Wax on and off and on and off, and up and down and on and off.........oh, sorry, i was just uhhhh well nevermind that.  Im Shannon and i like to walk in tubes all day.  Yup, thats my life story right there.  Tubes and boobs....tubes and boobs!  Anynutz, I am in this band I guess to play the drums....but ya never know i might just end up on bass too one day, but for now i am a drum chic.  NEVER EAT DEEP FRIED SNICKERS...ick!!!!  That shit can give you a massive heart attack.  I should know ^_^   keep me posted on things of change for i am out ...................peace.   <~(o.O)~>

Starion 5 piece drum kit
CB Bass Drum
Zildjian ZBT 18' Crash/Ride and 13' Hi Hats
Vic Firth Sticks
Yamaha Bass
Fender Amp