Being Worked on.....   heheehe it says im being worked on.......ha ha. yeah im a loser. hmm what do you wanna know about me? im 16,......... i'm playing my squier, its a piece of shampoo. i hate it. it really sucks. major nards. ok  i have a 15 watt amp, but now i gots a sparkly purple yamaha thats soooooooo super nice. i love it. thats like it for my gear. oh yeah and i gots a sparkly shoulder strap.:-)  i like sparkles. i also like monty python. he he. they're funny. i also like long walks on the beach, peaceful meadows and sunny days. hey anyone ever seen Pete and Pete? well they're on noggin now at like seven thirty. oh and we're not a highschool band. you see, i come from canada up north and completed my highschool education at age 10. im a genious and, being from canada, i know that i suck. wow, pretty, smart, funny, and she sucks too? ah, yes but does she swallow? well you'll just have to find out for yourself, smart shampoo ;-)  ummmmmm in terms of music i like nin, red hot chili peppers, smashing pumpkins, misfits, phish is pretty cool, beastie boys, nirvana, stp, stabbing westward, pearl jam, and lotsa other people its a long list i always leave out someone or other. hehe if you're not from VA check out carbonleaf online i love them too, but you wont know who the shampoo they are if you arent from here.


                                                                Thats all folks!
Back to Hell

Yamaha RBX270

Fender Squier

Fender Amp

Crate 50 watt Amp

Boss Distortion