and so it happened.

Episode 18 (The material world):

Qwrk has heard a scientific question on TV and delivers his theorie just before closing time at channel three. As it happened it's George's theorie which wins a thousend dollar price. But someone has to defend the theorie and they don't want Qwrk to age simulate and run the risk of transforming back in the show. So they send father to it, but it went wrong. An old professor says he came up with the same theorie years ago, father feels uncomfortable and sneaks out. The old professor gets the price. When X and father come back home the professor is allready in their house, because it was Qwrk who had age- simulated himself.
Mother has to show her collection to potential buyers in two weeks, but Lox is clumsy and burns up the clothing. Mother in despair asks Astrella to kinetize new stuff from Zyrgon, because the painting in Zyrgon colours would take too much time. Lox and Astrella help mother to make the new clothes.
But the two models countermand. Therefore Astrella and Lox show the clothing. It becomes a succes. Mother gets an offer to go to Paris alone. She's real glad, because she wanted

Episode 19 (Welcome to the human race):

The family can't bear the thought that mother is going away from them for an unknown period. X tries to talk it out of mother's mind, without succes.
Father opens his restaurant and has locked up the robot in the kitching, but it eats up much food and gets enough energy to transform back into the chief. Father escapes and hides himself and then returns to home.
There they try not to be captured by the chief. Lox rescues them from the chief and they put him in a box and kinetize it into deep space.
During the pause at school, the kids are being warned for a dangerous man in a strange suit. Michelle tells the teacher that this man was at the Jackson's residence last night. When the teacher asks Charlotte if they knew the man, Charlotte tells that the man is allready out of the country.

Episode 20 (We're earthpeople now):

X talks with Colin about feeling more herself than on Zyrgon. Further she wishes that mother stays with them.
Jady expects the chief very soon back.
Dovis and Qwrk do an audition, and the promoter sees something in them, but they have to play louder music and do something about their looks. Qwrk invents a pick up for his violin and Dovis designs new clothes. They try again and the promoter likes their sound, he offers them a contract. But when Colin reads the contract he sees that it's a total ripp off, so he tears it apart.
Lox thinks about his life, that he became a shuttlepilot because the government told him to, now he feels he want to be a fighter of truth and justice as a follow up of the John Wayne and Clint Eastwood movies. But not here on earth, but back on Zyrgon.
Mother can't get a flightticket because she doesn't have a passport, so Lox will drop her in France on his way back. The rest of the family says goodbye as they leave.

Episode 21 (Illegals):

The next day everyone talks about an UFO, and Michelle and Dallas suspect that the Jacksons have something to do with it. Michelle and her father give the name of the Jacksons to the inspectionservice.
As a result Mr Digby, a gouvernment inspector, drops by at the Jacksons and asks them for any kind of ID. but the Jacksons can't show any, so X gives him the arrival date and he will check it out by computer. Only the data must be added to the database first, Qwrk knows a way: hacking.
Michelle and Dallas spy on Astrella who went to Bellwood Lake, there Astrella uses her powers to walk on water, not knowing that Dallas made a picture. She only finds out when she saved a kitten.
Again Digby shows up at the Jacksons and tells X that nothing was found in their computer system and he expects them to be illegal in the country. X makes up that she made a mistake in the arrivaldate and Mr Digby leaves again. Qwrk starts hacking immediately after that and pretends it is difficult. X therefore gives him a day free of school.
Astrella and X must explain to the principal how Dovis could walk on water. They kinetise a log right under the water and X shows the principal. Dallas and Michelle try it theirselves and they find out that it's real.
Again Digby arrives, but he tells Mr Froggatt that he was wrong concerning the Jacksons, but instead they couldn't find any records of the Froggatt family. Then he leaves and makes his apology to the Jacksons.

Episode 22 (Growing up):

Jenny likes to have a new dress very much, but she hasn't got enough money to buy it. Her mother advices her to take a job. In the arcade Jenny requests X to age-simulate her into Astrella. At first X doesn't want to, but finally agrees.
Jenny, with the looks of Astrella gets a job in the arcade right away. Carl Hohenhaus likes her and asks her to eat a piza together, Jenny accepts.
Qwrk looses with a game of pinnball and calculates how he is to make his own pinnball-machine, so he could practice.
David drops by at the Jacksons and asks Astrella to explain why she's been seen with Carl. Astrella denies she was with him and David walks away disheartened. Astrella suspects that X is behind all this and asks her to clear out the misunderstanding.
Later that nigh at Carl's place the age-simulation ends and Jenny becomes herself again. Fortunately X drops by too at Carl's and in this emergency simulates her back. But when Carl says goodbye he kisses Astrella (Jenny).
The next day Qwrk shows everyone how well he is at playing pinnball, but the machine tilts and explodes.
Astrella explains to Carl that she only want to be friends with him, and Carl is glad, because he ran into his exgirlfriend and they go together. Astrella begs David to forgive her and David accepts, he is thrilled.
Jenny now understands why she isn't 17 years yet. Then her mother drops in and presents her the dress Jenny wanted so bad. Jenny too is thrilled.

Episode 23 (Graffiti):

Michelle draws "I hate miss Bloom" on the wall, after that she hides the sprayer in the locker of Charlotte, where Miss Bloom finds it and sees Charlotte running away.
The next day Charlotte has to explain her behaviour, Miss Bloom is convinced that she did it, therefore Charlotte has to clean up the wall. After Charlotte has done that she meets Michelle and Dallas in the bar. She understands that they made the graffiti. The two girls persuade Charlotte to steal a milkbar with them. But it's noticed and they flee, though Charlotte forgets her note-pad with her name on it.
At home she has to explain her deeds, but she can't and nobody believes she's innocent, she therefore runs away from home. She hides herself in an underground gangue.
Qwrk finds out Charlotte's gone and they start looking, even Jenny and Colin help. At last Colin finds a very scared Charlotte, who thinks the Chief's back. She is put in bed, where she dreams Mother is back home. But when she awakes she finds out it isn't a dream!
When Charlotte is out of bed, she throws her logotype from Zyrgon in the ocean.

Episode 24 (The past is coming back):

The Chief crashes into Yorp's refueling station. At that time Yorp's not there and the Chief calls Jady to send a raft immediately. Jady sets off and rescues the Chief. Together they leave and Jady shows a new invention: the minddriller. A machine which penetrates into X's mind in her sleep and must break her resistance.
At night X has a nightmare. In the morning she stops by at Jenny's place, where she sees images too. Colin thinks it's the working of the past. At the Jackson's home X talks with Colin and admits that she likes him and vice versa. After Colin has left X sees images again, just when Michelle is spying on her.
The Chief and Jady land on earth and Jady age-simulates herself into mother. She walks in the house and takes X to go to the doctor. Just when they have left Mother calls and Dovis understands that X has been taken away. She is too late and sees that X has been captured by the Chief and now they're leaving.

Episode 25 (The outcome):

The Chief's on his way to Zyrgon with X aboard.
At the Jackson's home they try to come up with a plan to rescue X. Dovis brings up the idea of the kinetised raft. Father wants to go but he wouldn't pass security, Qwrk's too young, so Dovis offers to go. While earthings aren't registered Colin and Jenny go too. Dovis can stear the ship, because she was in training to become a cosmic flyer.
The next morning they leave after Qwrk has fixed the raft. They pass Yorp's refueling station. Where Dovis tells Yorp that she knows what he is. He tells them that the Chief's too powerful. But Jenny doesn't want to give up, X is her best friend. Yorp decides to come along.
Meanwhile on Zyrgon Lox tries to free X, but he gets caught himself while free-ing X.
The raft with Jenny, Colin, Dovis and Yorp lands on Zyrgon, but the Chief knows an unknown raft has landed. Mabla, an organiser student thinks she recognizes Dovis, she tells instructa (the person who teaches them the ode) of it. But instructa tells Mabla not to do anything. It appears that instructa is Hecla!

Episode 26 (Starry night):

Jenny and Colin head towards the prison, but Jenny and Colin don't know that Colin's jelly bean bag has a hole in it, so he leaves a trail of beans. A robot and a lawenforcer are following them. When they find out about the trail, they try to flee, but the Chief awaita ahead of them and they are locked up in the same cell as X and Lox.
Qwrk, mother and father find it very lonely without X and Dovis. And Miss Bloom pays them a visit. She thinks she has solved the problem of where the Jackson's came from: she thinks they're descendants from Lodewijk the 17th from France.
After Miss Bloom has paid the Jackson's a visit, she stops by at the Froggatts. And tells them Michelle was a bit of a bully. And she tells Mr Froggatt that the Jackson's are descendants from Lodewijk the 17th. In a discussing with his wife Mr Froggatt still thinks the same about the Jackson's, but Michelle admits to her mother that she bullied Charlotte a little.
Meanwhile on Zyrgon is the trial of X announced and that she will certainly end up in the lava.

Episode 27 (Convicted):

On earth the family tries to contact Zyrgon, but without succes. Qwrk invents something so that they could see the trial of X. But it causes interference on the TV of the Froggats. So Mr Froggat invents a gadget that stops the beam. So the Jacksons only hear that X has been found guilty of crime.
On Zyrgon X's trial takes place. The Principa finds X guilty and she's been sentenced to the lava, but before she speaks out the sentence Principa wants to know what icecream and shopping are. Then she asks X about all other earth habbits. The Chief wants to make an end to it and speaks ou the sentence himself and orders Jady to carry it out immediately.
In the meantime other habitants, even other lawenforcers, of Zyrgon have become interested in Earth habbits and .. FREEDOM. Therefore they try to stop the Chief. In the end the Chief jumps with X into the shaft and everybody thinks X has fallen into the lava and mourn for her.

Episode 28 (Conclusion):

X saves the Chief from falling into the lava and the Chief wants to know why. At one point X sees a way out but she needs the help of the Chief. In their conversation X tells that there's love on Zyrgon too, very close to the Chief.
On earth the Jacksons don't expect the others to come back anymore, so they decide to sell the car and the house.
At an elevator shaft the Chief rescues X and they join the other people of Zyrgon, but they want to kill the Chief but X lets him go to where he wants. Jady wants to come too.
Principa / Autoritax seems to be one person and wants a replacement: X. X thinks she's needed on Zyrgon, so Dovis, Jenny and Colin would have to go to earth without X. But Hecla tells X she doesn't listened to her heart and when X finally does she decides to go to earth too.
When they arrive home everybody is most happy to see eachother again.

That was the last episode of this miniseries. I thought it was a nice series, though sometimes they used the same shots more than once. You know same like the scenes in "The Thunderbirds". But they did a very good job on the sound.

Thanks to Wanda Hendriks from Veronica Broadcasting & Publishing Corporation for supplying the first half of episode titles.