On the road again!

Reynolds' English Shepherds

A very pregnant Susie Q

A very happy Susie!

Miss December

More about Susie Q
Cook's Old Shep, sire of Susie's second litter:
Nielsen's Kebia
Catch a Falling Star

Reynolds' Traveler

Traveler, January, 98

Traveler, August 98

Dunrovin's Old Shep, Traveler's Grandsire

Traveler's Pedigree
More about Traveler


Traveler's hips are bad and although I did not intend to breed him, he and my ex-husband had other ideas.

Following are several reasons that this was a fortunate turn of events, and here is an article by well known geneticist and aussie breeder, C. A Sharp:
Bad Genes, Babies and Bathwater

Traveler and Susie pups:

Floyd's Jessie
From Traveler's first litter:

Traveler's Grandpups(linebred to Dunrovin's Old Shep)
more about Shep and Tarn

Lucy Beau's littermate

From Traveler's last litter:

Kozar's Omega
Drover- A wonderful working dog on a goat farm
Hank, the Cowdog A chip off the ol' block!
Kozar's Castillo (Callie) Dam of Traveler's last litter
Farmcollie Guardian Behavior
Farmcollie Herding Behavior
Farmcollie Hunting Behavior


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