Sojourner's Lady Jennifer

Aug 1997

We currently own two female collies of the standard AKC rough collie type (mother and daughter). Unlike many typical show-type collies, however, these two demonstrate many instinctive working traits. They guard our 76 acre farm (we raise dairy goats) quite successfully, although they are not as aggressive towards other dogs as we would like (they are downright friendly with many male dogs). However, they are remarkable in all other respects, protecting the chickens from hawks, herding the goats, caring for newborn baby goats, eliminating wildlife pests such as rats and groundhogs, and doing many other tasks, all with little or no training.

Jenny works upright and never "eyes" the stock. However, get her out in the field hunting and she's a different dog. She stalks prey almost like a cat sometimes. Of course, sometimes she just charges in there, too, it just depends. The kids call her "kangaroo" because of how she pounces, jumping up over the tall grass and straight down on top of something.

Sandra Niedrauer

Jenny is a beautifully balanced dog that moves like a dream. She works goats with much shouldering and body blocks. She is gentle with her charges and helps to guard them from predators. She has produced some of the greatest farmcollies that I know of.

Elaine Reynolds