This morning I sent off by snail mail several Trudy snapshots. Bud's also in most of them, as they are pretty much inseparable. They should give a pretty good idea of what she looks like. She's just short of 10 months age, finished her first heat cycle normally last week, weighs maybe 45+ lbs, and is a darned nice pup. The pix I sent show her looking out the window at some wild gobblers (after the barking stopped),

doing a sit/stay down by the mailbox, curled up snoozing, and doing a down.

And one when I had her start a couple cows moving, and stopped her for a picture. Something to notice that I've remarked on is her direct and continuous eye contact while she is interacting with me. It's really intense, and reflects I think her bidability. She responds to commands almost instantly....for example on a down she literally throws herself down. If exuberance is a collie trait, she surely has it. Nice trait when teaching her to work, as she will respond during herding action. Anyhow if you choose to post some of these please feel free, and I'll appreciate it. I'm really sorry that I never got around to taking any "baby pictures", but I just had too much going on, I guess. I'm still going in several mornings a week to the University, even though I'm officially retired, trying to tie up loose ends and help the new faculty, and fighting the flu. But the end is in sight!
Thanks and best regards,
Jan 11. 2001


I called Darlene Merz tonight to let her know how well Trudy was doing, and had a nice talk with her. Learned quite a bit. For the record, I'll give you Trudy's ped, which I got tonight. Her sire is Merz's Laddie, by Kaschak's Stormie out of Kaschak's Cooks Kee. Trudy's dam is Merz's Cleo, by Merz's Barney out of Merz's Sue. Merz's Sue is by Merz's Barney out of Merz's Bobby. I don't have Merz's Barney breeding, but it was Merz stock as well. They have S/W and tris. I haven't said much on the list about Trudy, as I've been waiting to see how she developed, but it's time to say that I'm very pleased. She is a tiger about working cattle, plenty of moxie and very eager to help. She's biddable, and very quick to respond, and easy to control. This week I began to really try to direct her efforts, and she responded quickly. Now she'll work quietly behind the animals when told to do so, but will go in instantly when asked. She's learned the winter routine and so understands what we're doing, and is quick to help. That (herding) was my biggest goal for her. In the meantime Bud has also taught her to chase and tree squirrels, and boy does she ever like that. She's now finding and treeing them on side trips into the woods when the cattle are moved. She comes at a gallop when called, will heel well, and is solid at sit, stay and down. Guardian-wise she is not as quick to bark as Bud, nor as utterly fearless with strangers. That is to say she will stand off a few feet till she has "met" someone she doesn't know, but is fine after introductions, as long as the person doesn't act too brash. She is very attached to both Sara and I, but is more protective of Sara, and I believe really means it. She will even bare her teeth at Bud if he intrudes when she is getting Sara's attention. All in all, for a 10 month old pup she is turning out to be a keeper! Her color is sable and white, with a black shading over the shoulders, and some black trim.....very pretty markings I think. Somewhat similar to Lucy's look. Size-wise she is about 45 lbs, relatively slender build compared to Bud, and slightly taller. And very agile and quick. And I must say that she is very mouthy, in that she is quick to use her teeth both when herding and even just playing. Not to bite hard, just nip or grip. The cattle respect her. I'm going to try to get some pix of Trudy soon so as to register her with AWFA and IESR, and so you will see what she's like soon.