Nielsen's Kebia

Date: Fri Dec 22, 2000
Shawn Nielsen wrote:

I just wanted to drop you a note, and let you know how Kebia is doing. She has been following us out to do chores since the day we got her. She has picked up on what we do quite well. She has in her own eyes, been given the authority to try to drive our goats into their pens, even though they are a 1000% bigger than her. She has also taken a rather regal position next to the milking stand so as to not let the cats get to close. She has also spoken of her authority to the neighbor boy, when he came to our door, she insisted on telling him to get away from the house. She is an absolute joy, she loves to have her stomach rubbed, and romp in the snow( I pretend to be a sheep, that is changing directions) i'm not sure if this is more fun for me, Kebia, or for my family to watch. I am again very thankful for linking up with you to get Kebia. I will keep you posted on how she is doing with her training. At this point all is going well, she listens as well as can be expected.

Happy Holidays
Shawn Nielsen

If I had a perfect dog it would be a dog who could first and foremost protect my property, whether by physical nature, or by vocalizing. Second, it would work and protect my livestock. Third, it would be a dog that would be able to interact with my family, in so far as a dog can.

I would like to add a few sentences to breeding for specifics: Our first ES was bred by a person who first wanted them only for agility, and secondly bred them because they were neat looking, and thought it would be nice to have some pups. I feel that we need to breed first for integrity as a farm animal/hand, and not as a pole-weaver or ramp climber. You do not see hunting dog breeders going for beauty, they instead will go after the traits they are looking for. Going back to our first breeder, I don't think she thought through the breeding well enough to see what the outcomes would be, I think she was just happy to find two ES's. At some point my wife and I will breed our female that we got from Elaine. It will however be bred to a dog that would have some sort of a working background to it. With our dairygoats that we raise, we are breeding for making the animal better, I think that particular theory needs to hold true no matter what you are raising.

I just wanted to share an analogy about her with you. Kebia is definitely a biddable dog in comparison to what Nephene was. This is in comparison with Nephene our previous ES,about playing fetch with a ball:

Nephene = I made the ball and I do in fact own it and I basically do not want to bring it to you nah!nah!nah!nah! I will bring it to you once I see an ample amount of exertion from you,(oh look you are running!) which I do like to watch. It is so much fun to use you to play with.

Kebia = I really like this ball you made, and thank you so much for allowing me to play with it, I would like to bring it back to you, because it is yours. "Gee whiz" it sure is nice to play with you.

Susie Q Kebia's mom!
Cook's Old Shep Kebia's Dad


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