Spellbinder series 2 INFO

created: December 1996

Land of the Dragon Lord

written by Lauren Hewett
While working on Spellbinder 2, I got the chance to travel to Poland for 8 weeks, and China for around 14 weeks. Both of these countries were extremely different to each other, and I enjoyed them both immensely.

It was a great experience to work in other countries with people from totally different cultures to your own. The language barrier made filming hard, but with the interpreters and sign language, we got the job done.

The costumes and sets of the show are fantastic. Although, a light haired, blue-eyed girl, in a chinese outfit, looks a little different. Although filming was at times hard, in the end, the Australian cast and crew, were proud to be a part of such a rare experience. I hope that you enjoy the series.

Editorial comment: 
This sounds very nice and
I can't hardly wait till they air it!
I'm sure that everyone will like it (at least I will).

I found a short description about this season at Film Australia, so I 
display it here.

Land of the Dragon Lord (Spellbinder II)

Follow up to the highly successful award-winning Spellbinder series this children's fantasy adventure follows a teenage brother and sister lost within parallel worlds. The first world resembles ancient China - it is a world of illusion, romance and danger and is ruled by a Dragon Lord who exhibits extraordinary powers, whereby a computer gives the Dragon Lord his power to control the land. When a villainous Spellbinder from another parallel world arrives, a thrilling adventure begins, which crosses the boundaries of many worlds.

Produced in association with Telewizja Polska TV and Shanghai Film Studios, with assistance from Nine Network Australia and the Australian Film Finance Corporation.

Producer: Noel Price
Running Time:26 x 25mins
Format: 16mm/Video
Completion:October 1997
Rights:to be advised

Some info from the Belgian Spellbinder page:

Filming locations

Cracow used to be the second capital of the Kingdom of Poland. It has a 
great royal castle and the city itself is quite historical.
Pieskowa Skala has a nice renaissance castle/palace in a great location. It is 
quite photogenical.
Sydney has often acted as scenery for Spellbinder. The hotel that Ashka 
was staying at is the Golden Gate Syndey (this hotel is now called Carlton Crest). 
The place where Riana met Josie and Ben was at Circular Quay, about 15-20 minutes 
from the hotel. 
The high school that they shot at probably is Balmain High School, because that's 
the only one near the water in Sydney.

Spellbinder II: Land of the Dragon Lords