Vegas, Powerpak's High Roller

STDc ADC CD FDCH RPT TT CGC, one leg sheep, 2 points CKC

OFA Excellent, Elbows Normal, eyes clear 6 years in a row, possibly red factored.

Vegas is a dog with talent in all that he does...he's the Michael Jordan of dog sports. People who come to my home after seeing him performing in the various sports often are surprised that he is a quiet, sensible, mannerly house dog. His titles reflect his versatility. This dog can do it all. He possesses an unusual pedigree with a very low (6%) inbreeding coefficient. His grandmother died at 16 years of age and his mother is still going strong at 12, still doing flyball and agility like a 3 year old. This litter is being bred so that I can determine what qualities Vegas will give to his offspring, and so that I can hang onto something from this extremely talented, versatile dog.

He's a problem solver and an independent, confident character with excellent watchdog traits. He has often been used in aggression therapy with other dogs, bringing his calm, steadfast attitude to the forefront to help other dogs learn that it's all right to interact with their own species. He can go anywhere and do anything, calm and trustworthy with the "look of eagles."

On stock, this dog shows immense power and control but has been slightly difficult to train because of his self-thinking skills and bossiness. He has been used as a chore dog on a Simmenthal cow/calf operation on an occasional basis and works cattle best, though is capable and gentle with goats, sheep and ducks. He earned his stock titles after being worked approximately 10 times, with no formal instruction other than my inept handling.

Vegas is also standing at stud to approved bitches