Spellbinder series 2 INFO

From an interview with Lauren done by Sonesay.
Date: Friday October 10th 1997.

1 Q: First of all, congratulations or your role as Kathy in Spellbinder 2. Did you see the original series before you landed the role?
  A:  Thank you for your congratulations. I'm glad that you like the character. Yes. I did see a few episodes of Spellbinder 1 before auditioning for the part of Kathy. This was good for me, as it gave me a bit of an idea of what the show was about.
2 Q: Was it difficult to keep track in your mind, exactly what point you were at in the overall story, since you were jumping from world to world and the filming was done in three different countries?
  A:  Yes. It was extremely difficult to keep track in my mind, where I was up to in the story. You just have to make notes so you know where you are. Filming was also over a long period of time, so I sometimes had to read over a few scripts to remember what I had filmed.
3 Q: You've mentioned that filming at times was hard because of the language barriers. What else, if anything, was the most difficult part of filming?
  A:  As on most shows, filming was not easy. Long hours, and being away from home makes it hard. The language barriers with the crew and cast from Poland and China took a lot to get used to, but once we all settled in, it wasn't too bad. The different foods in each country also take time to get used to.
4 Q: What was your most memorable experience from filming Spellbinder 2?
  A:  My most memorable experience from filming Spellbinder 2 was getting to know people from different cultures. Although I didn't speak their languages, we developed special friendships and respected each other. I know that it sounds weird to have friends that you can't talk to, but it did happen. I'll remember these friendships the most.
5 Q: We've been introduced so far, to Spellbinder's Land, The Land of the Dragon Lord, the Land of the Immortals and the Land of the Machines. Which has been your favourite and why?
  A:  I didn't really have a favourite world in Spellbinder 2. I liked Immortal World, and Kathy's World (which hasn't screened yet).
6 Q: Obviously I haven't seen the whole series yet, but did you get to try on Ashka's powersuit?!! Does it actually work?
  A:  Yes. I did try on Ashka's powersuit, though I never actually wear it in the show. As to its' powers. They remain a great secret that Ashka refuses to give away!!!
7 Q: What was it like working with such great Australian acting icons Heather Mitchell and Peter O'Brien? Did either of them give you any sound advice?
  A:  To work with such actors as Heather Mitchell and Peter O'Brien was a great experience for me. Heather was like a second mother to me when we were away. We still talk to each other, but unfortunately we're both busy and haven't seen each other for a while now. And no, they didn't really give me any advice.
8 Q: You've been in the film/entertainment industry for a long time now, and worked with so many great actors. Who would you like to work with whom you haven't yet?
  A:  I don't really have one person in mind that I would like to work with. There are many fantastic actors that I probably haven't even heard of. I don't look up to anyone in particular. To be happy and successful is what I really want to be.
9 Q: Of all the roles that you've portrayed, from "Mera" in "Ocean Girl", to "Kat" in "Mission Top Secret" and your latest role in "Spellbinder 2", which has been the most challenging and why. Which has been your fave so far?
  A:  I believe that Kathy has been the most challenging for me in the past few years. Mainly because Kathy is the one who goes through everything and still remains strong. Also the schedule was enormous and exhausting. I've enjoyed all of my roles. I'm lucky in that they are all so different. I think to play a variety of different characters is important, otherwise you get bored.
10 Q: I've read in an interview with Marzena Godecki, your co-star in Ocean Girl, that she became much more environmentally conscious during her time spent filming Ocean Girl because of the harm that she saw we were doing to the oceans. Do you have a similar feeling?
  A:  I believe that I have become more aware of the enviroment due to filming. This awarenes has come about from filming many shows, including Ocean Girl. I think everyone in the world is becoming more aware of the enviroment, and realise that the destruction has to stop.
11 Q: What did it mean to you to win two AFI awards at such a young age?
  A:  To win two A.F.I. awards at such a young age was great. I have to admit that when I received the first one, I didn't really know what A.F.I. meant. I'm thankful to those who recognised me, it gives you a sense of fulfilment to know that someone somewhere appreciates your work.
12 Q:  And finally, how about a scoop??!! Is there going to be a Spellbinder 3 and will you reprise your role as Kathy?
  A:  As to whether there is going to be a Spellbinder 3.. Who knows?? I just hope that Spellbinder 2 goes as well as the first series, and that people enjoy the story, and especially the scenery.
It was a pleasure to answer your questions.
I hope that you enjoy the show.

Best wishes,
Lauren Hewett

Land of the Dragon Lord

written by Lauren Hewett (October 1996)
While working on Spellbinder 2, I got the chance to travel to Poland for 8 weeks, and China for around 14 weeks. Both of these countries were extremely different to each other, and I enjoyed them both immensely.

It was a great experience to work in other countries with people from totally different cultures to your own. The language barrier made filming hard, but with the interpreters and sign language, we got the job done.

The costumes and sets of the show are fantastic. Although, a light haired, blue-eyed girl, in a chinese outfit, looks a little different. Although filming was at times hard, in the end, the Australian cast and crew, were proud to be a part of such a rare experience. I hope that you enjoy the series.

I found a short description about this season at Film Australia, so I 
display it here.

Land of the Dragon Lord (Spellbinder II)

Follow up to the highly successful award-winning Spellbinder series this children's fantasy adventure follows a teenage brother and sister lost within parallel worlds. The first world resembles ancient China - it is a world of illusion, romance and danger and is ruled by a Dragon Lord who exhibits extraordinary powers, whereby a computer gives the Dragon Lord his power to control the land. When a villainous Spellbinder from another parallel world arrives, a thrilling adventure begins, which crosses the boundaries of many worlds.

Produced in association with Telewizja Polska TV and Shanghai Film Studios, with assistance from Nine Network Australia and the Australian Film Finance Corporation.

Producer: Noel Price
Running Time:26 x 25mins
Format: 16mm/Video
Completion:October 1997
Rights:to be advised

Some info from the Belgian Spellbinder page:

Filming locations

Cracow used to be the second capital of the Kingdom of Poland. It has a 
great royal castle and the city itself is quite historical.
Pieskowa Skala has a nice renaissance castle/palace in a great location. It is 
quite photogenical.
Sydney has often acted as scenery for Spellbinder. The hotel that Ashka 
was staying at is the Golden Gate Syndey (this hotel is now called Carlton Crest). 
The place where Riana met Josie and Ben was at Circular Quay, about 15-20 minutes 
from the hotel. 
The high school that they shot at probably is Balmain High School, because that's 
the only one near the water in Sydney.

Spellbinder II: Land of the Dragon Lords