Producing spiritual Phenomena in the Physical Realm


 (an exposé of the Workings of Devil Spirits).

By Earl Hines Burton, American Christian Press, 1985. 45 p.


(Note of the editor: Fulfilling the expectations of the author and his teacher, and with the purpose to work out the information searched before by them, we present here a fragment of our ongoing review of this important study)


We will see how the truths of the Word of God fit with the laws of science.


Interactions of spiritual powers with the physical laws of the universe and the effects of spiritual powers on man and his environment.


This research work is submitted for review and study by those interested in the relationship between the various areas of science and spiritual matters. It is not to be construed as an exhaustive explanation on the topic. This study is a presentation of the author’s present knowledge of fundamental scientific principles used to produce spiritual phenomena. As a researcher concerned about Biblical accuracy, I welcome further research and learning in this field. Careful study is encouraged, and any feedback from others interested in this topic would be greatly appreciated.


My believing is that this study will help others to uncover additional truths which will help the household of faith better understand its ability to walk with the power of God and stand against the wiles of the Devil. Christians have nothing to fear. Believers have the power of God in Christ in them which is greater than any phenomenon caused by devil spirits. By understanding physical and spiritual realities, believers begin to appreciate the spiritual power available to them. The power of the holy spirit (with its nine manifestations) and the written Word of God work together in a believer to produce exercised power far greater that that which Satan and his hosts can ever wield.


1 John 4:4 (“… Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is He That is in you, that he that is in the world”).


The Devil displays dramatic power by using the godly designed natural laws of the universe.


To understand how the Devil has manipulated people in this field, we must first recognize that God’s integrity is so unwavering that his spiritual principles and immutable laws will always prevail. God will never force anyone to apply these principles and laws according to His will because one of the great principles God has established for all time is freedom of will. This freedom of will has been enjoyed by all mankind, as well as by angels, from the beginning.


Today Satan spitefully deceives mankind by his display of power. A prominent deception has been to convince people to attribute the activity of Satan’s spiritual power to the so-called “psychic” power of the mind. Even God’s people have been taken in by the tantalizing power display of their adversary. “Psychic” power referring to power originating from a man’s mind simply doses not exist.


From Chapter two:


The Lie in the so-called “Psychic” powers


“Psychic” phenomena is a deceptive term used to mislead people regarding the nature and origin of certain phenomena. These phenomena are not “psychic,” but spiritual. The word “psychic” comes from the Greek word “psuche” which means “the soul.” “Psychic” is defined in Webster’s New World Dictionary as:

1.    of or having to do with the psyche, or mind,

2.    beyond natural or known physical processes,

3.    apparently sensitive to forces beyond the physical world.

(ref: Webster’s New World Dictionary of the American language, 2d. college ed. (1970), s.v. “psychic”)


As the definition indicates, anything “psychic” is considered to be either of the mind or superseding the natural, or physical, world. Because of this, what people call “psychic” phenomena are attributed to a person’s “highly developed mental energy.” But as will be shown, God’s word proves that these phenomena come only from the spiritual realm and are outside the ability of the natural human soul or human mind, no matter how “highly developed.” The blurring of God-given distinctions between the two categories of soul and spirit is responsible for the confusion. A biblical consideration of the distinctions between soul and spirit will clarify how these phenomena are produced.


Editor’s note: Study the sharp difference between the soul of man and the spirit of God, and between the spirit of God and the evil spirits and it’s interaction with humans. People generally confound the terms “soul” and “spirit” as being synonym, but the word of God teach to us that there are totally different.


The “psychic” power is a term utilized by those who promulgate spiritualism, spiritism, and extrasensory perception (ESP). “Psychic” power is nothing more than the power of a devil spirit possessing a medium or some other individual who promotes the work of the adversary. “Psychic” power does not come from mental ability or from a “sixth sense,” but from possession by devil spirits.


Editor’s note: Another “lying wonder” declaration is that we only use an insignificant percent of our brain, and that if we use more, we could do wonders, implying that class of things like all the “psychic” abilities, which we are seeing here that are NOT because our own mind’s, but because the evil spirits.


The adversary has access to the immutable laws of the universe and has the ability to manipulate them to perform lying signs and wonders. In so doing he can attract susceptible and inquisitive natural men, as well as naïve and unlearned believers, to his destructive ways. All devil spirit phenomena are part of Satan’s ongoing mutiny against God.


In most works of science, the Biblical principles are left out, while often in Biblical research there is little occasion to make reference to scientifically proven information.


“Phenomena”: those extraordinary occurrences manifested in the senses realm which are supernatural and therefore attributable to an unseen agent, either God or the Devil.


The first objective is to demonstrate that the phenomena under consideration are produced by spiritual powers rather than by so-called “psychic” power. The second is to demonstrate that the apparently spectacular phenomena produced by the Devil are not mystical; the Devil produces them by utilizing laws and principles known to science.


In our day in which interest in supernatural power is on the rise, we have an urgent responsibility to awaken our fellowmen to the devilish origin of these powers… evil spiritual phenomena are not to make-believe, nor are they from good spirits, nor are they produced by developing one’s mental powers. People need to understand that these extrasensory feats are only possible because of devil spirit powers.


This study is intended to awaken people to the realization that the Devil gives unreliable information, attempting to defeat people and to disrupt God’s purposes.


Exposing the tricks of the Devil and his hosts will rob these evil powers of their hold over man.


When God’s people operate His power they bring glory to God and walk in the fullness of the abundance of life that God intends for them.


Homework: Do a review of the word soul in the Bible. Locate the scriptures that deal with the soul of man.


Because God originally formed, made, and created man, He knows man’s capacities, powers, and limitations. God’s word declares the truth about man’s ability.


God’s Word alone separates truth from error and sets forth the true answers concerning so-called “psychic” phenomena.


The Word of God declares that every man born into this world has two parts: his body and his soul. The main function of the soul is to give breath life to man. The life of the flesh, the soul life, is in the blood. The mind of every man serves a particular function and has certain abilities and limitations. In Greek the word for the mind of man is nous. The nous, which is a part of man’s body and soul, is the organ of mental perception. The mind, or nous, gathers information by way of the five senses and performs the reasoning function. Using its reasoning function, the mind can direct the body (another distinct category) to produce an appropriate action.


The natural man (anyone not born of God’s Spirit) has only body and soul; he lacks God’s spirit. He lives by way of his five senses. Spiritual power from God can only be received by a man who has body, soul, and God’s holy spirit. Spiritual power from the Devil can be operated, however, through anyone possessed by a devil spirit. It is not available for body-and-soul man to operate supernatural phenomena of any kind via his mental abilities (1 Cor. 2:14).


The only two sources then of spiritual power are God and the Devil. Man must draw upon one of these two sources in order to manifest spiritual, or supernatural, power.

Review the power of spirit


Review the history of the man that had the power as a kind of brute-force escape artist (Mc. 5:2-5). He could bend metal and rip apart the chain links. He was so powerful that no one could restrain him. Only the operation of God’s spiritual power, and that alone could defeat the operation of diabolic spiritual powers controlling him from within. Jesus Christ used the power of God and addressed the controlling spirit directly. (Mc 5:8).


Jesus did not say to the man, “Now use your psychic powers properly and stop being so hard to get along with.” The reason he did not say this is that there are no such things as “psychic” powers. Only spiritual powers of this magnitude exist. Spiritual powers are either from the true God or from the Devil. This man used spiritual powers from an unclean spirit (a devil spirit) to demonstrate what would be called today “psychic” powers, or “mind over matter.”


Editor’s note: The proclamation of the Word of God brought the true light to Samaria and many healings and miracles. Even the sorcerer that deceived the people and was bringing the glory to himself believed (Acts 8:9-11).


Also the Apostle Paul, by the greater power of the holy spirit within him, cast out this spirit of divination and put the woman out of business. The Bible clearly proves that she was not a sensitive or fortune-teller because of her “highly developed mental ability,” but because of the power of the devil spirit which possessed her. Paul did not credit the possessed person with extraordinary mental powers, any more than Jesus did in confronting the man of the tombs, rather Paul also directly addressed the evil spirit in the person (Acts 16:18-19).


When the devil spirit was gone the fortune-teller’s power was also gone, and the hope for lucrative gain from her ability as a “psychic” counselor, or sensitive, was gone. With only her human mind and no spiritual help, she was powerless to produce any supernatural phenomena.


The mind of a man is limited to what the five senses of the man feed it. Neither the soul (psuche) nor the mind (nous) when unaided is capable of operating the kind of power which activates “psychic” phenomena. Natural man is limited to his body and his soul, unless he either 1) opens his mind to a devil spirit, or 2) gets born again and receives God’s holy spirit. Nowhere in the Bible, or any other place, are there facts which prove that the mind by itself is responsible for “psychic” phenomena. On the contrary, both factual and spiritual evidence prove the opposite.


The spiritual realm always supersedes the physical. However, neither God nor devil spirit powers can break any physical laws. God throughout the ages has accomplished signs, miracles, and wonders to bless His people by applying spiritual laws in harmony with the existing physical principles. God can energize already existing matter to re-form a substance or element. Devil spirits also use the same principles to break down matter at one place and reconstruct it someplace else.



The physical laws of the universe were set up by God and were intended for God’s people. With an understanding of molecular activity, as well as an understanding of the relationship of matter to energy, seemingly inexplicable phenomena can be explained. Understanding the laws at work dissolves the fabricated shroud of mysticism and encourages God’s people to believe to operate their gift of holy spirit to perform godly miracles and healings.


The adversary can use (for his evil intent) the principles of the universe, perform lying signs and wonders, and exhibit great power.


It is the believer’s God-given prerogative to operate the nine manifestations of the holy spirit, as set forth in 1 Cor. 12, and to walk with God in power and with boldness. Greater is he that is in us, than he that is in the world (1 Jn. 4:4).


“Psychic” phenomena contradict God’s will as revealed in His Word. Devil spirit power produces displays, events, or happenings which seem profitable but never are. These phenomena distract people from the truth of God. They are attention-getters which whet the appetites of people for spiritual power, encouraging them to open themselves up to devil spirit possession and to worship of the adversary.


The information that a “psychic” could give may be accurate at times, but will always lead an individual to the point where he will accept false information. This false information will cause him to take action which will promote the cause of the adversary, rather than be harmonious with the will of God (see Saul at Endor, in which the evil spirit convinced Saul of his own fate, 1 Sam. 28:7-25). 


Although the adversary has certain rights and authority, however, the believer has authority to exercise (exousia) his dunamis (spiritual power) from God to overcome the works of the adversary.





Part I: Science and Spiritual Phenomena


Several concepts related to matter and energy are of major importance in understanding how the physical laws of the universe are operated to produce phenomena. First, we will look at the Law of Conservation of Energy. Second, we will briefly review the constitution of matter, including the relationship between the constitution of matter and light. Finally, the relationship between physical laws and the production of devil spirit phenomena will be explained.


The Law of Conservation of Energy


(This Law also is called The Law of Conservation of Mass-Energy in: Asimov, I. Understanding Physics, N. Y.: The New American Library, 1969, pp. 54-55).


“The energy disappearing in one form will reappear in another”. Energy is either stored as potential energy, or it is released as kinetic energy. Einstein showed that mass and energy can be inter converted because of the ability if energy to be changed to mass and mass to energy. “Although energy can change form, it can neither be created nor destroyed” (God is the only one who can create, that is, to make something out of nothing. Neither Satan, nor Satan’s devil spirits, nor man can create anything. Scientifically, this Law of conservation of Energy is accurate. However, God as the Creator still has the prerogative and ability to create, as He did in creating seed, enabling the conception of his Son Jesus Christ). The sum total of energy remains constant in the universe. There was one creation of energy and one process of God setting that energy in the proper balance as matter and energy (kinetic and potential) for the universe of the heaven and earth we now enjoy. Since the creation cannot be studied or explained in terms of the processes currently in operation today, our universe is at rest as far as creation of energy is concerned. Therefore, any energy displayed today does not come from any new sources, but is actually a conversion of the same energy that was brought into being by God at the original creation.


The Constitution of Matter


Any physical substance, even though it may appear solid, is mostly empty space. Matter is made up of atoms. Atoms are composed of electrons, protons, and neutrons. These atoms combine to form molecules. Within atoms and between molecules lie, comparatively speaking, vast empty spaces. The movement of the molecules within a substance determines its appearance and solidity:


“Thus we see that a solid is not solid but chiefly holes; and water also full of holes; and the air riddled with holes. It would be interesting to be able to make practical demonstrations of this, for if we could empty the emptiness out of… the Empire State Building in new York… it would lodge comfortably on the head of a pin – though it would not be easy for us to pick up the pin-head since it would weight tens of thousands of tons” (John Stewart Collis, The World of Light (New York: Horizon Press, 1959), p. 12).


Matter exists in three states: solid, liquid, and gas. The state is determined by the level of molecular activity. As the molecular activity within the substance changes, the physical appearance and characteristics of the substance also change.


Molecular activity: the energetic movement of molecules within a substance. This activity in a substance will determine whether that particular substance is a solid, a liquid, or a gas. As the molecular activity within a substance increases, it changes from one state to another (from solid to liquid, liquid to gas). The molecular activity is a motion of the molecules bouncing or rebounding off each other within all types of matter. In our universe each substance has a certain temperature at which it will maintain itself either as a liquid, a solid, or a gas. For example, water becomes a solid at temperatures below 32 ° F and a gas at temperatures above 212 ° F.


Molecular activity: the motion and interaction of molecules in a substance. A liquid which is cooled enough will become a solid. As this cooling process continues, the molecular activity becomes less in range (the distance between molecules shrinks) and speed, and the molecules come closer together until reaching the state of solidity. No change takes place in the atoms themselves, rather just in the range and speed of movement among the molecules. If ice (which is water in its solid state) is left at room temperature, the range of molecular activity will once again increase and the ice will return to the liquid state of being water. When water is heated to the temperature of 212 ° F, it changes into a gaseous state that we know as water vapor. Cooling returns the gas again to the slowed molecular activity of a liquid. As a rule, when matter cools, it contracts and becomes denser; as matter is heated, it expands and becomes more kinetic. This contraction and expansion is due to decreased and increased interaction among the molecules and atoms involved, the range and speed of movements between them varying from one substance to another.


In its various solid, liquid, and gaseous states the appearance of a substance changes and may not be recognizable as the same substance; but of course it is. The state of the substance is determined by the speed of molecular activity which is in turn determined by temperature. All substances in the universe are constantly in one of these three states, and whether a given substance is found in its solid, liquid, or gaseous state at a given temperature is determined by the substance’s individual temperature range. For this reason, under normal circumstances within our earth’s atmosphere and temperature, each element and compound will be found in its normal state as either a solid, a liquid, or a gas.


These three states of matter are apparent in the physical world. Yet, other physical laws which are not so apparent are also fundamental to understanding both matter and energy.


In 1861, a Scotsman, James Clerk Maxwell, derived four equations that have shaped all of theoretical physics since his day. Maxwell’s equations describe the relation between charges, currents, and electric and magnetic fields. One of the results of these equations shows how vibrating electric and magnetic fields will travel forward through a vacuum at the speed of light. At the time, Maxwell proposed that light consisted of vibrating electric and magnetic fields. Experiments since that time have shown that in most instances “electromagnetic waves” is an accurate description of light.


Maxwell’s equations formed one of the theoretical bases for two great discoveries of twentieth-century physics: the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. Relativity deals with the relation between time, space, and matter, and particularly deals with particles moving at high speeds. Quantum mechanics deals with the transfer of energy within matter, and particularly with the motion of electrons, protons, and neutrons, as well as the motion of other “particles.”


Matter: The existence of everything in the material realm. Anything that occupies space and is perceptible to the senses is considered matter. In this regard matter differs from mind and spirit.


The term “matter” refers to all those things which have mass. Everything in the universe is either matter or energy. Matter can be broken down into energy, and energy can be stored in the form of matter. An understanding of this concept is what allowed man to produce and use nuclear power. Einstein’s equation E = mc2, shows the tremendous magnitude of energy that is potential within matter.


As mentioned previously, all matter consists of atoms which are themselves made up of electrons, protons, and neutrons. Protons and neutrons are compacted into a nucleus which carries almost all of the mass of an atom, while lighter electrons move in the space around the nucleus. The protons in the nucleus carry a positive electrical charge, and the electrons are charged negatively. The electrical attraction between these two particles is the major force that forms the structure of an atom. This powerful electrical attraction not only holds an atom together but also governs the chemical combination of atoms into molecules.


Quantum mechanics describes how the electrical attraction between protons and electrons and the motion of electrons govern matter. This branch of physics has shown that the appearance of the physical world around us is determined by how quantum mechanical laws control the motion of electrons in matter. These laws describe why metals have characteristics such as hardness, shininess, and conductivity, while insulating substances are usually softer, duller, and do not easily conduct heat or electricity. These laws also explain such things as why the sky is blue, or why clouds appear white. They describe why water has the unique properties that it has (i. e. lighter as a solid than as a liquid (editor’s: if the same volume is weighted), higher specific heat than almost any other substance). In short, the discovery of these quantum mechanical laws controlling electron motion has enabled more of the “why” of the physical world to be explained than any other laws yet discovered.


Due to the discovery of these laws we know that all electron motion is controlled by electric fields, and vibrating electric and magnetic fields make up light. An unqualified control of light implies a control over the electric and magnetic fields that make up light, which implies control over the constitution of matter itself.


This brief overview of matter and energy, of the spaces in atoms, and of molecular activity is foundational to understand how immutable scientific principles can be used to produce spiritual phenomena. We are now prepared for a closer look at the question of “psychic,” or rather devil spirit, phenomena.


Part II: (An attempt to explain some) Devil spirit Phenomena


Employing a combination of the basic knowledge of science and the spiritual knowledge presented thus far enables us to answer questions relating to devil spirit phenomena.


Possession: How does a devil spirit possess a physical body?


Spirit beings do have substance (editor’s participation: something like if they were made by some kind of “organized and intelligent energy”), in the sense of having definite limits, and can occupy one place at one time (Lk. 8:33, the devil spirits left the man and entered into the swine).


Editor’s note: And also the angels. See the example of the angel that went to visit Daniel and was blocked by an evil spirit reigning in Persia. Also the resurrected Christ Jesus, our beloved Lord, he also can be in one place at a time. Only God is over all.


There is easily enough space between the molecules in the physical body for a devil spirit to operate and manipulate an individual. The body looks like a solid, but is not. Because of the space between the molecules, a devil spirit can control, stimulate, and manipulate the body. Once a spirit has control of a certain area, he has a body with which to accomplish a desired result. All he has to do is send an impulse to that person’s brain to get a particular result.


A devil spirit may affect only one part of a person’s body in a given moment. Several devil spirits may possess one man in different parts of his mind and/or body at the same time. In some cases, certain illnesses may be caused by devil spirit possession.


Consider hypnotism as an example of possession. The hypnotist has a controlling devil spirit which simply commands a smaller devil spirit to get in the body or mind of an individual and start sending impulse messages, directing the individual to do or say whatever commanded. The possessed person is the under the control of the spirits. The same methods are employed by the spirits whether the possession is induced by hypnotism, a trance, or other spiritualist means.


When an individual opens himself up to devil spirit possession, he yields control of himself to those spirits. In contrast to the control exercised by devil spirits, the Holy Spirit never possesses, or controls, an individual’s mind or body, but allows man freedom of will. All nine manifestations of the gift of holy spirit are operated according to the believer’s free will, and all are profitable.


Deceiving Healings: Can the adversary use his spiritual power to heal?


The adversary’s mission is to steal, kill, and destroy. At times he manipulates principles of matter and energy to produce what seem to be healings. Often he will remove a cause which he originally introduced (e. g., by a ruling devil spirit commanding a lesser spirit to leave or by “psychic” surgery). His “healings” are never trustworthy, however. To the senses they may look like true healings, but the ultimate results are always negative. The adversary “heals” to entice people to desire more frequent encounters with his powers. Eventually these individuals promote the Devil’s work, giving glory to the adversary, or they find themselves paying for the “healings” by suffering undesirable negative consequences over which they have no control. Some even become converts to Satan worship.


God accomplishes true healings and miracles with no strings attached. He uses the principles of matter and energy in a positive way. He replaces missing parts or repairs broken bones. The results from God’s healing power always bring blessings to those healed. By the power of God within a believer, people are healed, devil spirits can be cast out, and a person restored whole. Just as God used principles of matter and energy to produce manna from heaven in the days of Moses when the children of Israel wandered in the wilderness. He uses these same principles today to do miraculous things for His people. God always blesses and helps His people.


Apports (Telekinesis or Psychokinesis): How do long-distance apports work?


Apport is the transporting of a material item in a moment of time from one location to another without perceptible physical means. An object moved in this manner may also be called an apport.


Some of this apports can be done according the next sequence: Dematerialize -  Transport – Rematerialize.


Under normal circumstances it is impossible for an ashtray to disintegrate, travel at high speed across thousands of miles, and reassemble itself. However, this seemingly impossible phenomenon is possible with the intervention of a spiritual intelligence knowledgeable of the laws of matter and energy and capable of manipulating molecules. This will be elaborated on in the next answer.


Two Solids Passing through Each Other: How can a solid, physical ashtray go through a solid, physical wall?


The laws of quantum mechanics show that there is a small, but measurable, probability for a particle to pass through a barrier, even if, at the time, the particle does not have sufficient energy to cross the barrier. This probability increases if the particle becomes smaller or if the energy is increased. Since spiritual power can control energy and the constitution of matter, even at the subatomic level, this is more than probable, it is absolutely possible. Due to a precise control over matter by spiritual powers, seemingly impossible phenomena such as the disintegration of matter or the flow of objects through each other become a reality. Modern technology simply cannot control matter to such a fine degree, but spiritual powers can. Thus an ashtray can go through a wall without damage to either. Other examples of the use of these principles follow.


In Satan or devil spirit worship, people sometimes stick knives or sharp objects into their flesh, through their arms, or other body parts without bleeding (“Singapore: Mini-size Superstate”, National Geographic, 159, No. 4 (1981), p. 543). While this confounds those ignorant of how a spiritual agency can manipulate matter and energy, it is simply a matter of the sharp object passing between the molecules (editor’s: and maybe between the cells) without destroying part of the tissue. The molecules in the tissue are rearranged in such a way that the molecules separate on either side of the knife. After the knife is taken out, the molecules once again adhere to each other, leaving no mark.


The same principle is in operation in the case of a sword swallower or someone who eats glass, as well as in “psychic” surgery (“In the Philippines, tennis star Tony Rocke is relieved of painful “tennis elbow” when an incision is made and three blood clots are apparently removed by the touch of a psychic healer, who knows nothing of surgery or of modern sanitation”, from “boom times in the psychic frontier”, Time, March 4, 1974, p. 65). After such “psychic” surgery where the flesh of the arm, the stomach, or some other part of the body is opened and a growth or blood clot removed, little or no scar is left. Why? The same principle mentioned above allows room for the separation f the molecules in the body tissue with little or no bleeding. Then the molecules are rejoined by the same method, leaving little or no scar.


Physiological Change: How can a male medium speak in a woman’s voice?


In a séance (a session with a medium through whom devil spirits impersonate the dead) the medium may speak in many different voices which sound convincingly like other people.


At times a male medium actually will speak in a woman’s voice. The thicker and coarser vocal cords of a man are composed of tissue, which is composed of cells, which are composed of molecules. The evil spirit can simply cause what is called in mechanics a “forced vibration” in the vocal cords (a vibration which is not normal for that person), and then, by controlling that man’s mind, the evil spirit can cause him to speak exactly like the woman he is impersonating (1 Sam. 28:7-25, editor’s: in which the woman spoke like a man by devilish possession, and that convinced Saul of his fate). The takeover of the man’s mind and vocal cords by the evil spirit depletes the possessed man’s mental and physical energy. This explains why a medium may be exhausted after a séance.


Materialization: How do spirit beings appear to men?


Spirit beings (angels or devil spirits) have no physically discernable form unless they choose to come into concretion. In Gen. 19:1-3 two angels appeared to Lot. They looked like men, not like eerie apparitions or supernatural beings. Lot invited the angels to be guests in his home. The citizens of Sodom had no problem recognizing the angels as being in the form of men (v. 5).


Materializations of devil spirits differ from appearances of angels. These materializations are commonly witnessed during séances. In such materializations, devil spirits rely upon ectoplasm to come into visible form.


Ectoplasm: How is ectoplasm formed?


From the Greek words “ektos” and “plasma” which is exteriorized substance, supernatural protoplasmic substance which proceeds out from the body of the medium, whether in vaporous, liquid or solidified form, and is capable of producing physical effects… This may take the shape of firm rods or levers for operating upon matter in the moving of objects, in making sounds and other physical manifestations.


“… the operating spirits make use of a substance which is drawn from the medium’s own body… mouth, ears, nose, eyes, or from the stomach… This mist which gradually becomes solid… is called ectoplasm and is the basis of physical phenomena (even visible hands appears performing intelligent tasks or playing the piano. When others seized these hands they made no effort to get loose but gradually resolved themselves into vapor, refs: Gasson, Raphael. “The Challenging Counterfeit”, Plainfield, N. J., Logos International, pp. 129-130. Sherwood, Eddy, NY: Rinehart & Co., Inc., 1950, 0. 37).”


The spirit can force out gases and liquids from within the medium causing these substances to change, solidify, and take the desired form. Ectoplasm comes out of the medium and makes a form; it is cold and damp. This state indicates a cooling of the gases and liquids to make the ectoplasm take on a solid form.


This ectoplasm oozes out and can be shaped into a form by devil spirits. This form is then utilized to deceive people and perform physical acts. At times an individual may be allowed to touch the ectoplasmic form. However, if it is touched without warning, it will quickly retreat back into the medium and can at times cause harm to the medium.

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