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A poem on self



 Adapted from a poem on the net

 "I love my office and its location -

I hate to have to go on vacation

I love my furniture, drab and gray

and the paper that piles up every day!"

 "I love my chair in my padded cell!

There's nothing else I love so well

I love to work among my peers -

I even love their jeers and sneers"

 "I love my computer and all its software;

I hug it often though it doesn't care...

I love each program and every file,

I try to understand them once in a while!!"

 "I'm happy to be here, again and again I say;

I'm the happiest slave of Railway

I love this work: I love the third floor

I even love meetings with many a bore"

 "I love my Job - I say it now and said it then -

I even love these friendly-looking Men -

These men who've come to visit today

In lovely white coats to take me away!!!"

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