I Play Guitar...Guitar...Blah..Blah...I don't Know..I like Rammstein I have always loved them.. They are my Life.. I play a Gibson Les Paul Classic...The Love of my Life right now...I don't have a life so i don't know what to say...I have aim so if you ever want to chat just i.m. me at EvilJupiter i love chatting so yea...uh..I Live here in Richmond,Virginia...I like it here sometimes depends on the mood im in..Right now its looking okay...hehe...
Your Mom With..Beans! Just thought I let you know...
Rapsody Acustic Guitar

Yamaha ERG 121 guitar
Epiphone SG Special
Gibson Les Paul Classic
Crate 15 watt Amp
Crate 60 watt Amp
Yamaha 5 watt Amp
Behringer 400 watt Cabinet
BOSS distortion peddal
Audio Choice PA System
Starion 5 Piece Drum Kit
Zildjian ZBT Crash/Ride and Hi-Hats