I was lying on the bed watching TV with my bone pillow,
and got up to go get a snack.

When I returned, I could not find my pillow anywhere!
I found it half an hour later on Drover's toy pile-
he opened his eyes just as I snapped the photo!
Drover loves kids! Susie Q is in hog heaven- short people and short dog!
Drover is his typical laid back self,
and Susie is thrilled with the short dog!

Drover now lives on a goat farm where he was learned to stay away from the road, and being the bossy pack-type dog that he is, at the age of five months, he began on his own to herd the goats away from the highway as well!

At maturity,
Drover has become the kind of dog that is indispensible on a goat farm
he has successfully protected his goats from hungry bears,
and is a wonderful family dog.

His owners are Dr. Susan Gaffney and her family.
Dr. Gaffney has a small animal practice.

Meg, Drover's littermate
Hank, his littermate

Drover's Pedigree