Mammals and Land Animals
Armoured Gatch: a marsupial mammal, which inhabits the rainforests inland of Schendi
Bosk: large, shaggy, long-horned bovine similar to the Earth cow cattle
Giani: a large mammal of solitary habits that inhabits the rainforests inland of Schendi
Hurt: a kangaroo-like animal whose wool is used for cloth
Jit Monkey: a simian mammal which inhabits the rainforests inland of Schendi
Kaiila: large (20-22 hands), carnivorous mammal with long neck and silky fur; its eyes have 3 lids; is viviparous, has incredible stamina, and can be domesticated for riding in spite of its vicious temper; in the Tahari, its long hair is used for rope
Kailiauk: stocky ruminant, tawny with red and brown markings on haunches, having 3 horns; stands c. 20-25 hands at the shoulder
Kur: a large (8-9') furred, mammal having 4 legs, which can stand upright or on all fours; each paw has 6 multiply-jointed digits with retractable claws and an opposing thumb, so that it can grip; it has 2 rows of teeth. They are incredibly strong and ferocious, and are carnivorous, even to eating humans
Larl: a large (7 ft. at shoulder) feline, tawny red or black in color, having a black mane; carnivorous; similar to a lion
Quala: small, dun-colored, 3-toed mammal with a stiff, brushy mane of black hair; plural: qualae
Slee: a rodent which inhabits the rainforests inland of Schendi
Sleen: a ferocious feline, some 20 feet long, having 6 legs and 2 rows of teeth; there are four types: the prairie sleen, which is tawny; the forest sleen, which is black or brown; the aquatic sea sleen; and the white snow sleen; can be domesticated for herding and tracking
Tabuk: a kind of antelope, being yellow in color and having a single horn
Tarsk: porcine animal akin to the Earth pig, having a bristly mane which runs down its spine to the base of the tail
Tarsk, giant: large cousin of the tarsk, standing 10 hands high at the shoulder
Urt: small, silken-furred rodent akin to the Earth rat; it has three rows of teeth, two tusks, and two horns
Urt, Ground: small rodent which inhabits the floor of the rain forests inland of Schendi
Urt, Leaf: small tree-dwelling rodent, having 4 toes, which inhabits the rainforests inland of Schendi; tree sloth
Urt, Tree: small tree-climbing rodent found in the rainforests inland of Schendi
Verr: mountain goat indigenous to the Voltai Mountains; wild, agile, ill-tempered, with long hair and spiraling horns; source of a form of wool; its milk is potable, as well as being used for cheese
Zeder: small, sleen-like, carnivorous mammal which inhabits the rainforests inland of Schendi, esp. along the Ua River; grows to c. 2' and weighs 8-10 lbs; is diurnal, can swim very well, & builds a stick-&-mud nest in the branches of a tree, where it spends the ni
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