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Born from the union of goddess of light Deatoris and god Phetis, the elvens were initially not accepted by the great creator. In fact, they had been created to help  gods in their war against evil. But the great creator did not agree with gods beeing helped in this battle. So, he decided to keep them asleep until the good wins over the evil.
After the war, the elvens were the first to wake up on earth. They became the noble, beautiful and immortal children of goddess of light.
Taller than human, they are also much more gracious and flighty than any other race.  Elven's movements are easy and agile. They are always beautiful no matter their age, their skin never grow old and their eyes are always bright. They often look weak, but they hide great strength,,  dexterity and resistance.
Elvens never sleep, but find rest in meditation.As they are immortal, they find death in hard combat, or by boredom of their life.
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