hith the thrall REV
-submissive masculinity-

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Biography of hith the thrall

All information below is information that can not be known In Charachter, or needs to be proven that person/s can show proof of knowing this information through legitimate roleplay and not by means of ooc reading. The below Biography is for Hith of the North, the details are mostly of a Roleplay background and meant for the usage of Gorean Roleplay Entertainment.

hith should greet Freemen first, Free Woman second, then slaves.
hith should offer to approach and serve Freeman but not near without permission
hith should then offer to serve Mistresses by approaching them.
hith can serve anyone, but if someone wishes to use him in intimately/sexually they must ask Mistress Celeste for the rights to, until such asking is done, hith is restricted on a case by case basis that only Mistress Celeste can say if he can or not.
Got a problem with that? See Celeste Llyonesse.

Hith was born a Torvaldslander within the City of Kassau. Like His father, He was a Fisherman and a man of many trades as a Torvalds of the north. He stands at about Six foot three inchs tall and about three hundred pounds. He has dark black locks of hair and blue green eyes. Hith is a very masculine man by gorean nature, strong willed in many aspects.

His only worldly possessions were passed on by His deceased Father Kale whom also of Kassau passed away during a battle resulting after the call of the black arrow. ( see Torvalds Lore.) He owns a Fishermans net, a Sleen Knife, two sets of sleen pelts caught within a Hunt in the Northern forest. His wealth is short of daily living expenses and what He aquires from day to day catches within the cold northern thassa between Lydius and Hunjer.

Once long ago Hith was hunting in the Northern Forest where He befell for the first time to a pack of High Girls within the Silver Moons Panther Lair. Among them One Barracuda of the Lair with the assistance of others within the Pack enslaved the Mighty Hith. He was shown the path of slavery for Many moons. Since that time He had found His way away from the Forest and never returned to Kassau due to the humiliation of being taken down by woman of the forest. henceforth that time, He saw Himself as submissive masculinity.

submissive masculinity; a trained slave with the independent will to survive. a Man whom has been and possibly will be in the future taken by a strong willed dominant woman. Hith has His weaknesses indeed, one of them is not fighting skill, nor the will to survive. Until such time Hith has His own beliefs; He will not kneel to any woman nor man and call them Master or Mistress. He is Free though He has not forgotten He was once a slave and indeed very well could be a slave again.

December 20th 2003 - hith was captured and enslaved to One Hrodgar Tung at the isle of Hunjer for being a Kassau man and was then sold to a Physician by the name of Elizabeth Exeter whom immediately sold hith to a Free woman by the name of Celeste Llyonesse.