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Stu James - vocals (born Stuart Slater)

Nicky Crouch - guitar/vocals

Terry O'Toole - piano

Keith Karlson - bass guitar

John Conrad - drums

Another of the Liverpool contingent, The Mojos' only managed one sizeable hit, "Everything's Alright", despite having a strong local reputation and a triumphant stint at Hamburg's famous Star Club.

The group was formed from the remnants of a band called The Nomads. They adopted the name "The Mojos" in the summer of '63 and soon established themselves as one of the leading groups in Liverpool.

Their lack of success thereafter may have had something to do with their record company's (Decca) lack of promotion.



Oct '63

Forever/They Say

Decca F 11732


Mar '64

Everything's Alright/Give Your Lovin' To Me

Decca F 11853


Jul '64

Why Not Tonight/Don't Do It Anymore

Decca F 11918


Aug '64

Seven Daffodils/Nothin' At All

Decca F 11959


Apr '65

Comin' On To Cry/That's The Way It Goes

Decca F 12127


Sep '65

Wait A Minute/Wonder If She Knows

Decca F





Working - Forever/They Say/Everything's Alright/Give Your Lovin' To Me/Why Not Tonight/Don't Do It Anymore/Seven Daffodils/Nothin' At All/I Got My Mojo Working/One Who Really Loves You/Nobody But Me/Comin' On To Cry/That's The Way It Goes/Wait A Minute/Wonder If She Knows