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Every Cryptic Crossword clue will contain a definition or key-word descibing the answer (usually at the beginning or the end), or the whole clue will be the definition.

Lesson-1 was about ANAGRAMS or a re-arrangement of the letters
Lesson-2 was about 'CHARADES, where the answer is broken into two or more manageable parts and a clue is provided for each part, usually in the same order. The elements may be defined directly or by the use of equivalents.

Before I go to the lesson for the current month, I want to mention an interesting problem from sent by my brother-in-law. There are seven clues given below. The answers to all of them are anagrams of DANIEL VETTORI - the name of the New Zealand spinner. Please see whether you can get any of them. The answers can be had by clicking the button next to the clue.
a.) Pertinent peabrain (8,5)

b.) Apparent costumer (7,6)

c.) Forceful harangue (7,6)

d.) Deflect joy (6,7)

e.) Hepatitis remedy (5,8)

f.) Phoney proof (10,3)

g.) Big sinner (5,8)

This month, I shall explain Containers or 'Split words', which are similar to charades, but to get the answer that fits the definition, one part of the solution goes inside (or outside) the other, with an indicator to alert you.
A few examples will make it clear.

Decay in vegetable for South African(6) =
PROTEA, which is formed when ROT (decay) goes into PEA (vegetable) as P(ROT)EA, which means a South African. You see in this clue that the key-word is 'South African' and the components are 'decay' and 'vegetable'.

Essence of article in Country Home(7) =
VANILLA (keyword is 'essence') , which is formed when AN (article) goes into VILLA (country home)

Half the hole inside question for this stores expert(5) =
ASHOK (keywords are 'stores expert'), which is formed when 'HO' (half of HOLE) goes inside 'ASK' (question)

South Africa initially holds injury for this IRAS officer(6) =
SHARMA (keywords are 'IRAS officer'), which is formed when HARM (injury) goes inside SA (South Africa initially).

I am giving all the three types of clues leading to the same answer. See if you can solve it
Capital chaotic as then(6) (ANAGRAM)
Articles before directions for city(6) (CHARADE)
Short answer holds article for capital(6) (SPLIT WORD)
Solution at the bottom of the page.

I felt it would be better if the clues are not highlighted. So this time, the TYPE OF CLUE, the KEY-WORD (which is the synonym of the solution), the COMPONENTS of the solution and the SOLUTION will be revealed to you only if you want them by clicking on the button to the right. All the clues are any one of the three types covered so far, viz., ANAGRAM, CHARADE and SPLIT WORD. Get cracking....

Now prosecutor is absorbed in doll(5)

Twisted Sherpa idiom(6)

People hold help inside for lady(6)

Critical of a vehicle I have shortly used(7)

Love the sweater(10)

Friction over the dance club on the way(7)

Linked to way about cheer(7)

Laughter before number one city in Asia(5)

Map house initially in vehicle (5)

I later returned and dined to settle the score(9)

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The solution for all three types of clues is ATHENS. I am sure you can work it out. 1