I think some of you will remember a couple of years ago I wrote about how my brother's grandson, Tommy Joe, was alone in the back yard with his rottweiler and the rottweiler mauled him- we were not sure he would regain use of his arm.

He healed up real well, and was afraid of dogs, but then when he would go to my brother's house, he was around their dogs, and my brother's Yogi would have none of it...

Yogi was a littermate of Floyd's Jessie: http://www.oocities.org/farmcollie1/floyd.html

He was by my lovable Traveler- (with the wonderful sense of humor), and out of my Susie Q. (makes him a half brother to Erin's Meg and Nielsen's Kebia, Elwell's Taffy, Debra's Catch a Falling Star.)

Yogi and Tommy Joe had a very special relationship- they loved each other. Then last summer Yogi was hit by a car and killed.

Tuesday Tommy Joe ran out in front of a car and was killed. This has been hard to think about and hard to deal with, but I am glad that Yogi was there for Tommy Joe- he made all of the trouble and heartbreak of breeding dogs "worth it".